Top 8 Richest Beggar In the World With Their Monthly And Yearly Income


Poor guy, beggar, and other words are utter to those people who are very poor, not in a condition to earn, those who ask for things to eat just who don’t have money. In the world in each country, in each city, there is a sick person who is not able to eat or spend a life. But there are also some people who gain such wealth from this. They make begging a profession and through which they have worth in Million. Here is the list of the top 8 richest beggar in the world.

Here is the list of the Top 8 Richest Beggar In the World


Another beggar who lives in London. Mostly he is seen in the streets of London, and he is also included in the list of the wealthiest beggar in the world. This man begs style is that he show the people that he is disabled from the body and cannot earn and is very poor. Through this, he makes or get money from the people, but the people don’t know that he was worth it “Lakhs.” But this guy gets arrested by the London police because he is not a beggar in actual, not a needy person. Not only that he put on punishment and get banned from begging because of being a fake beggar. With that, this man came at number 8th on the list.



Christo Ferterne

Not only in Indian’s are famous for the wealthiest beggar there are also wealthiest poor guys from other countries. These are just poor from their looks and from the impeccable face which they make to run their business of begging. Christo begs in “London” with his dog near the roadside. He has various boards on which different spells are written. These spells are like “Help Me!”,”Am Poor Kindly Help Me!”, “Have Sympathy For Me”, “Please Compensate With Me” and others. The interesting thing about just a few miles away from the place he begs he has his luxury flat. In which he lives and spend a great life and as usual he earns it from the profession of begging and put his name in the top 8 richest beggar in the world. With that, this man came at number 7th on the list.

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Cristo Ferterner

Masu Malana

Those who don’t know the reality of this person after reading this will get shocked about him. It is told that he has a net worth of 3 Million. Even though with such massive amount the daily and the monthly and the yearly income of him is still hidden. He is one of the top 8 richest beggars in the world. Masu is also from India and lives in “Mumbai.” In Mumbai, he begs near a place called “Lokhandwala”.

This man came on the list at number 6th. Mostly he saw there and there he scatters his hand in front of people for beg and came in a “Rikshaw” (a three-wheel car). Away from the position of begging he park his rickshaw and then turn himself into a beggar. Afterward, he reaches each and every person and scatter hand in front of them and begs. He begs mostly in the daytime when the sun sets he sits back in his rickshaw and return to home happily.

Masu Malana

Sarvatia Devi

Not only the male member are included in this business women are also included in this venture. Women are also leading in this venture. She is also an Indian beggar that came in the top 8 richest beggar in the world. She is from “Patna” a city located at the northeast of India and her residence is near Ashok Cinemas which is also in “Patna.” Her wealth can be determined by looking that she pay 36,000 for her annual insurance. Not only that she owns a home in “Patna” and deposited much money to the shop owner who invests the payment of her. The invested money profit is then divided and given to both. After all this, she is a beggar. An old lady came at number 5th on the list.

Savitri Davi Nt Worth

Sambhaji Kale

An Indian guy who only look poor from his looks only. This man begs at Khar region of Mumbai. At Khar region, he lives with his 4 other people of his family. The daily payment he gains is 1000 which make up more than 30,000 per month and a yearly income of 360,000 and more. With that, this man came at number 4th on the list. This thing is quite normal for the top 8 richest beggar in the world. The noticeable thing is that he owns two flats and a build, furnished and beautiful house. Not only that this man also spend an amount of 50,000 on a different venture through which he gets profit and enjoying the life. They have to build a business of begging and these guys earn a lot from it.

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Sambhaji Kale Net Worth

Krishna Kumar Gite

He is also included in the list of the top 8 richest beggar in the world especially from India. Krishna spot of begging is CP tank that is close to Chanai road which is also located in Mumbai. This man earns about 1500 per day with which he gets a gain income of 45,000 plus. The huge amount put this man at number 3rd on the list. Sometimes the cost from this is more because in this field there is no limit or fixed salary. He also owns property in Mumbai. The trading work Kumar is handled by his brother mostly. The way of begging of this person is that he holds a stick in his hand showing that he is included in disable people and beg for that. Through this, he gains the sweetness or sympathy of the people and makes the pockets of the people empty.

Krishna Kumar Gite Net Worth

Bharat Jain

One of the top 8 richest beggar in the world. He is an Indian beggar who has great worth. Bharat is an old man of 49 years who live under the bridge in “Mumbai.” This man also starts his begging career from Mumbai. Mumbai is a city located in Indian. He is one of the funniest beggars in the world who has a gross of 7 Million. This massive income put his name on 2nd on the list. He starts begging because to make the future of his sweet children. Apart from that he also owns a shop that is for rent.

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Now, this shop is a juice shop. From that shop, he earns a rent of 10,000 monthly. He is not doing this work because of some enforcement to him. In the start, he has compulsion but after the state that he adopts this as his profession. Bharat Jain is in love with this field. According to him, he earns monthly about 75,000 that is quite a good amount which a bachelor degree holder doesn’t earn.

Bharat Jain Net Worth

Pappu Kumar

After getting caught by media he gets famous in a negative way and all India is talking about this man. Not because he is a famous personality. Because of fake begging, he did and get the money from the people. Papu is bigger of India who is from the city “Patna” which is in the northeast and quite a busy city.This man has a bank account in which he has 5 lakhs. This man came on the top 8 richest beggar in the world with a net worth of 12.5 Million. Such a vast amount that a well graduated and prominent businessman don’t have and he earn it from begging. The exciting thing is that he gave money to people and when they return the money he put his profit on it.

The amount which he gains from that is about 1 Million and is increasing still. He has that much amount of money that if he doesn’t want to do job and business, he can live his life with that money. But this man doesn’t want to leave this profession and want to stick to this, but his reality is revealed to the peoples. This man wants to become an engineer when he is a child. But sadly in an accident, he gets disable and his parents also died in that. After that, the condition of him become so weak that the only way he finds to survive is to scatter hand in front of people and to beg. Now he doesn’t have any Bewail of that instead he is happy with his profession.


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