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Young Dolph Net Worth

Young Dolph Net Worth

How much does Young Dolph worth?

Net Worth  $3 Million
Follower on IG 3.7M
Full Name Adolph Thornton, Jr
Date of Birth 5 March 1985
Age 34 Years old
Earning Source for Income Singing, Rapper, Songwriting, Record producer
Monthly Income $1.4Million
Country Belong to  Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Associated acts 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane, Peewee Longway, Zaytoven
Height 6 Foot, 3 inches
Year Active 2008
Lable  Paper Route Empire
Genres Hip hop Gansta Rap

As a Rapper Today estimated Young Dolph net worth is 3 Million dollars. Adolph Thornton, Jr is a profession, American Rapper.

He gains a lot of popularity and make money from singing, rapper, songwriting, producing. When he released to the first studio album King Of Memphis in the music industry in February 2016.

After some, he released to one or more studio albums and mixtapes out. Young Dolph has not passed to life easily.

In this article, we told about how he comes to rises about the struggle. At that time, he makes one of the best celebrities in the world.

His name is involved in the top Richest personality in the world. So we know about the life of the Young Dolph closely and then see the recent net worth of Young Dolph.

Early Life and Biography

Young Dolph was born on August 11, 1985, in Chicago, illinois. His official name is Adolph Thronton Jr. given by his parents.

He has four more siblings containing 2 sisters and 2 brothers. All of his family migrated to Memphis when his age was 2 years only.

His parents were addicts of smoking cigarettes. In one of his tracks ‘Preach’, his lyrics of the rap was, “Mama always in the streets, so guess who raised me?” Actually, he was talking about the time when his parents used to smoke on the streets.

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Music was his passion from an early age. In 2008, when his grandmother passed away, he got really affected by this. That was the time he used to sing raps and music to show his feelings and thoughts.

How Did Young Dolph Become So Famous and How To Make Net worth it?

1The early net worth 2022 of the Young Dolph has become $12Million.They earn all money form song recording, albums, mixtapes.

They also earn money from different ways such as mornings show, events, which he earned almost $1million.Although, he earns money from the official Youtube channel known as Young Dolph.

He gained a popular from social media in which he had become $3.7 Million followers on the official account of Instagram.

He also gets vogue on the Youtube Account by gaining 947K subscribers. A huge of fans are following this celebrity on social media.

They had released the number of albums in which involved six albums will record the in-studio album. Although, they had also released nineteen mixtapes in the musical industry.

What Makes It So Successful?

He started his career when he was 20 years old. After 3 years, he died when he was driving and then his accident on the way.

In 2008, his grandmother was become died due to his lung cancer. So the young Dolph starting his career and increase popularity ourselves on the international level.

He does start singing at emotional convey to one another. But his friend became dislike to the music of the young Dolph.

They were saying that it is a fake rapper telling stories. Let’s see, his friends will start to inspire his song.

These friends give advice that you can make profession rapper after looking to the first album in the musical industry.

Although, he starts singing at a low level. But after a few times, he becomes more popular in the world. He does singing just for the fun.


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A post shared by Paper Route Frank (@youngdolph)

He announced the date of the first album in the studio. Thousands of fans are waiting for this time when he announced the album.

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Now that time anyone knows to the Young Dolph. At last, he started his career from the first album.

The first mixtape (Paper Route Campaign) gives the biggest success to the funny industry of the studio. This first album was released in 2008 when he was twenty-three years old.

On the other side, 2 Chainz has the best ever rappers to perform as well as Gucci Mane allrounder the entire field as an Artist, singer and American rapper. Like that, he released the further album in the sequence. After this album, he passed eight years without release any album.

Young Dolph Target Of Gunfire

In 2017, he was making a plan that becomes the target of the gunfire from Charlotte, North Carolina.

The time was decided that become gun-shooting on the young Dolph from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police. So that, at the exact time 25 February 2017 staring the round fire.

Which involved at least two cars and several weapons. By using these materials, which installs round from the residence and short place areas. On the next day, the hip hop agency claimed that a young Dolph was involved in the situation.

He says that the target of the shooting and 100 rounds were also fired from the young Dolph while the accident.

So that the fight was started between Dolph and Yo Gotti on the discussion of this topic. Young Dolph uses to the publicity and released to the next album that was very sensitive name as Bulletproof.

2014: $1,000,000
2015: $1,100,000
2016: $1,400,000
2017: $1,900,000
2018: $2,000,000

Inspiration quotes Of  Young Dolph

  • “I can’t deny it, I’m a straight trapper You should come fuck with me I got them whole things goin’ for the cheap And I keep a bad bitch on her knees All this motherfuckin’ ice on me The only thing I love is my drank and weed”
  • “After a while, you just realize you are too old for certain shit. You think differently and you want different”
  • “The only people worthy to be in your life are the ones that help you through the hard times and laugh with you after the hard times pass”
  • “I support anybody that hustle, anybody where they get their money -I love that,I love anybody gets up and do something and hustle, make their family, that’s what I support, that’s what I like, that ‘s what I encourage, see what I’m saying, that’s what I’m about.”
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3  Life Lessons From Young Dolph

After knowing about his life, here are some life lessons that we can learn from Young Dolph in order to achieve success.

1-  Knowledge

According to Young Dolph, knowledge is much more than a force. Means if you have a potential to do something but you don’t have the knowledge of how to do it then you fail. That’s why knowledge of the field is necessary.

2-  Power

Here by power, Dolph also means knowledge. We can say knowledge is power. If you have knowledge about your field in which you are investing your all potential (power) then it will surely work for you.

3- House And Land

Young Dolph said, “Learning is better than having a house and land.”

Means a good education protects a man from misery which is really better than the possession of a land.


In 2022, Young Dolph net worth is approximately about $3 Million.

Young Dolph is a famous rapper who has released five studio albums and many mixtapes with collaborations. Moreover, he is actually known for his album, ‘King Of Memphis’ which was a great hit.

No matter that his childhood was very difficult due to his parents and he struggled a lot to get stable. But his interest in music as a youngster led him to be a professional rapper.

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