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Manny Khoshbin House: The Orange County Pad 2022

Are you looking for Manny Khoshbin House: The Orange County Pad? Take a look at the features of Manny Khoshbin’s Orange County pad and see for yourself.

Manny Khoshbin has amassed a lot of riches and success, as evidenced by the number and quality of the luxury vehicles that populate his Instagram feed.

You may glance at his life and think, “oh, that must be good,” but there is so much more to Manny than just Ferraris and private jets.

Manny held various professions, including stints at a swap meet, a K-mart, a multi-level marketing organization selling candy, and more.

Looking up from his desk, he noticed that every person driving a Porsche, Lamborghini, or Mercedes was an investor in real estate. He invested his money from his business ventures into his first commercial building.

Manny Khoshbin House: The Orange County Pad

Two and a half decades later, Manny owns a real estate empire worth over a billion dollars. He holds a successful real estate company and has a popular YouTube channel.

Khoshbin has risen to prominence in the United States due to his work in the real estate industry. He is a household name in the United States, thanks to his success in business. The Khoshbin Company, founded by Khoshbin, is a thriving business in Orange County.

The Wealth of Manny Khoshbin

Manny Khoshbin is among the most prosperous and prominent people in the United States. He is exceptionally affluent and has accomplished much in his life. He originally hails from Iran but has since relocated to the United States, settling in Orange County to launch a real estate career.

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The Manny Khoshbin Company, which he founded and currently leads, is a prime example of Manny Khoshbin’s success as a businessman.

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He is also a published novelist, with several best-sellers under his belt. Even Manny Khoshbin has amassed a considerable fortune; his present net worth is estimated at $100 million.

Manny Khoshbin’s Orange County Mansion

This large mansion has almost 13,000 sq ft of living area, seven bedrooms, and nine bathrooms. The house has a swimming pool, a spa, and a sauna.

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Given the ample living quarters, this house could comfortably accommodate several families. An all-red theater is also available. It’s an unusual color choice, but one that pops out and looks incredibly hip. The gigantic mansion also features a wine cellar, walk-in closet, and cigar/bar area.

The Newport Beach, California neighbourhood where the house is located is a guarded one. The area is secure and convenient to various Orange County shops and eateries.

manny khoshbin house garage


To say that Manny Khoshbin has accomplished much in his life is an understatement. Khoshbin is known worldwide for his remarkable business ideas and how he climbed to popularity.

When he arrived in the United States, he owned nothing. Many people find inspiration in his story. Manny Khoshbin has published books and maintains a YouTube channel to disseminate his ideas and the stories of his successes.

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