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Reed Paul Jobs Net Worth – Son of Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs 2024

Reed Paul Jobs NET WORTH

How much does Reed Paul Jobs have Net Worth?

Net worth $ 10.2 billion
Real name Reed Paul Jobs
Date of birth 22 September 2022
Birthplace California
Profession Celebrity kid and media personality
Age 30 years old
Country America

Reed Paul Jobs may bear the last name of one of the most iconic figures in the tech industry, but he has charted his own course, establishing himself through his individual endeavors and personal interests.

As the son of the late Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc., Reed has inherited not only a significant legacy but also the public’s curiosity about his life and potential impact on the world.

In this article, we delve into the life of Reed Paul Jobs, exploring how he has navigated his unique position as the progeny of a tech visionary and his path that is unfolding.

While much of Reed’s life has been kept private, there is a growing interest in his career choices, philanthropic efforts, and how he manages the wealth and responsibility that come with his family name.

We will take a closer look at what is known about Reed Paul Jobs’ pursuits, his educational background, and the values he has inherited from his parents.

As we explore the factors that contribute to his net worth and the expectations set by his lineage, we’ll also consider the personal identity he is crafting for himself, independent of his father’s towering shadow.

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Join us as we examine the life of Reed Paul Jobs, a young man at the intersection of a powerful legacy and his own emerging story.

Early life and biography

On September 22, 1991, Stave Jobs and Laurene Powell become so happy because his son Reed Paul was born on this day.

This day was a very amazing day for Steve’s job as he told me in an interview. Hence, the jobs family celebrates 22 September as the birthday of Reed every year. Steve is a father of three more kids Erin Siena Jobs, Lisa Brenna and Eve.

As this billionaire boy was born on 22 September 1991 his age is about 30 years. The eye color Reed is brown and his hair colour is also brown.

As this celebrity has yet not revealed much information about his life we write all the interesting facts about this boy.

Body Measurement

Height in CMs 1.62 cm
Height in MS 1.6 m
Height in feet 5 feet 4 inches
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown

we talk about his luck then it is 4 and his lucky color is green. According to our sources, his lucky stone is Sapphire but he doesn’t want to share more information about him with others. Even, he was not involved in the many social media activities that make him unique from all the persons.

As we talk about above that the boy spends more time with his family and friends. So, he was single, not married yet to any girl according to the latest news. He was very hard work so he always work with his father to discover more new things and want to be like his father.

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School  Crystal Springs Upland School
College N / A
University Stanford University

Reed start his study at a very popular school in California and the name of the school is Crystal Springs Upland School. In this school, he completes his early and high school education then takes admission to the university. Then, he took part in Stanford University admission to get more knowledge and complete his study.


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What makes Reed Paul Jobs Net Worth and what makes it so popular?

In 2011, the father of Reed’s was passed away then all the responsibilities are given to his mother. This is a very big loss for the Jobs family so reed wants to take a rest after this accident. Later, he joins Stanford University and works hard to make his name high like his father.

Due to any reason, he dropped his study from science to arts and start studying in arts. After this, he completes education as the Master of Arts then instead of Master of Science. Then he started work as the Health Director in Emerson for the last 6 years.

After his father, Paul’s mother takes over all the business of Stave jobs. Then the Steve job net worth is about $10.2 billion which is info for his whole family. But, Laurene Jobs’s net worth is estimated at $ 18.8 billion because she is a business and investor woman.

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In this article, you must read all the information from start to end on this page. Above, we share all the information about Reed Paul Jobs such as his early life, eye colour heir colour, and his whole career. Now it is time to write about his net worth.

Earning and Saving

Reed is single and not married yet to any girl and so lives with his family. As his mother’s net worth is about $18.8 billion then Reed Paul Jobs Net Worth is about to $10.2 billion. Hence, he saved much of his income for future use and marriage life.

Net Worth $ 10.2 billion
Earning Point Apple company
Working in Industry Since 2015
Still Active Yes

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