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Net Worth: $46.16 million
Founder: Rajat Sharma and his wife Ritu Dhawan
Date of Creation: May 20, 2004
Country: India
Views: 10.04+ billion
Subscribers: 28.4+ million
Videos: 207.5k videos
Revenue per Day: 3,134 dollars
Revenue per Week: 21,936 dollars
Revenue per Month: 136,150 dollars
Revenue per Year: 20.77 million dollars

A Hindi news channel that is based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India is India TV. On May 20, 2004, the channel was launched by Rajat Sharma and his wife Ritu Dhawan. In the year 1997, Sharma and Dhawan co-founded the channel and is also a subordinate of Independent News Service.

IndiaTv net worth is estimated to be 46.16 million dollars. The date on which this News YouTube channel or account was made is August 25, 2006. The country to which this YouTube channel or account belongs is India.

The IndiaTV is a very acknowledged and famous news channel of India. In India, The IndiaTV channel attained too much reputation and fame due to its quickly increasing progression and growth on YouTube.


The parent company which owns India TV is Independent News Service (INS) that was set up by Rajat Sharma and Ritu Dhawan in the year 1997. From a studio in Film City, Noida, India TV, he along with his wife co-founded India TV in April, 2004.

The Broadcasting Centre of this famous and popular channel was present in Sector 85, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India and this also its headquarters. Previously, on Zee News in a very eminent show named Aap Ki Adalat, Rajat Sharma played his role as the anchor.

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Moreover, on Star News in another show known as Janata Ki Adalat, he played his character as the anchor and this was done before the launching of India TV. In the year 2020, the longest running Television show of India named Aap Ki Adalat in India TV has accomplished twenty seven years of its presence.

What is net worth of IndiaTV?

The actual net value of the IndiaTV expected to be about $46.16 million. The definitive net worth of IndiaTV is not openly reported, but the respondents Advertisement of Net Worth is to be about $46.16 million. This net value of IndiaTV that is $46.16 million is only based on the revenue from YouTube advertising.

The net worth of IndiaTV could not be actually known and even more than this estimate in reality. If these extra foundations of revenue are taken into description then the IndiaTV has a net worth over 64.63 million dollars.

Moreover, IndiaTV is considered to be as most watched creators on YouTube with more than 28.4 million of subscribers along with 207.5k videos that are uploaded.

The IndiaTV channel is very renowned News and Politics channel on YouTube. In a very few time period, this very fast growing and developing news channel attained millions of subscribers and viewers on YouTube.

How much does IndiaTV earn?

The revenue that is an average of $3 to $7 after every 1k views on a video is being gotten by YouTubers. Nevertheless, with the help of this data, we can forecast that the IndiaTV YouTube channel creates over 769.36 thousand dollars in a month with the help of ad revenue and more than 11.54 million dollars in a year.

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The evaluated revenue of IndiaTV is about 11.54 million dollars in a year. The supporters of IndiaTV frequent ask the same question that is how much does BBC News earn?

The monetized channels of the YouTube collect income by playing ads for every 1k views on a particular video. In every month, the IndiaTV channel obtains about viewers of 192.34 million. Moreover, the IndiaTV channel receives about viewers of 6.41 million in each day.

Many YouTube channels make even more than 7 dollars for thousand views on a single video. Nevertheless, our evaluation may be near to the ground. On the other hand, IndiaTV channel could produce as much as 20.77 million dollars in a year with inevitability.

However, it is very irregular for YouTuber channels to depend on a single source of wage. The other sources for income includes sponsorships, affiliate commissions, product sales and speaking gigs may create much more revenue than the ads. At one click, IndiaTV outbreaks the traditional news reading and brings to you the real face of each information.

The overall views of this IndiaTV Channel are over 10.04 billion. In the year 2006, IndiaTV was launched and located in the India.  Therefore, one most often question we hear is: What is IndiaTV net worth? Or you could be asking: how much does IndiaTV earn?

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