Ashanti Net Worth

Ashant Net Worth
Net Worth 2022 $8  Million
Real Name Ashanti Shequolya Douglas
Date of Birth October 13, 1980
Height 1.6 m
Country United States of America

Ashanti is an American vocalist, record raiser, model, and heroine. She releases her many music collections and other compilation recordings. She is now one of the Familiar performers in the music industry.  Also. She is from those artists who have achieved many things in their life. In this article, you know Ashanti Net Worth, career, height, age, and source of earning. 

Ashanti Early Life And Biography 

Ashanti Shequolya Douglas is well-known for her platform name as only Ashanti.  Ashanti Net Worth is $10 Million. She is extra familiar with her R&B Singles. And collaborations with rappers like Ja Rule and Fat Joe. Identified for her sweet and polite noise.

Most of her portfolios were stay on the cover of the Billboard. And were live on the top for a whole time. Now she is a more attractive performer in the industry.

Her acting career was started after her singing career. And her acting profession is also at the peak of that era. Some of her famous films are, Coach Carter, John Tucker Must Die, etc.

She was a teenage genius found. And later, she confirmed to Murder Inc. in 2002.

Awards and Achievements

  • In 2003, Ashanti won the FavouriteNew Artist in Pop.
  • In 2003, her music song “Foolish” was won the Top R&B.
  • In 200, Ashanti won the Best Style Awards.
  • In 2017, “Stuck” won the Best Actress award.
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Ashanti Quotes

“It’s very essential to never restrict yourself, to get yourself in a case.”

“You need to do as if it’s difficult to lose.”

How Much is Ashanti Net Worth?

Ashanti reached into the music industry in her teens. Her profession was not only confined to music but as a heroine, she runs.

In the early years, she started her work as a singer and as a dancer. When people look at her work they made an interest in it.

Several of the workshops were produce concern about her vocal skill. They were selected her but the main problem was happened always. That they did not identify how to her skill.

Ashanti Net Worth : $ 8 Million USD
Ashanti has started enjoying her music career all the time. In the 2000s she sharpened her acting profession. Ashanti works in the music industry and also in the movies. Some music songs stood on the top level. And this is the real success of her life.

But when she decided to a gatting a role in the films. So this was a great choice for her. Her movies were made a huge wealth in the whole world. These increased the Ahsanti Net Worth up to $10 Million.

From the early years of her life, she wants to works as a musician. And then her interest came to the side of the movies.

After working in the films she converts her lifestyle completely. And now her name is on the list of rich and famous singers.

How Much has Ashanti Earned From Her Career Life?

Most of her assets portion was comes from the economics of her familiar music collections. Most of her recordings were had been confirmed platinum.

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Her one portfolio was sold out six million copies globally. Another album was marketed out to 500,000 in the beginning week of publishing.


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The record business of Ashanti was not just coming from her real music. But also her Christmas collections and other compilations collections.

Entirely Ashanti had traded out more than 15 million copies. Her music songs are streamed by Spotify and other major platforms. 

On the platform Spotify, the performer had more than 3 Million monthly audiences. And her song “Foolish” has more than 150 plays.

Though her new originating tapes were not reaching success like her initial collections. On the head of her recordings, she has gained regular income from her biggest hits.

When Ashanti was dealed with some workshops then she tried to get an opportunity in an old-fashioned way. And gained revenue with work with other personalities.

When one of the raisers, Irv Gotti has monitored the voice of Ashanti. He identified how to apply her skill.

In the beginning, the 2000s, when she has published her iconic songs “What’s Luv” and a track “Always On Time”. These released at the same time by two different producers.

So Ashanti has carried up the two places on the Billboard Hot 100 at the equal time.

In 2002, when Ashanti issued her own head track. But when she did it, that this was taken everyone into its path line. 

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The “Foolish” songs were the topped song of the Billboard for many weeks. After this track when it attained the peak level for one and a half months. 

Ashanti has published another initial collection. But unsurprisingly these songs did not occupy a peak level position.

Her movie Coach Carter was got successful. And make a revenue of $80 million globally. In one of the movies Resident Evil: Extinction, this film traded $150 million in the whole world.

From the start of Ashanti’s career to till she works for so many producers and composers. And get success in her life from these all things.

These are all the secrets that make her a wealthy lady. And so Ashanti’s Net Worth is $10 million.

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