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Bobby Shmurda Net Worth

Bobby Shmurda Net Worth

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Most people want to know about Bobby Shmurda net worth and some amazing facts about his life. It has been recognized that he is a well-known American rapper. After releasing a hit single called “Hot Nigga”, Bobby became very famous.

The choreography “Shmoney Dance” also caused him to become very famous among his fans. The estimated idea about his net worth is around $400,000 and it is going to rise in the next few years.

Early Life and Biography

The full name of Bobby Shrmuda is “Acquill Jean Pollard”, who was born on August 4, 1994, in Miami, Florida. The name of an older brother is “Javese”. Bobby’s mother is from Trinidad and his father is from Jamaica.

When he was born, then his mother decided to move to Brooklyn, New York. Leslie, his mother, moved with both of her sons because their father Gervase was incarcerated.

During his school days, he was suffered from ADD, and so he avoided school a lot. Bobby was not able to stay at school for a while or to sit quietly. There was a problem with him because he could not concentrate and read.

All of his friends and teachers did not emphasize with him. Before he started his career as a musician, he was known as the gang leader of “GS9”. Being a leader of the gang, he was involved in some crimes like drug trafficking, murders, and drive-by shootings.

Awards and Achievements

After the struggle of almost 10 years, Bobby became very famous and it was all due to his hit single “Hot Nigga”. When the video of the song was released, then his song became more famous than the previous record.

The reason for popularity was that he included his own choreography in the song, and this way of dancing was called “Shmony Dance”.

The best freestyle was used by some famous artists like Lil Kim, Juicy J, and French Montana a lot more. This trick got him very famous, and he himself never thought of it during his career.

Some people say that he has left a trace in the field of the music industry. A TV show called “Real husbands of Hollywood” made him famous by broadcasting his appearance on the TV show.

Under the supervision of Sony Music Entertainment, Epic Records signed a big deal with him and it was in 2014.

How much is Bobby Shmurda net worth?

It is a clear fact that Bobby Shmurda net worth is due to his big deals and some endorsements. The expected idea about net worth is around $400,000. Under the charge of the possession of a lethal firearm, he  arrested in 2014.

After the NYPD investigation of 2 years, he was arrested at Quad Studios along with some crew members. He uses to exercise a lot in the prison.

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Some Amazing Facts about his Life and Career

There is a very interesting name of all of his albums: Shmoney Shmurda, Shmurdaville, and Shmurda She Wrote. He used to say that those artists who do not put creativity in their works are nothing more than normal artists.


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One thing to remember in mind is that GS9 stands for Grimey Savage ’90s. Most lyrics speak about his real-life experiences, and all the lyrics revolve around the crimes that he committed. Bobby used to say that he does not want to hide his real-life from his fans, and he will never get changed by the fame.

He interested in Movies and TV, and he also wanted to become an actor in his career. Kevin Hart has always been his favourite, and he used to talk about how he would like to make a show with Kevin.

Once, he also decided to make a movie on his life, and he hoped that when people will see his bad experiences of life then he will be recognized more than the previous recognition.

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