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Top 20 Richest Middle East Man (2023 Edition)

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal net worth

The Middle East sector is no doubt the wealthiest region in the world. Main source of revenue there comprises of oil, hydrocarbon and various natural resources sales. That makes it one of the strongest and dominant regions around the globe. Not only the Gulf States but many people from there are worthy of billions of dollars. We will let you know about the top 20 richest Middle East man in the world in the description below.

  1. Husnu Ozyegin Husnu Ozyegin Net Worth: $3 Billion USD

husnu ozyegin net worth

Born in 1944 at Izmir, Turkey, Husnu Ozyegin is a Turkish businessman and a self-made billionaire. The owner of famous FIBA Holding, Husnu’s last attended universities are Oregon State University and Harvard University. FIBA Holding included financial companies like Credit Europe Bank and Fibabanka. As the time passed by, his hard work and eagerness to achieve something big let him be the owner of $3 Billion monetary value. Now he holds a position among richest Middle East man as of latest reports.

  1. Taha Mikati Taha Mikati Net Worth: $3.1 Billion USD

taha mikati net worth

The brother of former Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati, Taha Mikati is the current owner of a telecom operator “Investcom” as well as Mikati Foundation and M1 Group. His famous M1 Group has several investments in real estate and fashion business in UK. Back in 2012, they bought a share in famous UK chain J. Sainsbury. Currently, Taha owns about $3.1 Billion money.

  1. Najib Mikati Najib Mikati Net Worth: $3.1 Billion USD

najib mikati net worth

Born on 24th November, 1955 at Tripoli, Najib Mikati resigned in 2013 after 2 years as Prime Minister of Lebanon. Former owner of Investcom, he and his brother Taha sold their telecom company to an African businessman for $3.6 billion. Later they formed their own firm by the name “M1 Group” which had investments in real estate, telecom and retail sectors. On par with his brother, Najib Mikati has a net worth of $3.1 Billion as per latest reports.

  1. Mohammed Al Issa Mohammed Al Issa Net Worth: $3.1 Billion USD

mohammed-al-issa net worth

Mohammed Al Issa is a Saudi national investor and a self-made billionaire. He is a mega investor in Saudi Arabia’s stock market through his company Assila Investments. Besides investments, he also hold shares in Dur Hospitality, Savola Group and Riyadh Bank. Issa’s son Abdullah is the current Chairman of Dur Hospitality. At present, Mohammad Al Issa and family has a price tag of $3.1 Billion. That makes him stand among the richest Middle East man.

  1. Mohamed Mansour Mohamed Mansour Net Worth: $3.1 Billion USD

mohamed-mansour net worth

Having more than $500 million investments in Dubai, US and Africa; Mohamed Mansour oversees his personally owned Mansour Group. The group has got distribution rights for big names like Caterpillar, GM Vehicles and McDonalds in Russia and 6 African countries. Most of the revenue generated by Mansour Group comes from outside the country. Apart from that, Mansour owns a real estate business and a logistic company in California. As of current, Mohamed Mansour’s net worth is around $3.1 Billion.

  1. Sarik Tara Sarik Tara Net Worth: $3.3 Billion USD

sarik tara net worth

Owner of Turkey’s largest construction company “ENKA Construction”, Sarik Tara has a big name in Istanbul’s stock market. ENKA Construction actually deals in real estate, trade and in the fields of energy and engineering. Most of the revenue is generated from energy production which include 3 natural gas conservation plants. Sarik Tara also had massive investments in Moscow but due to downfall of Russia’s economy, he faced a major loss. Despite that, his monetary value wasn’t effected as it stood at $3.3 Billion presently. That marks his name among the richest Middle East man worldwide.

  1. Yitzhak Tshuva Yitzhak Tshuva Net Worth: $3.7 Billion USD
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yitzhak tshuva net worth

The Israeli national Yitzhak Isaac Tshuva was born on 7th July, 1948 at Tripoli, Libya. Having real estate and energy fuel as his revenue sources, Tshuva established the oil and gas reserves on the Israeli coasts in 2000. That proved to be vital pillar for his personally owned Delek Group. Coming to his real estate business, he has a firm by the name El Ad Group. Their offices are operating in Manhattan, Montreal, Florida and Israel. As of now, he is valued at around $3.7 Billion.

  1. Prince Sultan bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Kabeer Prince Sultan bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Kabeer Net Worth: $3.8 Billion USD

prince sultan bin mohammed bin saud al kabeer net worth

A member of Saudi Royal Family, Prince Sultan Al Kabeer owns one of the largest dairy production company in Middle East. Established a dairy company by the name “Almarai” in 1977. The company transports milk and dairy products obtained from his special Holstein Cows around the whole Gulf territory. As per Breeder’ Cup Organization, Prince Sultan Al Kabeer also hold a stud farm outside Riyadh where he trains his 100 horses. At present, his total price value is around $3.8 Billion.

  1. Murat Ulker Murat Ulker Net Worth: $4 Billion USD

murat ulker net worth

Being the chairman of famous Turkish company “Yildiz Holding”, Murat Ulker is priced at $4 Billion. The company mainly operates in the fields of food processing and manufacturing. Having 77 factories in total (25 abroad), the Yildiz Holding has approximately 50,000 employees. The revenue circle is expected to spread vast as Ulker began to procure various companies in Saudia Arabia, Egypt, Italy, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Romania, and Ukraine and afar. Apart from that, he is also among the major collectors of paintings in Turkey.

  1. Beny Steinmetz Beny Steinmetz Net Worth: $4.1 Billion USD

beny steinmetz net worth

Born in Israel, Beny Steinmetz is the owner of massive mining company “BSGR”. The company has major effect and influence in Africa. Beny later became a diamond business tycoon after he launched “Steinmetz Diamond Group” by the help of his brothers. Investments in several countries and revenue from his mining business made him one of the richest Middle East man. His price tag at present is $4.1 Billion.

  1. Majid Al Futtaim Majid Al Futtaim Net Worth: $4.9 Billion USD

majid al futtaim net worth
The man famous mostly for operating Malls around the globe, Majid Al Futtaim is one of the most influential personalities in Gulf region. Currently the owner of numerous malls around Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia. Many of his famous ownerships include names like Mall of the Emirates and HyperStar. He is planning to launch Mall of Egypt soon. As of now, his monetary value is said to be around $4.9 Billion.

  1. Arnon Milchan Arnon Milchan Net Worth: $5.2 Billion USD

arnon milchan net worth

A man with colorful personality, Arnon Milchan is the owner of famous TV production company “New Regency Enterprises”. Some of his popular productions are “Birdman” and “The Revenant”. Apart from his business, he used to be a soccer player as well as the weapons systems consultant between U.S Defense Contractors and Israeli Defense Force. He is also addicted to art as doing paintings is one his favorites hobbies. As of latest news, Milchan’s price value is $5.2 Billion.

  1. Shari Arison Shari Arison Net Worth: $5.6 Billion USD
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Shari Arison net worth

Courtesy of her father Ted, Shari Arison is the Israel’s richest woman. Thanks to the cruise ship line “Carnival Corp” inherited to her by her father. The ship line has served as the main source of her value which is priced at $5.6 Billion. Apart from that, she has launched several resources recently. These mainly include the launching of Green Shopping Mall in Israel at the expense of $100 Million to promote the plantation of trees to protect environment. She has also wrote several books which explains she bears a good moral and social character.

  1. Stef Wertheimer Stef Wertheimer Net Worth: $5.6 Billion USD

stef wertheimer net worth

An Industrial Genius in the territory, Wertheimer has done some fine work to maintain peace between Israel and Palestine by establishing Industrial Parks. 30 years ago, he built an industrial park by the name “Capitalist Kibbutz” for which he received Oslo Business for Peace award in 2010. Time by time, he kept on buying stakes from various industries in Middle East. Owing to his work, he is regarded as one of the biggest industrialists in Gulf region. He has net worth of $5.6 Billion.

  1. Idan Ofer Idan Ofer Net Worth: $5.7 Billion USD

idan ofer net worth

A giant in terms of shipping world, Idan Ofer is among the biggest business tycoons of Middle Eastern territory. With a fleet of 150 container, bulk and crude vessels, Idan is the owner of “Quantum Pacific Group”. In drilling business, he owned “Pacific Drilling” which he revealed in 2012. Having family background of drilling and shipping business, Idan continued to follow his father and in his honor, he gave $42 million to The London Business School to name the buildings after his father. At present, Idan is priced at $5.7 Billion.

  1. Nassef Sawiris Nassef Sawiris Net Worth: $6.7 Billion USD

nassef sawiris net worth

Egypt’s richest personality, Nassef Sawiris owns OCI which is one of the largest producers of Nitrogen Fertilizer in the world. Initially, the company was named Orascom Construction Industries but later, he divided them in two firms. One “Orascom Construction” which deals in trading between Nasdaq Dubai and Egypt’s Exchanges. And the second “OCI” which deals in fertilizers and chemical productions having facilities established in Texas and IOWA. As of now, his price label is $6.7 Billion.

  1. Abdulla bin Ahmad Al Ghurair Abdulla bin Ahmad Al Ghurair Net Worth: $7.2 Billion USD

abdulla bin ahmad al ghurair net worth

Having family business background from UAE, Abdulla Al Ghurair founded MashreqBank. As currently, the bank is among the leading ones in the country with his son Abdul Aziz being the CEO. His holding company has been run by his son and an outsider who both deal in various sectors including real estate, food and construction. In 2015, Al Ghurair pledged to give one third of his company’s assets to the foundation which will invest in education and scholarship programs in UAE and Arab countries. His monetary value is said to be $7.2 Billion.

  1. Eyal Ofer Eyal Ofer Net Worth: $9.4 Billion USD
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eyal ofer net worth

Another shipping business tycoon holding the inherited wealth from his father. Eyal Ofer is the owner of Ofer Global based in Monaco as well as the Chairman of a private firm Zodiac Group. A group comprising of 150 vessels fleet. Besides that, his other interests in shipping business include OMNI Off-Shore Terminals and shares in Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Eyal and his family are a great admirer of art. Owing to that in 2013, Eyal & Marilyn Ofer Family Foundation donated $15 million to Tate Modern Gallery in London. At present, Eyal Ofer is worth $9.4 Billion and is at 2nd spot among richest Middle East man.

  1. Mohammed Al Amoudi Mohammed Al Amoudi Net Worth: $15.3 Billion USD

mohammed al amoudi net worth

Got his beginning fortune from construction in Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Al Amoudi currently has the ownership of several businesses including oil refining, gold mining, energy production, agriculture and construction across Saudi Arabia, Sweden and Ethiopia. One of the biggest names in oil refining, he has strong influence in the field after having settled up a massive refining plants. In Ethiopia, he has invested in cement, agriculture and gold mining business. In Saudi Arabia, he has established vast agriculture field where fruits, vegetables, tea, coffee, flowers, cereals and rice are cultivated on massive scale. As of now, his value in terms of money is $15.3 Billion. That makes him secure 2nd spot among the richest Middle East man.

  1. Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud Prince Alwaleed Net Worth: $20.4 Billion USD

prince alwaleed bin talal alsaud net worth

A massive investor in KSA, Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud owns bundle of public and private companies in Europe, US and Middle East through his personally owned Kingdom Holding Co. His business ventures includes stakes in Lyft (ride sharing firm), Twitter, Citigroup, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Hotel George V in Paris and Savoy Hotel in UK. Besides the stakes, Prince Alwaleed owns real estate in KSA, an entertainment company “Rotana” and many other assets. It is being said the Saudi Prince has a price tag of $20.4 Billion which makes him the richest Middle East man.

Who is the Richest Middle East Man?

Prince Alwaleed Net Worth : $20.4 Billion USD
It would be not a surprise for anyone to know that the Saudi Business tycoon Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud is the richest Middle East man in the region. With having various public and private companies in different countries as well as stakes in big names like Citigroup, Twitter and many hotel chains, Prince Alwaleed possess a net worth of $20.4 Billion. Back in 1991, he bought Donald Trump’s yacht. At present, he is said to have pledged $50 million investment in Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Coalition program.

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal net worth

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