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Christina Anstead Net Worth

Christina Anstead NET WORTH-Recovered

How much does Christina Anstead have Net Worth?

Net Worth $12 Million
Real Name Christina Meursinge Haack
Date of Birth July 09, 1983
Birth Place California
Profession TV Celebrity Entrepreneur
Age 37
Height 1.80 m
Country United States of America

Christina Anstead is a freak matched copious great personalities operating severely for the looming prospect. This article will be about Christina Anstead Net Worth, Early Life, and Career Life.

Christina Anstead is a great entrepreneur who has been started a show for the Real State on TV named “Flip or Flop.”

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Early Life And Biography

Precisely a noted American Entrepreneur was born Christina Anstead on July 09, 1983, in America.

She is a great Entrepreneur and TV celebrity. From her professional, she has been gained her wealth from real state business.

In the school of southern California, she has learned her education. Later she went to college there and passed her education degree.

After passing her degrees, she starts her work in the real estate industry and makes herself famous amid the spirits. So during her work, she met with her husband Tarek El Mousa.

In her occupation with her husband, she has started a TV show about the real state. This show starts on HGTV and achieves some higher goals by its popularity.

The due start their work as an investor in the real states. So they collect more than $3 Million from this show just by sailing the properties.

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Along with her this she has been also invested in some of the places which made her more wealthy.

How did  Christina Anstead Become So Famous and how to Make Net Worth?

Christina is a personality who has been worked as an entrepreneur and investor. With her husband, she has worked and gained their wealth.

Christina Anstead is a lady who enters into the real estate business in 2010. Later she has work on the TV screen.

In 2012, she starts a show named “Flip or Flop” on HGTV. In this show Christina worked with her husband, they were both starts sailing and buying homes.

They made $3 from this show.

Christina Anstead Net Worth is $12 Million. She is a power who has struggled hard in the industry and collects all the wealth.

They were starts their business in Arizona and later they expand to Nevada. Also, in the beginning, they buy a little home and sell it with good profit. But later they purchased middle-class homes and made a profit from them.

She is quite working for more progress in the appropriate field. Moreover will grow the income covering the period.

What Makes It So Successful?

Christina enters into real estate industry just after passing her college education. She has passed her all the education in California.

In 2010, she start her work in the industry and met with a man Tarek El Moussa. Later they marry together.


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After gaining some success in their field, both were decided to start a show on TV. So they agreed with HGTV. The show was totally about real estate work.

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From this great, they both collect more than $3 Million. But later they left it.

Later they purchased the property for $115,000 and were sale out it with $34,000 profit. So, from this great dealing, they decided to make this work for the future.

And they were expanding their work and continuously make deals and selling their properties and made their wealth well.

At the start of their real estate job, they were purchased middle-class homes. After some time they have sealed them with some profit.

And by this process, they expand their business in Arizona and Nevada.

In 2011, she told one of her friends that she will be interviewed by HGTV. So her friend helped her and she passed the audition.

Later she started a show on HGTV with her husband. The show was named that “Flip or Flop.” This show was a great show for those were changed their lives.

After passing the audition, they start the show on a regular weekly basis. And in 2013, the show gained huge popularity among the people.

This show was earned more than $100,000 per episode. But these are the funds that are not included in their earnings and wealth also.

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