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9ice Net Worth

9ice Net Worth
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In this article, you read about 9ice Net Worth, early life, and Career Life. 9ice grew up in Nigeria, and as a growing boy here he loves music and everything to do so with it.

He stopped his studies at GMS Grammer school. After it, he went for a law education at Lagos university.

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Early Life And Biography

9ice was born as Abolore Adegbola Akande on 17 January 1980 in Oyo State, Nigeria. But after getting familiar with the music industry his name was changed to 9ice.

9ice has not enough money to spend on his studies so he decided to become a lawyer. His family held on nine children, and he has on the ninth position here.

As in a huge family, he found great love from everyone. Because he was a little child in his family. He also has dreamed to become a huge family. His father is a Muslim man. Ans his father has five wives.

When he started his musical career his parents were not know anything about his music. After spending one year in his musical career his parents were getting news that he is a singer and performed.

As a youngster, he has enjoyed a lot of penned songs. This thing is helping him a lot to don’t think about loneliness. 9ice got wedded to Toni Payne. She is also a well-known personality in Nigeria.

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Awards and Achievements:

  • 9ice won the award for MOBO Best African Act in 2008.

How Much is 9ice Net Worth?

9ice has worked on his career from his early life. In his childhood, he was a boy that has no money to spend on his studies. After finishing his studies he has taken to step up towards music.

He starts his musical career and collects all the money. With his performings, he has also earned from his appearance in the TV show and in other some transmissions.

How 9ice makes Net Worth in his life? : $ 1.7 Million USD
He used the Yoruba language in his songs with English. And this thing is very interesting in his music albums. This is the main reason that people have listened to him a lot.

He grew up in a large family and he gets great support. 9ice has earned about $1.7 million from his whole career. And we are foreseen that he will increase his earnings as with the passage of time.

How Much has 9ice Earned from Career Life?

9ice starts his official career in a group “Mysterious Boys.” And after taking a membership in this label he recorded the first demo music video with them. On the other side, he also starts his solo musical career.

His initial song was called “Risi de Alabama.” After it, 9ice recorded his first song “Little” after 4 years in 2000.


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Although he had huge dreams to become a great superstar in the industry. He gained familiarity after his releasing of his first song in 2005. At that, the time he is known as the best Nigerian singer.

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After some time, he has released another music video called “Ganja Man” this was a great trending video and was gained great popularity among the people.

His premium collection was named “Certificate.” the most trending songs in the collection were “Music Daddy”, “Ganja Man” & “Little Money.”

9ice has released about nine collections till now. And all of them are very successful. There were some great hits which are earned great popularity among the people. This was a very huge thing for a famous superstar.

And all the people have liked them very much his music. Because he has used some fun and catchy.

On the other hand, he has appeared in TV shows and live transmissions. 

After it, 9ice begins his musical life with the production company “Fuji music.” And he gained great popularity here also.

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