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Young Scooter Net Worth

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How much is Young Scooter net worth? How much does he earn now?

Net Worth

$2 Million

Real Name

Kenneth Edward Bailey

Date of Birth

March 28, 1986

Birth Place

North Carolina, America






1.81 m


United States of America

There are so many celebrities who have made a name after very hard work. Some of them are discussed here. In this article, you will read about Young Scooter Net Worth, Early Life, and Career Life.

He is an American rapper, record producer, author, and musician. Being a celebrity he has some extraordinary things which he deserved. Along with his, you will read about the net worth of great stars like Lil Boosie and Lil Wayne.

Early Life And Biography

Officially he is well-known for Young Scooter. But his real name is Kenneth Edward Bailey was born on March 28, 1986, in South Carolina, America. He lived in South Caroline till nine years after he moved to Atlanta with his family.

He spent most of the time in the streets f te Georgia with his friends. Later he dealt drugs and other Problematic things.

In 2008, he arrested by the police during dealing with drugs. Then he decided to focus on his future in life. He starts focused on the music and wants to become a rapper.

After it in 2010, he starts releasing his musical collections and starts getting fame among the people.

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How did Young Scooter Become so Famous and how to Make Net Worth?

Young works with other superstars to got fame among the people. Also, he wants to become a successful rapper in the industry. So he starts meeting with other famous rapper and start working with them.

When he released his first mixtape in 2010, at that time he did not get fame. Later he starts focusing on unique rapping styles and he will be a great rapper.

 Young Scooter is a great rapper, he works with other superstars as a collaborated singers and he got his fame among the people. When he released his huge mixtape “Street Lottery” in 2012, so he becomes a famous rapper. Young Scooter Net Worth is $2 Million.

He faced some problems in his past for his money problems and dealing with drugs. And now he loved these two topics for his raps, he focused on it.

Young Scooter Net Worth is $2 Million. He is still working on his future projects and be a wealthy rapper. His big hit rap was Street Lottery. In his raps, he focused on his two favorite topics called Money and Drugs.

What Makes It So Successful?

To getting fame among the people he works with other great stars. During collaborations, he got a huge familiarity and become a successful rapper in the industry.


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He raps songs in a freestyle manner, and he raps his songs in new styles. Many of the followers are liked him for his unique style. And he is appreciated for this style that he used in his raps. Because many of the rappers do not do it easily.

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During his raps, he focused on his two favourite raps topics Drugs and Money. Because in his past he faced many difficulties for these two things. So he is now focused on them and remembers that he faced them.

In 2012, he has released his single called “Columbia.” Later in 2014, he released another great single called “DI$Function.”

Also, he has appeared as guest appearances. So, he works with other superstars here to get more popularity in the industry.

Mixtape List:

Young Scooter released his first collection of songs called Plug Talking in 2010. This album was not a very high collection and not focused on by other rappers. Later when he works for his other collections and he got fame. So he released his collections Finessin and Flexin.

In 2012, he released another mixtape titled Married to the Streets and Voice of the Streetz. For this great mixtape, he works in collaborations of Nard and B, Da Honorable, and Zaytoven.

Along with this mixtape, he released another great mixtape called “Plug Brothers” in 2012.

Following in 2013, he released another mixtape called “Street Lottery.” And this was focused on by other great rappers of the industry. Also, this was getting great fame among the people.

This song was downloaded 10000 times and this was a great opportunity for him to get more fame. Also, in the same year, he got more fans following and this was a huge hit in Atlant which is his hometown.

In the same year, he released his mixtape called “Free Bricks 2.” Later in 2014, he released his collection of the songs titled “Street Lottery 2.” Also, in the same year, he released his mixtape called “80’s Baby.” And in 2015, he released his collection “Married to the Streets 2.”

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Along with them in 2016, he delivered his performance called “Street Lottery 3.” In 2017, he published his album named “Jugg King.” Later in 2018, he released “The Recipe.” After it, in 2019, he published his collection of the song named “Trap Hero.”

In 202, he has released his two mixtapes called “Street Lottery Reloaded” and “Zaystreet.”

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