How Much Is The Net Worth Of Rapper Jim Jones 2023?

rapper jim jones net worth

Wondering how much is the net worth of Rapper Jim Jones? Check out here, his net worth, career and more.

Joseph Guillermo Jones II is popular by the stage name Jim Jones. Born in New York City on July 15, 1976, Jim is an American rapper, songwriter, record executive and entrepreneur.

Originally, Jim Jones was a member of the Diplomats, the famed hip hop collective also called Dipset, along with his friend and fellow rapper Cam’ron, a Harlem native. 

Jim Jones released his debut studio album in 2004, which he accomplished as a solo artist titled ‘On My Way To Church’. This was followed by his second album ‘Harlem: Diary of a Summer’ in 2005.

Around this time, Jones joined A&R at Entertainment One Music in an executive role. In 2006, Jones released his third album titled Hustler’s P.O.M.E. (Product of My Environment).

How much is the net worth of Rapper Jim Jones?

Rapper Jim Jones’s current net worth is estimated at $400 Thousand. Jim is an American rapper, songwriter, record executive and entrepreneur.

P.O.M.E. contained the biggest single that Jim has ever produced titled “We Fly High”. This song scored #5 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and landed the platinum certification given by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). 

In 2009, Columbia Records released the first major album of Jones titled Pray IV Reign. This album featured the single “Pop Champagne,” which became a major hit.

In April 2011, Jones released ‘Capo,’ his fifth album ably supported by “Perfect day”, the lead single of the album. In 2019, Jim released his sixth album under the title “EI Capo.”

Net Worth of Rapper Jim Jones: Quick Summary

NameJoseph Guillermo Jones II
Popular NamesJim JonesJimmy JonesCAPO
Birth DateJuly 15, 1976
Birth PlaceNew York City, U.S. 
Career RolesRapper, Record Executive, Entrepreneur, Songwriter
Net Worth In 2022$400 Thousand
Years Active In The Industry1997 to Present
Popular LabelsVampire Life, Heatmakerz, Roc Nation, E1, Splash, Columbia, Ether Boy, Asylum, Koch, Diplomat
Associated ActsDipset, ByrdGang, Chink Santana, DJ Webstar, The Heatmakerz, Harry Fraud, Marc Scibilia, Max B, Philthy Rich, Ron Browz
Official Website 
Facebook Account 
Twitter Account (3.3 million followers) 
Instagram Account (3 million followers) 
YouTube Channel 

Net Worth Of Rapper Jim Jones

Jim Jones’s net worth in 2022 is an estimated $400 Thousand. Jim Jones earned his wealth through multiple sources including songwriting, album sales, stage performance, endorsements, and entrepreneurship.

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Jim has also earned a considerable amount of money through sports management as he is the owner of the skating team Dipstake. He has also starred in a few movies that contributed to his net worth.

Net Worth Of Rapper Jim Jones

He makes a significant amount of money being the part-owner of American Arena League’s Richmond Roughriders. 

As a music video director, Jones is known by the pseudonym CAPO. He has directed for a few high profile artists like Remy Ma, Camron’, and Juelz Santana.

The American hip hop artist is also the co-CEO of Diplomat Records with Cam’ron. He is a founding member of the rap collective the Diplomats. Jones uses the pseudonym CAPO as a music video director and has directed for Cam’ron, Remy Ma, and Juelz Santana.

Jim Jones has released five studio albums and three of them reached #1 on the U.S. Rap chart.

In 2006 Jim purchased a home in New Jersey along with his girlfriend Chrissy Lampkin paying $680,000. At a 6.875% interest rate, the mortgage payment they were supposed to pay was around $4,500.

In 2017, the National Bank Association had filed a lawsuit that the couple had stopped paying the bank in 2010 and that the debt had grown to $1.24 million due to the interest accrued.

The bank ordered the foreclosure of the loan and the mansion was sold away.

Career Highlights of Rapper Jim Jones

Born in The Bronx, New York City in the family of Nancy Jones and Joseph Guillermo Jones, Jim was one among three children and the other two were his sisters Precious and Keisha.

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Jones grew up in Harlem, raised by his maternal grandmother. Jones was admitted to a Catholic school in Harlem and he would often skip going to school and church in order to hang out at the train station of their town. Freekey Zekey was a fellow rapper who grew up with Jim.

rapper jim jones

Jones experienced a troubled childhood and once he was caught stealing from a local store at a very young age and hence he was expelled from school.

When Jim Jones was just six years old, he met Dame Dash, a famous hip hop personality who would later co-found Roc-A-Fella Records.

Jones’s teenage friends were Cameron Giles and AKA Cam’ron, and all the three inspired each other on their journey to become accomplished artists in their lives.

Jones joined the rapper Cam’ron as a hype man and became a member of the hip hop group Diplomats. In 2003 and 2004, Diplomats released its albums.

The debut album of the group titled Diplomatic Immunity became a major hit and scored #1 on the U.S. R&B chart and topped at #8 on the Billboard 200 chart. This album also bagged gold certification.

In 2004, Jones released “On My Way To Church”, which was his solo debut studio album. In 2005, Jones released his second album titled “Harlem: Diary of a Summer.”

Around this time, Jones was beginning to rise to prominence in the hip hop domain and was inducted into the management team of Entertainment One Music” in the executive role.

In 2006, Jones released his third album “Hustler’s P.O.M.E”, which featured the single “We Fly High,” which became a major hit of the year. This single scored #1 on the U.S. Rap and #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

rapper jim jones net worth

Jones’s second major hit single released in the year 2008 was “Pop Champagne.”

Vampire Life and Nostic are the two clothing lines Jim Jones created. Jim has starred in the film State Property 2. He too appeared on “The Wire and Crash: The Series” episodes.

Jones was seen on VH1’s reality show titled “Love & Hip Hop”. Jim has an independent freestyle inline skating team known as Dipskate. In 2009, Jim won an Urban Music Award.

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The line of albums Jones released included Harlem: Diary of a Summer released in 2005, Hustler’s P.O.M.E (Product of My Environment) which was out in 2006, Harlem’s American Gangster that came out in 2008, Pray IV Reign released in 2009, and Capo that was out in 2011. The last in this line featured “Perfect Day” as the lead single.

In 2009, Jones released “The Rooftop”, a collaborative album, which he created with DJ Webstar. Between 2012 and 2013, Jones was seen on the television series Chrissy & Mr.

Jones along with Chrissy Lampkin. Jim Jones created ByrdGang and ByrdGang Records. In 2008, the label released M.O.B.: The Album, which scored #29 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Returning to music after a long gap in May 2019, Jones produced his sixth album, “El Capo.” In December 2017, Jones became one of the owners of Richmond Roughriders of the American Arena League.

Controversies of Rapper Jim Jones

While recording his views in a 2006 interview on some rumors about Dipset bosses, Tru Life called Cam’ron and Jim Jones “bitches.” In retaliation, Jones initiated a $50,000 wager and challenged Tru Life to fisticuffs.

Reacting to this, Tru Life stole Jones’ necklaces and attacked Jim on the mixtape Tru York (2007) with the cover showing “a Photoshopped Jim Jones in a Borat-style thong and Cam’ron as a Seventh Avenue transsexual hooker.”

In retribution, The Diplomats hacked Tru Life’s MySpace account and replaced the images on the Tru York cover with the images of True Life and Jay-Z.

Jones posted an Instagram video in February 2022 that detailed his experience of being profiled racially and said he was never satisfied with Gucci’s customer service.

He added that he was highly disappointed with Gucci’s employees and claimed that “These black people are more racist than white people when they get the job”.

Later narrating how he was victimized for his comments, he added, “I still ain’t get no sparkling water, I still ain’t get no champagne. I still ain’t get nothing.”

Jim Jones has piled up bitter criticisms on how Jay Z performed as the president of Def Jam Recordings. In response, Jay Z released a “diss” track titled “Brooklyn High” set to the beats of “We Fly High,” by Jones.

On December 22, 2008, Jim was seen punching and kicking one of Jay Z’s colleagues at a Manhattan Louis Vuitton store. In November, Jim pleaded guilty to the transgression.  

In an interview given in 2014, Jim had commented on ASAP Mob’s style saying it was “not street”: Jim said, “They’re artistic, but they’re not from the street… We got bonafide swag and the definition of get fly… Price point and high fashion don’t really make it cool.”

Responding to these comments in his solo single “Multiply”, ASAP Rocky indicated that Jim’s characterization was a dishonest trick to sell exorbitantly priced merchandise.

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