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Sheek Louch

Sheek Louch is the most famous rapper in the United States. It is also well-known for its American singer; also he had taken the Reward of the Best Rapper. His real name is Sean Divine Jacobs. Most people do not know about his real name. With Sheek Louch Net Worth, you should read about Bebe Rexha and Tekno

On the other side, he is best-known by the other names in which involve Donnie Def Jam and Donnie G. Some people are known by his singer names as a nickname, but no name is not fixed for his nickname. 

Early Life & Biography

On November 9, 1976, he was born in a section of New York known by Brooklyn. His career began with singing and then starts writing songs from an early age.  In the start, he used his lyrics to say stories that happened to him before in his early life.

He makes a number of friends that living in the same department of buildings as a great friend. His families were close and when somebody moved due to his work, then the other families allowed him. That’s why he always hanging out with similar friends.

However, he went to High school, also he played with the football teams of a friend. His Gorton High School is located in Yonkers, New York. Alongside, he had made as a professional player in the team along he keep interested to use extraordinary energy in his field.

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Later, his friends gained a lot of interest in singing they take to start to make a song and then sold their own song in the tapes form in the friends. His parent happily allowed permission of his singing profession.

Sheek is the biggest fan of stand-up comedy, also they follow his performances include by Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor, and Kevin Hart. In the interview, he said that helped him to move his mind from some of the world’s hardest topics to complete.

Most fans following don’t know that he is a good ice skater, also they spend a lot of time in skating risks in New York. Moreover, he passed his own life to maintain time for sports games or ice skating.

Moreover, he passed his own life to maintain time for sports games or ice skating. Furthermore, he did not share personal life information with anyone in the group of friends.

Sheek Louch Net Worth & Salary 2022

Estimated Net worth of Sheek Louch has become around $5 Million in the year 2022. Also, he makes earning sources such as rappers, record & albums, TV Concerts, sponsorship, etc. He generated a lot of earnings through these sources of income. Moreover, they launched new albums involve After Texas, Wu-Block, Silverback Gorilla, and a few more who have to donate very well to his Net worth.

Sheek has made massive earning by getting the contract of his record label “D-Block Records” as well as D-Block projects. By using excellent talent, they have gained huge popularity worldwide. He is one of the best controversial rappers from America. After some time, they have gained millions of fan followers on social media account like Instagram or Facebook.

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Sheek Louch Career Life

He is a part of The LOX as well as the CEO of D-Block Records. In his business company, he has worked with the two-stage names involved Styles P and Jadakiss. 

Famous American rapper and Grammy Award winner Mary J. Blige discovered the group and helped them enter the world of music by signing them the first contract with Bad Boy Records. That album owned by Sean Combs, who is one the best singer from the united states.


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This record label was released in the month of January 1998 by covering the name “Money, Power & Respect”. This album gained a huge achievement in the Billboard 200 list. After some time, they released two big achievements of albums such as “If You Think I’m Jiggy” and “Money, Power & Respect”.

That record has become very famous in the United States, also they captured a huge target audience from that area. That group is getting the biggest achievement from their albums. Finally, they left to the Sean Comb’s and then moved to another owner of the record label referred by Ruff Ryders.

That thing was not too easy, because he signed a contract with Bad Boy Records. That’s was rearrange in the summer when the group did not want to release this campaign. However, they began a public campaign in 1999. That was the “Free the Lox campaign” and the members wore ” Let the LOX Go” t-shirts all the time.

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Albums Checklist:

The checklist of his all record and mixtapes is the followings:

  • On 16 Sep 2003, the first studio album was released by an American rapper called “Walk Witt Me”.
  • The next song is “After Taxes” which was launched on 8th November 2005 by D-Block Records and Koch Records. Sheek’s third studio album is “Silverback Gorilla” which was released on 18th March 2008.
  • The other mixtapes are involved in the checklist “Life on D-Block”, Donnie G: Don Gorilla, and Silverback Gorilla 2.

His co-operational albums are “Wu-Block” which was recorded by the famous singer Sheek Louch and Ghostface Killah.

Life-Changing Quotes By Sheek Louch:

“I have been drunk most of my life, don’t ask me why. Through ninth grade, I ain’t go to high school, …I went to school high.”

“I think people see me definitely as a “gangsta” rapper, and what people love about me is when they meet me and they meet me again later, I’m the same dude they spoke to, and ain’t nothing changed.”

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