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G Herbo Net Worth

G Herbo Net Worth

How much does G Herbo worth?

Birth Name Herbert Randall Wright III
Popular Name g Herbo, Swervo
Date of Birth  8, October 1995
Source of Income Mixtapes, albums, events, tours, shows, and concerts
Birth Place Chicago, Illinois, united states
Profession Rapper and songwriter
Height  6foot and 3inches
Age  24 year old
Genres Hip hop
Active Year 2012
Associated acts Kevin Gates, Young Dolph, Gucci Mane, Papoose, Lil Boosie 
Follower on IG 4.4Million Dollar
Income per year $200,000

We know that most people want to know about G Herbo net worth and his career as an American rapper. There is no doubt the G Herbo was a good rapper in his time. When a famous artist, Drake, identified his qualities then he named him as a hot rapper.

There was a whole childhood in a very shady part of Chicago, but there is no doubt that he had a talent for doing something and he was determined to succeed as an artist.

Biography/Early life 

G Herbo is an American rapper and songwriter. He is a house of talent. He was born in (8, October 1995) Chicago, Illinois, US. The first name that keeps on birth time as Herbert Randall Wright III. He was a very successful person in real life. The early year G Herbo net worth become $3 Million USD.

A huge of fans are following on the social media such as 4.4Million dollars follower became on the Instagram and 997.3 followers has become on the twitter of his. A lot of people are entertained to listen to this music. He is a brilliant rapper in the world.

His name is announced in the top-level rapper list on the international level. When he was 16 years old, he went to high school to forgive full time to the music. This process was very risky to start his rap career. He tried to follow the step of talented rappers.

In Chicago, he has been a member of the NLBN gang. That’s a very popular gang in Chicago, but the says that it a brotherhood, not a gang.

G herbo and Lill Babby are very close friends. They grow up his career in the studio industry. Both met at the youth center and sing to the numerous song.

These singers are related to the family NLMB, he is a brotherhood instead of the gang. Both are work on a specific project or task in the musical industry.

Mother Name Under Review
Father Name Tom Hart
Siblings Jessica Hart, Anthony Hart
Martial Status Married
Spouse Taina Williams
Son Name
Yosohn Wright
Daughter Name Will Update

Personal life of G Herbo

G herbo belongs to the family of musicians. He kept protecting the secret life. His grandfather was a member of the band The Radiants. He attends the classes at Hyde Park Academy High School. The rapper kept a relationship with Ariana Fletcher in 2014.

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But in 2017, she was disclosing with the g herbo. Because she was pregnant with Herbo’s Child. Nowadays, herbo make photos with the families and post them on social media such as FB, IG.

How Did G Herbo Become So Famous and How To Make Net worth it?

G Herbo Networth:$3 Million USD
The currently networth had become in the early year approximately $3 Million.He has improved to himself of a career. Upcoming year, they will increase G Herbo net worth above to the 3Milllion dollars.

They make new plans for releasing the mixtapes, single and extra new albums. He has also released more mixtapes or two studio albums.

He had created many new styles of the rapper song and songwriting. By showing a successful career in the beginning, he makes a smart amount of money. He had made a popular name in the music industry in this year.

How does G Herbo make his money?

They also make his money from releasing the album, mixtapes, concert, single, recording of the album. He gets money from these albums.

Although, it also works in the grouping of the project. Therefore, he also earns money approximately G Herbo net worth $15,200 from his different endorsement in a foreign country.

His mixtapes and singles have increased to the Net Worth. He makes the understanding with the client and in a group that way the money. In addition, he shows the brilliant talent in the live show, event, long tour and on the international level concert in out of the country.

They have also made money from the ad-revenue of youtube and his google ads of website

. They  710k subscribers are active on the youtube and waiting for the next album of the g herbo. This popular level of viewership is worth $135,000.On the one post of g herbo had normally 67,500,000 views.

Beginning of Rapper Career

G Herbo joined to the music industry as a new rapper on there. He started the post-album on the youtube channel. When he released to the first new album “Kill Shit ”  and then get more brilliant attention.When he and his Lil Bibby was close friends with each other.

When he released to the first song recording in the musical industry. He achieved 15Million views on this song on the youtube channel. His friends give the response to the g herbo in form motivation lecture and then he started his career.

He continued to his rapping about listening to the response from the friends. G herbo and Lill Bibbly were work on the specific track.

Both friends gain more popularity on the international level. He gained more talent from the motivation of friends.

When he announced to the first mixtape “Welcome to Fazoland” in the musical industry. He gets more popularity on the international levels.

The first mixtapes were released on 17, February 2014 over 375,000 fans download to Datpiff. Where he earn online income on this musical studio.

G herbo Net Worth - Singing Carreer

Starts in April 2014, he gained more vogue when he released to the first single”Chiraq” with the singer known as Nicki Minaj. She is a brilliant singer, actress, songwriter, and actress, and released the film in 2012.

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When he has been work on Common’s “The Neighborhood” on his recording “Nobody Smiling“. Freshman Class issue had also selected to herbs for XXL’s Show and Prove segment of 2014.

Herbo is released the album”Fight or Fight” with the “Chance The Rapper” and Common.

G Herbo worth or Salary

There is no doubt that G Herbo had good taste in music and he worked hard to chase his dreams. There was hard work that made him earn success in a very short period of time.

The estimated idea about G Herbo aka Lil net worth is around $2 million, as of 2022. There is a talk about the increase in his net worth to almost 40% above his previous net worth.

The amazing qualities of G Herbo aka Lil earned him good fortune. After starting his career, he became very famous and fortunate enough within a span of 5 years. He started with “Welcome to Fazoland” and after producing this he never looked back and released others including “Piston P Project” and “Ballin Like I’m Kobe”, which are his amazing footprints. By the end of 2014, he also collaborated with Nicky Minaj on the song of “Chiraaq” as well.

Singing Projects Makes Famous

At the end of  2014, he released to the next eye-opener mixtapes “Pistol P Project” on 26, December. Next year in Aprill, he kept attention on Chief KeefFaneto” and Chicago rappers or more. On 13 June, XXL has announced the new freshman class in which was involved g herbo.

At the beginning of August 2015, he released to the third mixtape “Ballin Like I’m Kobe” which was work with his fallen friends Jacobi D. Herring. Herbo had also signed on the Cinematic Music Group which breath the biggest change in the talent of Herbo.

In 2015, he announced to the next mixtape known as Widespread critical acclaim. At the end of the year, he announced a surprise single titled”Lord Knows“, with professional rapper Joey Badass.

During to grow up his career, he dropped the next two superhit albums “swerve”, Still Swervin in New York 2018.

He had also released the further single in which involved Yeah I know, Pull Up, Drop and Aint Nothing to Me. In 2017, he released his favorite song  “I like” in the musical industry. He’s gained more vogue from the fans on this song.

Career Development and Achievements

There is no doubt the G Herbo had a natural talent as an artist and he focused entirely and vehemently on his passion: Music.

The first mix-tape that was released by him was in 2014 and its name was Welcome to Fazland. In 2015, he had an opportunity to sign a contract with Cinematic Music & Sony Music. There was no doubt that signing this contract was a big achievement in his career as a rapper.

The mix-tape was mostly about his friend Fazon, who was killed in the streets. There is a lot of pain about the memory of his friend that he tried to put in the songs.

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After the death of his friend, he decided to chase his dreams as a rapper and was determined to succeed as a famous rapper.

The other mix-tapes include “Ballin like I’m Kobe” and “Strictly 4 My fans”. Both the mix-tapes were released in 2015 and 2016 respectively. The most famous album that he produced in 2018 is known as “Swervo”.

Legal Problem According to Earning Wealth

At the sport time, that’s and the other two friends of the g herbo were arresting. When limo driver gives information to the police about the weapon carrying in his car.

When the driver feels that 2 men at the backseat sit to catch the handgun in the secret pocket. G herbo became present at the backseat with catching the loaded guns.

No license has become of the weapon for three people. They have no identification on these men.

Wealth of G Herbo Personal problem

Inspiration quotes of g Herbo

Just the way I carry my swag and I’, humble with it too.”

“I might feel like one day is one of my best performances ever and may top that performance or I may just pace myself for the next 5 shows. Rather I’m giving them a good show it will always be a solid same show so it always depends on my energy.”

“They also got album coming out with Bibby (No Limitation) we went do a joint album our first_ever joint album together officially since we started that’s coming this year 2017”

“I focus on the fashion of course, I love it. They may go buy an outfit and get dressed just to sit on the couch and watch TV at the crib so on the outside looking in people cold better word it. It’s really me just being me.”



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Some Amazing facts about G Herbo aka Lil’s life

G Herbo aka Lil is a very big fan of Nicki Minaj. As we have told already that he collaborated with her on a single called “Chiraaq”.

The name of the song was taken from the slang name of Chicago, Chiraq because in those days there were not any normal conditions because of the violent crimes between 2003-2011.

The type of music that he writes is in a “trap and drill” genre. G Herbo aka Lil said he will try t broader his specter of music. This genre is applicable to the cities filled with crimes and ‘Drill’ is a sub-category of the trap. When we listen to his music, then we can really identify that he is telling the hardships, struggles, and stories of his life.

We can say that every piece of music that he creates has a touch of his realities. There is an element of hardships and struggles from his life. There is an idea that all the children who grow up in the violent and criminal neighbour-hood are not criminals.

Annual Salary $200,000 a year
Earning Point Rapper, Songwriter
Working in Industry Since 2012
Still Alive Yes

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