Jodi Arias Net Worth

Jodi Arias Net Worth

How much does Jodi Arias worth?

Net Worth $1 Million
Real Name Jodi Arias
Date of Birth July 09, 1980
Birth Place Salinas California, America
Profession Photographer
Age 43
Height 1.65 m
Country United States of America

The great Photographer is a nice celebrity who changed her life while entering into photography. In this article, you will read about Jodi Arias Net Worth, Early Life, and Career Life.

She is an American Photographer who faced so many difficulties in his life. Because both of her parents were drug addicts. Also, we will discuss more things about the great superstar.

Early Life And Biography

On 14 October 1973, a child was born named Jodi Arias in Salinas, California, America. She learned his knowledge of earlier life from Yreka Union High School which was situated in California. But she was kicked out of her school in 11th class.

Like other talented children, she built up her great talent for photography from the age of 10. When she was only 10 years old, she was interested in this side.

After some time of her building this talent she becomes a great photographer. Later she starts taking some of those pics which were taken by the expert photographers.

When she moved to Mesa, where she killed her boyfriend. So due to his murder, she was caught for some time. After his boyfriend’s murder, she becomes more famous.

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Her previous boyfriend was a salesman and also he was a motivational speaker. She gained her familiarity from her boyfriend’s murder.

Family Info

Father Name William Angelo
Mother Name
Sandy S. Arias
Sister Name Under review
Marital Status Under Review
Spouse Under Review
Kids/Children Name: Under Review
Gender: Female

How did Jodi Arias Become So Famous and how to Make Net Worth?

Jodi Arias is a great Photographer, which is much famous due to the murder of her boyfriend. When was at her school level, she started making her interest in photography.

Later, when she took some of those pics which were recognized by the other senior and expert Photographers. Along with this interest, she is the best artwork. Her artworks were sold out on eBay.

What is the income source of Jodi Arias?

Jodi Arias is a photographer, who has learned these skills from her school level. Later she started her artwork and sailed them on eBay. Her artwork was selling on eBay by her brother and the whole profit came to her family side. 

She sold out all of his arts on eBay through her brother. So due to this technique, the profit was given to her brother and also to her family.

Jodi Arias Net Worth is $1 Million. She is a great professional pics clicker and will increase her income and wealth in the next few years. Also, she is a criminal who murdered her BF.

What Makes It So Successful?

Jodi Arias starts his interest in photography at the age of 10 years old. When she was in her school she made her interest into this side. At this age, most children learned the knowledge of the books in their schools. But she learned this in her school.

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After learning this skill, she started her hard work and gained popularity among the people. And she starts clicking the skillful photos like the great experts.

Due to her great work in this field, many of the other seniors realized that she is a multi-talented girl who will do something unique to this field.

In January 2013, she started making her artwork. Her great work was sold on eBay. When she sold her artwork on eBay, at that time she thought that the profit would go to her family anyway. So at that time, she asked her brother to sell her artwork.

Annual Income Under review
Cars N/A
Working in Industry  Under Review
Still Active Yes

This method was also great for her and her family. Because the profit was given to her brother and they both started running the kitchen well in the start. 

In 2007, she went to Mesa and started dating her boyfriend named Travis Victor. Travis Victor was a salesman and motivational speaker. But her Girlfriend Jodi Arias killed him later.

They were met in February 2007, in Los Vegas, Nevada. Later in March 2007, they started dating together. But later she was killed due to some personal reasons.

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