How Much Is The Net Worth Of FBG Duck 2023?

FBG Duck Net Worth

Wondering what is the net worth of FBG Duck? Check out here, his net worth, career and more. 

Carlton D. Weekly born on December 6, 1993 and died on August 4, 2020 was an American rapper, popularly known as FBG Duck. Duck’s breakthrough single titled ‘Slide’ made him popular in the rap industry, which was also his breakout single.

In the history of his rap creations, almost every single and album became a hit contributing to his career as well as net worth.

Once he commanded huge recognition, Sony Music Entertainment’s Records division signed him. FBG Duck was born in Woodlawn, Chicago and was massacred in the Gold Coast District of Chicago near a shopping mall when he was 26 years old.

How much is the net worth of FBG Duck?

FBG Duck’s current net worth is estimated at $1 million. Carlton D. Weekly was an American rapper, popularly known as FBG Duck. 

Duck’s earliest musical work was released in 2011 and the song ’Slide’ reached more than 62 million views on YouTube. Shortly after its success, Duck released the song’s remix accomplished by 21 Savage.

Rising to fame within a very short time and producing a line of some of the most successful hits of the rap world, it is no surprise that FBG Duck could also amass a huge wealth.

His rise to stardom, inspiring musical works, earnings and spending are a topic of immense interest we pursue here.

FBG Duck Net Worth Quick Summary

NameCarlton D Weekly
Popular NameFBG Duck
Birth DateDecember 6, 1993
Death DateAugust 4, 2020
Birth PlaceWoodlawn, Chicago, Illinois, United States
Career RolesRapper, Singer, Social Media Personality
Net Worth At The Time Of Death$1 Million
YouTube Channel 283K subscribers
Facebook Account 237 K followers
Instagram Account 403K followers
Twitter Account 92.6K followers

FBG Duck Net Worth

FBG Duck’s net worth at the time of his death in 2020 was estimated at $1 million. Duck’s major sources of income were his album releases, live streaming, YouTube channel and live performances.

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His very popular YouTube channel has over 283K subscribers and all of his videos have garnered several millions of views adding a handsome amount to his wealth.

FBG Duck was a member of Fly Boy Gang, a famous rap group, which was also called Clout Boyz. Some of the notable songs that helped him earn a huge following include “Face”, “Do It Like Me”, “Slide”, and “Look At Me”.

FBG Duck Net Worth

FBG Duck has a list of albums to his credit and all of them are found on iTunes. Duck was slowly turning into a household name in rap, but his premature death sealed his career. In 2013, Duck arrived on the drill music scene of Chicago with his debut mixtape “Look At Me”.

This was followed by a number of singles and albums which all turned into major hits. Duck’s huge popularity in the social media resulted from his single titled “Slide” released in 2018 paving the way to his stardom, also giving a boost to his wealth.

In less than five years, Duck released four records and a large number of solo singles along with his crew at the Fly Boy Gang as per the report published by Pitchfork.

Career Highlights Of FBG Duck

FBG Duck’s music journey started in 2012 as a member of drill music. Duck became a pioneer in the drill music genre shortly after the scene was being born around that time and was seen producing music of this kind.

At the age of 17, Duck joined his friends to create the Fly Boy gang, the rap crew which eventually occupied the frontline of the city’s rap scene. Fly Boy Gang marked the beginnings of FBG Duck’s professional career in rap.

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His single “Slide” released in 2018 became a breakout hit and helped him shoot into fame. It is said the creation of this single took no more than 40 minutes, but the riotous track turned into an instant classic. Pitchfork picked up “Slide” listing it among the eleven songs that would go to define Chicago drill.

Career Highlights Of FBG Duck

This song “Slide” accumulated more than 53 million views on YouTube. The startling performance of this single also earned Duck a lucrative deal with the Records division of Sony Music Entertainment. Under this label, Duck released what is known as his final project, “Big Clout”, in 2018. 

On top of Duck’s rap creations were the singles “Damn”, “Face”, and “Right Now”. Duck earned a place among the top tier rappers within a very short time, thanks to his talents. In fact, Duck became a symbol of Chicago’s musical world through his robust lyrics and reality-based songs.

During his career, Duck worked with several top artists as a co-singer. He released a big list of songs and albums. He too played vocals as a member of FBG.

His life is replete with several rivalries, feuds and incidents finally causing his massacre in a drive-by shooting incident in Chicago. FBG Duck will always be remembered for “Slide”, one of the most memorable drill anthems of the city of Chicago.

Duck’s Gunfire And His Death

In what was described as ‘a brazen daytime ambush’, the Chicago based rapper FBG Duck was shot to death by four gunmen on August 4, 2020. The incident happened in one of Chicago’s busy shopping districts and the incident also saw two innocent bystanders wounded. 

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Duck was known as part of the street gang faction known as the Gangster Disciples. Assumptions in the industry opine that the shooting could have been a retaliation for a music video Duck released prior to his killing, which had mentions about his dead rivals, wrote The Chicago Tribune. 

Chicago Sun Times cited a statement by Daniel O’Shea, Deputy Chief and reported that Duck was struck by multiple bullets and died half an hour after the gun fire at Northwestern memorial Hospital. 

On Tuesday, August 4, 2020, the gunfire exploded at around 4:37pm in Chicago’s Gold Coast area at Michigan Avenue, East Oak Street. According to the witness reports, more than 30 gunshots were heard and a shopper remembered listening to sounds similar to “a machine gun”.

Duck’s Gunfire And His Death

After firing, the shooters escaped the scene in their black Ford Taurus and a Silver Chrysler 300, as per Sun-Times.

Tracing the reason behind the shooting, Northern District of Illinois U.S. Attorney John Lausch remarked, “The reason that this is charged federally is that we were able to establish evidence that there was a racketeering enterprise here that was involved and this murder was done in furtherance of that.”

Earlier in 2014, LeAndrea White, Duck’s younger sister was killed in an apartment fire. There are rumors in the industry that once FBG Duck was stabbed by his girlfriend.

Duck’s feud with the rapper Edai was a hot topic in the media. Duck was said to have threatened to take Edai’s life if he could catch him outside on the streets.FBG or the Flyboy Gang consisted many gang members of Gangster Disciples including Lil Jay, Cashout, FBG Duck, Young Mellow, Billionaire Black, and Dutchie.

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