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Sarah Scrivener

Welcome to the blog of Sarah Scrivener! Here you will learn all you need to know about the famous wife of Rory Culkin.

First of all, who is Sarah Scrivener? She is a cinematographer and a make-up artist. 

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Rory Culkin is a well-known actor who is probably most renowned for his roles in Scream 4, and You Can Count on Me.

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about Sarah Scrivener.

Here are some quick facts just in case you didn’t know much about the talented Sarah Scrivener.

Full nameSarah Scrivener
Date of birthNot Available
AgeNot Available
BirthplaceCalifornia, U.S.
EducationNot Available
Father’s nameNot Available
Mother’s nameNot Available
Zodiac signCancer
Height5 feet and 2 inches
Weight54 kg
SpouseRory Culkin
Body MeasurementUnknown
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBlue
Net Worth$800 thousand
Marital StatusMarried
ProfessionCinematographer and Makeup artist
Salary$54 thousand
Social MediaNone
Debut year2011 AD

Personal Life of Sarah Scrivener

Sarah is quite elusive when it comes to the details of her private life. Her birth date, for example, has not been made public information. She did grow up in the United States, but she isn’t keen on openly talking about it. What we do know is that she was raised in a Christian household and that she has a fair skin color.

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Rory Culkin and Sarah Scrivener

Rory Culkin and Sarah Scrivener met on the set of the movie “Scream 4.” 

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That time, Sarah Scrivener worked alongside Rory Culkin behind the camera as a camera assistant. They really hit it off, and before they knew it, sparks flew, and they started pursuing each other as more than friends.

sarah scrivener and rory culkin
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Eventually, they decided to go out on a date and fell even deeper in love. The couple stayed in their relationship for seven long years before eventually deciding to jump into a serious commitment when Rory went down on his knees to propose; within moments, she said yes!

The couple got married on April 3, 2018. Their ceremony was private and intimate, attended only by a few close friends and family. As a couple, they do not have children together yet.

sarah scrivener and rory culkin marriage
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Rory Culkin

Sarah’s husband, Rory Culkin, is an actor who has had a successful career spanning several genres.

He first made a name for himself in the role of Rudy Prescott in the movie You Can Count On Me, which won him the Young Artist Award in 2001. After that, he appeared on big screens in films like “Scream 4,” “Mean Creek,” and more. 

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Just to know more about him, Rory Culkin is a young actor who was born on July 21, 1989, in New York City.

His family was already established in the film industry when he was growing up. He grew up idolizing his older brother Macaulay and seeing how Kieran convinced him to pursue a career in Hollywood.

For his high school education, Rory attended The Professional Children’s School.

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After graduating from that institution, Rory did not go to college but set out to begin his acting career right away. And now he’s famous as an actor!

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Kieran started his career in the shadow of his older brothers, often playing younger versions of them in movies. He debuted in 1993, portraying a baby for the movie The Good Son, which is being played by one of his older brothers.

After that, he played the role of 10-year-old Igby for the movie Igby goes down, which starred another of his siblings, Rory Culkin.

Rory’s name has also appeared on television shows such as Law & Order and The Twilight Zone.

Sarah Scrivener’s Career

Sarah Marshall began her career primarily as a make-up artist.

In 2009, she worked on the set for Stuntman and was a cinematographer in the film Margaret and Izzy 2010, which were both featured in minor productions.

Her first major film credit was as an assistant camera operator in Scream 4 in 2011. 

The same year, she worked on the production crew of The Ideas of March and Oz the Great and Powerful 2012.

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Sarah worked as a camera assistant for the hit series The Good Wife and then took on further camera duties for the TV series Divorce in 44 episodes.

In 2019 she also worked as a cinematographer for the movie Murder and second camera assistant for the series Instinct and City on a Hill.

Sarah’s most recent work was in the 2020 TV series, For Life, in which she was also a cinematographer and worked for 13 episodes in total. 

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Sarah Scrivener’s Net Worth

As part of the film industry, Sarah makes an average of $54 thousand each year. With almost more than a decade in the field and several successful TV series and movies to her name, she’s managed to accrue a fortune and a good net worth.

sarah scrivener net worth
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Her husband, Rory Culkin, has amassed an accumulated wealth of over $2 million as an actor, and they live a comfortable life.

Sarah Scrivener’s Physical Appearance

One of our favorite things about Sarah is her beauty. Whether it’s her blonde strands or stunning blue eyes, something about her makes us take notice every time!

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As for her body, the exact measurements are not available to know. All we know is that she has a fair skin complexion and an enviable figure as well!

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