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Carlos Coy Net Worth

Carlos Coy Net Worth

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Do you know about Carlos Coy? Have you any idea about Carlos Coy net worth? In this article, we are going to answer these questions. There is very interesting information about Carlos Coy, that he is a famous musician, who came from America, owns a record house and is a criminal.

His sister’s name is Sylvia, and she has been very favourite of him. She has not only been the favourite person but rather she has been like his mother.

Early Life and Biography

Carlos Coy was born on October 5, 1970, in Houston, Texas. There has been very much confusion in his family. His father used to spend his most of time doing things related to his job, and his mother decided to quit her high school job to marry his father.

His sister’s name is Sylvia, who has been very kind to him. He has been the chance to attend an elementary school before entering Middle school. This happened to very helpful for him, because he gained a chance to develop in music with its program.

When he settled in the Welch Middle School, then his family had to move to South Park, and owing to this he had to switch his schools. He also got a chance to attend Woodson Middle School where he met Scarface who was also a rapper.

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When he was in 9th grade, then was struck off from the school. He also decides to pursue his degree, but he never succeeded.

Mother Name Under Review
Father Name Arturo Coy
Siblings Arthur Coy Jr., Sylvia Coy
Martial Status Married
Spouse Gina Acosta
Son Name
Carlos Coy, Jr., Jordan Dominique Odom
Daughter Name Carley Coy

Awards and Achievements

Carlos has been working at a chemical plant and it was a very poorly-paid job. He decided to make more money than the normal money by selling drugs. He started his career as a Christian rapper, but he was not interested in this, and so he quit that.

Carlos decided to record his rap with one of his friends Jose Antonio Garza, and he was also from Texas. The label’s name was “Dope House Records”.

Carlos gave himself a stage name which was “South Park Mexican”. He released his album in 1995, and the second album “Hustle Town from 1998”, and was a much better success.

In 1998, he decided to release his third album called “Power Moves: The Table”, and it was also very famous. He has won the awards for his last album and his label house also got its own awards too.

How did Carlos Coy become so famous and how to make net worth?

There is no doubt that Carlos’ hard work made him make his net worth more than the normal amount. The expected idea about Carlos Coy net worth is around $5 million, as of 2022. There is a very famous record of his being a criminal.

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There are some minor offences in his record which include Drugs like cocaine and crack, and selling marijuana, and similar.

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What makes it so successful?

Carlos was arrested in 2001 because he assaulted a child who was only nine years old. After paying the bail, he was released from prison.


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He was also included in making a girl pregnant and then wanted money to support his child that he made. There were also two charges over him for assaulting two girls who were about 14.

After testifying to the girls, Carlos was found a sexual offender. After these bad actions, the court decided to keep him in prison for 45 years and he also had to pay some amount too.

There are some other cases where his friends are begging for his bail. Carlos stays in the Ramsey I Unit near Texas for a while more. Carlos’ wife’s name is “Gina Acosta”, and he also has three kids.

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Annual Salary $588,235
Earning Point Rapping, Singing
Working in Industry Since 1994
Still Alive Yes

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