Lena Headey Net Worth

Lena Headey Net Worth
Net Worth In 2022 $ 12 Million
Salary in 2022 $ 1 Million
Country British
Source of Income
Actor, Voice Actor
Date of Birth Oct 3, 1973

In the world, celebrity biography is an interesting fact because today, we discussed a great and high profile celebrity. Lena Headey is a well-known voice acting actress.

She was a great English actress who had made a lot of movies and drama series. We talk about Lena Headey Net Worth and his career success life. 

Lena is a famous actress, and most of the income came from his voice acing because when his teen’s age then become a renowned actress. Lena was very active on Instagram and other social platforms. 

In this article, we allow the finding of Lena’s biography, career developments, earning source, and salary. Now we will touch his early years, biography, net worth, and career achievements. 

Early Life/Biography

Full Name
Lena Kathren Headey
Children’s Dan Candan
Hair Color Dark
Eye Color Green

On October 3, 1973, Lena Kathren Headey was born in Hamilton, Bermuda. She was a beautiful British actress because at an old age wants to become a famous actress. Now, she becomes a famous worldwide actress. 

At an early age, she worked hard and got a promotion to fame and make an international star. All the famous and international stars give respect because she was an outstanding performance girl.

Josh Wolf and Maine Mendoza are the most famous actors in the world. 

Now his childhood life she spent on the beautiful Caribbean island of Bermuda because she born in this place and spent five years. His family very supportive and completes all his wishes. 

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Similarly, first, his parents live on the Caribbean island of Bermuda, but when Lena born later five years, they move to England and survive a comfortable life.

When his age seventeen then decides to go Royal National Theater for production and acted roles. 

In 1992 a casting agent gave a proposal to her role in the film; she accepted the proposal and acted the part in the water land film.

The exciting thing was cherished and take good care of his pets when she was little. Tiffani Thiessen and Geoff Ramsey played roles in many movies and drama series. 

When Lena was a child, then she had face a lot of paranormal experiences, but she becomes a famous British actress.

Likewise, she not interested in acting because, at an early age, she played scout in the school. Later a few years she decides to become a famous actress and earned money. 

Lena Headey Net Worth 2022 and Income/Salary

Lena is an estimated net worth 9 million dollars, which is mostly earning money from his voice acting career. Similarly, she becomes a beautiful and famous British actress. She wants to make a lot of money from his job and compete with all dreams. 

Lena Headey Net Worth : $ 9 Million USD
Lena Headey was the most prominent British actress.

She made a game of thrones episodes and earned an estimated salary of 1 million dollars.

In 1992 becomes a big-screen debut actress in the film water land. She appeared a lot of roles, such as leads roles in the Brothers Grimm and more.

Now she earns money and competes for all professional dreams.

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A real British citizen and a beautiful actress made a lot of films. Similarly, she works on the games of Thrones 2007 and keeps busy until 2017. in the game, she acts a role as a queen of seven kingdoms. Rosanna Arquette and Patrick Wilson earn money from several sources. 

In the nineties, she becomes a famous small screen artist and plays the role of Geneva in 1998. in 2002 She took part in the biographical telefilm Guerra imminent. In the same years, she cast the two adaptions. 

Also, she nominated for Golden Globes and Emmy Awards, which is the most significant success for his career life. So she pushed his career life.

In 2012 she got married to peter Loughran and discovered the world-famous couple. Now in 2015, they born a baby.

Physical Appearance

Height 1.66  m
Weight 55 KG
Bra Size 32
Waist Size 24
Body Measurements 33-24-33


At the beginning of his career, she works in the movie the country of water and starts the professional life. Later she got a role and made a small film role of Lizzie. Now she got an excellent opportunity to gain people’s intentions. 


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She gains the opportunity to works in the jungle book; adventures continue, which causes her to become a famous actress in the world. As causes, a lot of people say an award-winning actress. She gained the silver Iris award for best actress performance. 

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King Bach and Patrick Stewart become the richest actors and internet personalities. Similarly, in 2005, she made three movies.

At that time these movies very hit at the cinema. She takes part in the horror film the cave, which is the American scientist struggling video.

Favorite Things

Color Black
Fruit Fast Food
Car N/A
Hobbies Boxing and Yoga
Designer Under Review

Second, she made The Brothers Grimm, and finally, she appeared in the comedy Imagine Me and You is Light movie. As causes, she was very famous in British cinema and other social sites. 

She was always pleased because at an early age she achieves lots of success. She participated in productions like Aberdeen, Possession, Anazapta,

The Brothers Grimm, the Bride of the Bride, and The Cave. Paul Reiser and George Eads earn a lot of achievements in his career life.  

Similarly, in his career life, she wins three Emmys awards nominations, in 1993 she faces the first US production film, second the jungle book 1994. Now she cast the terminators in 2017 The Sarah Connor Chronicles. 

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