Curt Schilling Net Worth

Curt Schilling Net Worth

How much does Curt Schilling worth?

Net Worth $2 Million
Real Name
Curtis Montague Schilling
Date of Birth November 14, 1966
Birth Place Anchorage, AK
Baseball pitcher
Age 54 Years Old
Height 1.93 m
Nationality American

Curt Schilling is a famous international sportsman who had a baseball player, game producer, and Businessman. Most of the time, he involved in video games because of the self-developing games. But that time, he was a retired baseball player. We discussed Curt Schilling Net Worth.

In his career life, he has broken many records and make new best records, who still very active and significant personalities in sports history.

In the begging, he interested in policies, and he supported Donald Trump. Even he joins the many politic parties buy always encouraged only Donald Trump. 

Early Life/Biography

On November 14, 1966, Curtis Schilling was born in Anchorage(United States). his parents did not know, he will make a famous person.

So his father named Cliff and who was working in the US army, he spends almost 20 years in the Army.

When he was a sergeant in a US army than his son born and named Curtis. And, also his mother called Marry. 

Curt’s father was very interested in baseball and who had to play baseball with Curt. Pat McAfee and Boomer Esiason survive financial problems, but they faces and decide to make a perfect athlete.

Now, his father was supported to make a baseball player. As a cause, he gets baseball training and creates a professional baseball player. 

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After retirement, his father went to the phoenix in Arizona State. But Curt was born in the United States. He is starting school studies at Shadow Mountain High school.

In school, I mostly played baseball with the team. When he passed the school studies, then he joined the Yavapai Junior college and played with a strong baseball team. 

So after his graduation, he starts playing baseball, and he decides to make a professional baseball player. In 1986, Curt was a drafted player by the Boston Red Sox.

Similarly, Ken Griffey Jr survives life very difficult but He becomes the richest baseball player in athlete history. 

Mother Name Mary Schilling
Father Name Cliff Schilling
Siblings Cliff and Mary
Martial Status Married
Spouse Shonda Schilling
Son Name
Garrison Schilling, Gehrig Schilling, Grant Schilling
Daughter Name Gabriella Schilling

How Did Curt Schilling Become So Famous and How To Make Net worth it?

Curt is an estimated net worth 2 million dollars, who had an American professional baseball player.

In his career life, he spent most of the time in MLB(Major League Baseball). He was a right-handed pitcher player, but that time, he is a commentator of Blaze TV. 

Curt Schilling Net Worth : $ 2 Million USD
Curt is starting to play baseball in the Major Baseball league. In the 19th century, Curt had the second-highest JAWS. Similarly, in 2005, he returns to Red Sox and plays baseball with Chicago White Sox.

And, in 2006, wins the 200 number, and this success is the central part of his career life. In 2013, he announced that he does retire from the baseball team. So it is estimated net worth 2 million dollars.

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Now, if we are talking about his personal life, then his own life very beautiful. In 1992, he did marry his girlfriend, and his girlfriend named Shonda Michelle Brewer.

She belonged to Baltimore.his whole family gives the Money in his charity and foundations, who had very active in providing money to charity. 

Recently, He makes a new charity and who had raised almost 10 million dollars. He grew from 15 years old.

In 2002, all peoples were also called Young Benefactors of the year. Even Shawn Kemp become the best athlete player and professional businessman. 

What Makes It So Successful?

in 1988, starting his career life, who had plays first match in Minor Leagues. Also, in the next season 1991, he joined the Houston Astros and traded to the Philadelphia Phillies.

And, next year, he proves that he is the best baseball player and his career life very beautiful.


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Now, in 1993, he gets wards from MVP(Most Valuable Player) and, he makes the best baseball player in the team. Ben Zobrist is a successful baseball player, who had earns a lot of money.

When he is playing baseball, the first he gains the trust of his coach, and all the team gives honer; then he makes a former player. 

Similarly. Sammy Sosa and Kevin Owens are a very famous athlete, they earn a lot of titles, awards, and money from several championships. 

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In 1999 season, when he plays baseball, then he selected in the all-star team for three years, his movements the central part of his career life.

Russell Wilson played basketball and baseball, he earned a lot of awards. Similarly, in 2000, he joined the Diamondbacks, who had one of the best pitcher players, and he is the captain of his team.

In the 2001 season, he makes the best player because he wins the match and gets 7-0 points. The same year he received a sportsman of the year award; it is a massive honour that he was very pleased to the featured. Darryl Strawberry become a great baseball player in the world.

So his fan following increased and make him a famous baseball player, but in 2013, he gets a retirement from MLB.

Annual Salary $114,128,000
Earning Point Baseball pitcher
Working in Industry Since 1988
Still Alive Yes


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