Tom MacDonald Net Worth

Tom MacDonald Networth 2021
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Do you know about Tom MacDonald? What is an estimated idea about Tom MacDonald Net worth? In this article, we are going to solve your all queries about Tom.

Tom MacDonald is the most popular Social Media Personality whose real name is Thomas MacDonald.

His profession is singing, songwriting, also making Youtube videos, as well as being referred to as Canadian Rapper.

For your information, MacDonald reached more than 1 million Youtube subscribers. Moreover, his fan’s following reached 300k on the Instagram platform. His songs are giving a lot of profit in earning, or also competing with the other competitors.

When he published the first video on Youtube and then he became known for the single ‘Helluvit’. The list of most-watched videos involves ‘Dear Rappers’ which is taking more than 5 Million views.

In 2022, Tom MacDonald’s net worth is estimated at around $100 thousand.

Similarly, with the worth of Tom MacDonald you should read about Eminem and Polo G, If you want to learn about the richest rappers.

Early Life and Biography

On 21st of September 1988, Tom MacDonald was born in Canada, his age has become 32 years old. As a teenager, he spent six years working as a great professional wrestler from Canada, United States.

Furthermore, he joined the National Wrestling Alliance, Real Canadian Wrestling, Prairie Wrestling Alliance, and Monster Pro Wrestling. His interest is all about in the Rapping field from child age.

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In addition, he became a hip-hop artist and gained a lot of popularity for his traditional Rap Songs. He is not afraid to sing about difficulties in social society.

Mother Name Lee Ann MacDonald
Father Name Will Update
Siblings Will Update
Martial Status Married
Spouse Nova Rockafeller
Son Name
Will Update
Daughter Name Will Update

Personal Life 

About his private life, he starts dating with famous Canadian Rapper named Nova Rockafeller. The contribution involves a punk band known as ‘GFBF’. He currently located in Los Angeles in California.

MacDonald has referred by his cited named The Beatles and Aerosmith as a musical influence. The first album which was released on February 13th,1996 in which include member named 2Pac’s All Eyez on Me and Marilyn Manson’s Smells such as a kid. It also referred to Lady Gaga as a musical influencer.

List of Previous Musical Albums

  • LeeAnn’s Son in 2014
  • See You Tomorrow in 2015
  • Dream People and the Whiskey Wars in 2015
  • Deathreats in 2018
  • Ghostories in 2019
  • Gravestones in 2020

Mixtapes & Songs

  • Macbeth in 2015#
  • Therapy in 2017
  • Flowers for the Dead in 2020

Famous Quotes by TomMacDonald

“See that’s the thing: the whole thing is that I don’t know a whole lot about guitars so, it was a lot of talking to the sales associate and calling her dad and figuring out sorta like what was the best, what was the right move, etc.”

“I’m praying that the world changes soon Can’t get a doodle on a plane, but there’s Uzis in our schools.”
“Wish we were kids again before everything was on instagram Hey-oh!”

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“Honestly, I wouldn’t classify myself as a producer. I just produce my own stuff and some stuff for (girlfriend) Nova as well. I don’t produce other people. So, for me, the production staff is just part of me being an artist. It’s something that I just have to do.”

What Makes It So Successful?

Tom MacDonald is also referred to as a brilliant single including ‘Everybody Hates Me, ‘Whiteboy’, and ‘ Politically Incorrect’.

A few years ago, MacDonald released his album known as ‘If I was Black’. MacDonald sells custom-made-t-shirts and other accessories like prints or stickers.


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When he started singing rap songs he went to various tours and shows concerts which earned him a huge amount of money.

MacDonald has created 100% real content for his viewer since when he started his music career and he likes to keep it original. 

Every person has kept interested in music careers, that’s why he stands for. His songwriter was interpreted as anti-feminist, anti-LGBT, as well as apologize for the NotAllMen. He has also rejected the claim of being a racist or participating in ‘Racist activities’.

On 19 March 2020, he released a new album song ‘Coronavirus’ about the COVID-19 pandemic.

They faced criticism for inaccurate information, deceptive verses, also poor analysis, alongside the other people to praise his lyrics and criticism for pandemic deniers or hoarders.

After releasing his song, he told about the real pandemic to his fans in the live streaming on the social media Facebook Account only for one-hour or half-hour.

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In the discussion with fans, he talked about his intention or thoughts for his song, which was not for gaining financial money through his song.

Rather, he discusses the main important problem and also his close friend’s struggles with the respiratory issue.

Annual Salary $2,00,000 USD
Earning Point Rapping, YouTube
Working in Industry Since 2009
Still Alive Yes

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