Sole Net Worth


How much does Sole have Net Worth?

Net worth: $350 thousand
Real name: Tonya Michelle Johnston
Date of birth: July 17, 1973
Birthplace: Kansas City
Profession: Rapper
Age: 45 years
Country: America

A beautiful girl who is known as Sole in the rapping industry. This charming become famous in the rapping industry because she is a very sweet and talented rapper in this industry. She collaborated with many rappers that increase her popularity as a rapper. As of 2022, Sole’s Net Worth is $350 thousand USD.

First, she becomes famous when she released her first song album. The name of her song album is Skin Deep. This is a much-hit album and this album won an award for Gold Certification. Her first album makes her a very popular girl or rapper in America.

Besides that, she knows much information about yoga and spirituality. Even, she joins many classes about yoga. According to this sweet girl, yoga makes a person fit and healthy. This makes her so famous among people.

Her famous name is Sole and her real name is Tonya Michelle Johnston. This name was given to her by her parents when this gorgeous girl was born. This is a very charming girl who become the number 1 rapper of her born city and her name was written in top rappers of America.

In this article, we write all the information about her personal life, biography, height, weight, career, and we also write many interesting facts about his life and wrote about Sole net worth. We write all the information about her life and her lifestyle.

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Early life / Biography:

A very sweet and beautiful girl was born on July 17, 1973, in Kansas City is Tonya Michelle Johnston. When she was born her family was very happy. In her family, no one knows that this pretty girl become a very famous girl in America.

This amazing girl was born by James Johnston and Phyllis Frazier. They are 5 children of their parents. In her family, she has 2 sisters or 2 brothers. The names of the brothers are Charlie and Sean. Her zodiac sign is cancer. The weight of this popular rapper is about 67 kg and her height is about 5 feet 7 inches.

Height 67 kg
Weight 5 feet 7 inches
Age 48 years
Eye color Black
Hair color Black

She got an education from many schools in Kansas City. She completed her higher-level education at these schools. Later, she completed her graduation from college. We don’t know about her education and the names of the institute. We will upload soon as we know any facts about Tonya.

After her education, she does many jobs at different places and her past was very difficult but she faced every problem with patience. Now, she is well-known as a very popular and talented girl in the rapping industry. With work, she continues her study in Psychology and Political Science.

We don’t have enough information about her career and her musical life. As we know any type of information about we will upload it soon as possible. She does not reveal her difficult days on any social media.

Personal life:

Tonya Michelle Johnston married a very sweet and handsome boy Richard Griff. This handsome person was well-known as Professor Griff, a rapper and a part of a group name Public enemy.  Their relationship remains for 27 years because they love very much with each other.

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Before that, Sole married a very attractive boy Ginuwine. They’re dated each other for three years then they decided to marry each other. Later, she was born two sweet daughters and complete their lovely family. But, they divorced each other, and then Tonya Michelle married Griff.

Father James Johnston
Mother Phyllis Frazier
Husband Professor Griff
Children’s Story Assundra, and Dream Sare Lumpkin
Sister Tamika and Sierra
Brother Charlie and Sean

Now, we write Sole net worth and about her YouTube income per month and also write her interest in shopping or saving. How much money she spends in a month and write about her source of income and her total net worth.

Earning and salary:

The sole net worth is about $ 350 thousand. She earns $15 thousand per month and annually, she earned about $ 175 thousand. This is a very talented and beautiful girl who saves her a lot of money for her bright future. Sole likes shopping very much so she spends her half income on shopping.

Also, you learn about the richest rappers in the world such as Nicki Minaj, Birdman and Lil Boosie.

Earning $ 350 thousand
Earning point Rapping or modeling industry
Working industry N / A
Still active Yes

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