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Chief Keef House: Los Angeles Pad 2022

Curious to know about Chief Keef House: Los Angeles Pad? Well then definitely check out this luxurious pad that he rented in Los Angeles! Read on to find out all the details about the place and what happened there.

Keith Cozart, better known as “Chief Keef,” is a well-known rapper. He hails from Chicago, where he rose to fame with songs such as “Hate Being Sober” and “I Don’t Like”. These songs were massive hits in Chicago’s South Side and among young adults all over the country and the world.

Chief Keef House: Los Angeles Pad

Chief Keef has been a divisive figure in American culture for a long time. After his home in Illinois was foreclosed, he relocated to California and was arrested at some point. In Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, he now resides. 

Chief Keef House The Los Angeles Pad

Keef’s Professional Life 

When he was 15, Chief Keef became one of the most recognisable rappers in Hip Hop history. They went crazy over his recordings, The Glory Road and Bang, which were popular in Chicago’s South.

chief keef house los angeles pad setup

After that, his YouTube channel reached its pinnacle during his 30-day house arrest and the 30-day home confinement that followed. Everyone from the streets to the rooftops was enthralled by Chief Keef’s demonic hip-hop style, unlike anyone had ever heard.

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His number-one hit, “I Don’t Like,” was remixed by Pusha T, Jadakiss, and Big Sean and quickly gained the attention of Kanye West. Interscope Records signed Sosa at the beginning of the year.

He released a mixtape on his 18th birthday, “Bang, Pt.2,” and it didn’t go over well with the public. Glory Boyz Entertainment, the label he founded later, is now known as Glo Gang. His debut album, “Finally Rich,” came out in 2012 and went nuclear.

Chief Keef house the Los Angeles pad

Over 5,000 square feet of living space is devoted to the residence’s five bedrooms and six bathrooms. The house is tucked away in a charming Los Angeles neighbourhood frequented by many celebrities.

chief keef net worth

Guests can stay in the guest house at the back of the property, which is perfect for Chief’s extended family and close friends. Pool, hot tub, and pool cabana are all included. The yard is large, and the interior has a light, open feel.

What are your impressions of the neighbourhood and the house? Isn’t it simply stunning?


  • There are five bedrooms in the house.
  • In total, there are six restrooms.
  • More than 5,000 square feet
  • The cost is $14,000,000.
  • CK’s Woodland Hills, CA 91367 address
  • $200,000 is the estimated net worth of rapper Chief Keef
chief keef house tour

Chief Keef’s Net worth 

The annual salary for Chief Keef is $100,000. Songwriting, film production and promotion are the primary sources of his income, and he continues to recreate and reinterpret his influences.

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He has 7.6 million followers on Instagram, and 1.3 million followers on Twitter, making him the most popular hip-hop artist in the world. Many of the songs that left such an impression on his fans, such as “Love Sosa,” “I Don’t Like,” “Hate Being Sober,” and “Faneto,” are no longer available.

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