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Brendan Schaub House: The Hollywood Dreamhouse

Brendan Schaub house

Want to know about Brendan Schaub House: The Hollywood Dreamhouse. Learn all about this luxurious mansion and find out what makes it so special.

Brendan Schaub is a well-known stand-up comedian, podcast presenter, and ex-professional MMA fighter who lives in the United States. For those curious, Brendan Schaub entered the world on March 18, 1983.

Brendan Schaub was on the practice squad for the Buffalo Bills of the NFL and played for the Utah Blaze of the Arena Football League. In addition to being a heavyweight champion, the comedian and podcast host has performed stand-up.

Brendan Schaub House: The Hollywood Dreamhouse

Brendan Schaub made the Whittier College football and lacrosse teams without an athletic scholarship. Before his junior year, he planned to move to Colorado to play football there full-time.

Brendan was not selected in the 2006 NFL Draft, but the Buffalo Bills signed him as an undrafted rookie free agent, and he spent some time on their practice squad. He later tried out for the AFL’s Utah Blaze but was cut before the season began.

 In 2007, he was brought back but rereleased two days later. In the same year, Brendan Schaub decided to discontinue his athletic career. After retiring from mixed martial arts on October 10, 2015, Brendan Schaub made regular appearances on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast.

First, he co-founded the podcast The Fighter and the Kid with Bryan Callen, and then he went solo with Big Brown Breakdown. Below the Belt with Brendan Schaub is Schaub’s new solo podcast when he teamed up with Showtime in 2018.

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On top of that, Brendan and Theo Von have a podcast called “King and the Sting” In addition to acting in films and on television, Schaub also performed stand-up comedy.

He co-hosted shows, including the Grammys, the People’s Choice Awards, the Academy Awards, and the Golden Globes. He appeared in “Range 15” (2016) and will appear in “The Tax Collector,” directed by David Ayer, in 2020.

Brendan Schaub House

Brendan Schaub House: The Hollywood Dreamhouse

Financial Worth Of Brendan Schaub

Schaub has made 11 appearances in the UFC, earning over $332,000. After retiring from boxing, he reaped the lion’s share of his wealth. The first podcast was a podcast he co-hosted with comedian Bryan Callen. They’ve amassed 197 million views and 513,000 subscribers.

Brendan Schaub

In December 2016, Schaub launched his podcast titled Big Brown Breakdown. BELOW THE BELT with Brendan Schaub is the new name for the show, and it has 325,000 subscribers.

The comedian also has 129,000 subscribers to his channel Thicc Boy, where he hosts shows including “Food Truck Diaries,” “The Schaub Show,” “Fight Night Flashbacks,” and “Calabassas Fight Companion.”

King and the Sting, a podcast he co-hosts with fellow comedian Theo Von, is probably the most popular thing he’s ever done. Furthermore, Schaub has been doing stand-up for a long time now. In reality, in May of this year (2019), he released his debut stand-up special titled You’d Be Surprised.

Over the years, the former UFC fighter signed sponsorship deals with companies including Reebok, Big Rentals Construction Company,, the Reign Training Center, the Box N Burn Gym, Soul Electronics, and Alchemist Management.

Brendan Schaub net worth

In particular, Schaub has co-hosted the E! Entertainment News broadcasts following the Golden Globes, Oscars, Emmys, People’s Choice Awards, and Grammys. Schaub has amassed 1.2 million Instagram followers at present.

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In addition, as of March 2022, he has amassed an impressive 807,400 Twitter followers. Finally, he has a website ( where fans can learn about upcoming shows and buy goods.

“Brendan Schaub’s House” Is a Hollywood Fantasy Home

Over 3,000 square feet can be found in the five-bedroom, three-bathroom home. In 2017, renovations were done on the home. In addition, the neighbourhood the house is in is secure and private.

Brendan also updated the exterior by painting the windows a darker shade, giving the home a more contemporary appearance.

Brendan Schaub's dreamhouse

The house is full of endearing details and warmth, making it ideal for a young family. In addition, the high ceilings, high-quality flooring, and other fine details make it a terrific place to live.

West Hollywood is ideal for rising stars since it is close to the action of downtown Los Angeles while still offering enough space to develop. Fun destinations like Venice Beach and Culver City are also within easy driving distance.

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