Kathryn Dennis Net Worth

Kathryn Dennis NET WORTH

How much is Kathryn Dennis Net Worth?

Net Worth $1 Million
Profession Professional Model
Born On 6 August 1992
Origin America
Height 1.8 m
Last Updated 2022

Kathryn Dennis is a professional model, reality TV star, and social activist. Besides all of this, she is an entrepreneur. Her fame was started when she appeared in the TV show “Southern Charm. Similarly, As of 2022, Kathryn Dennis Net Worth is $1 Million USD.

In 2014, she joined that show and was one of the leading characters. As of now, she has shown her acting skills in 6 seasons having 82 episodes of that season.

Not just that, she was also a star of the show “Celebrity Page” and also she made an appearance in Watch What Happens: Live.”

Early Life & Biography

Kathryn Dennis was born on August 6, 1992, in Charleston, South Carolina, US. Her family was fully involved in politics and contains many influential politicians.

She grew up in Lewisfield Plantation and belongs to the descent of John Calhoun. John Calhoun is Kathryn’s grandfather and also the seventh vice president of the US.

From her teenage years, she was interested in fashion modeling. In 2009, she completed her graduation from Berkley High School. But she studied further despite learning more about visual communication skills, fashion styles, and women’s studies. From this university, she got a degree in political science and journalism in 2013.

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Around the same time she was still attending university, Kathryn grew an interest in politics too and began working in the South Carolina Senate where she started working as the page for John Land.


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How Did She Make Such Net Worth?

Her earnings started when she appeared in the TV show “Southern Charm” and that cast was too good. In 2010, in addition to working as a politician, she began working for volunteer activities such as the “Red Ribbon Week Campaign” and “Andre Bauer For Governor Campaign.”

At the University of South Carolina, she worked for Joe Wilson. She handled all of his campaigns. From that campaign, she made $5k and moved to other work.

Her first job before all of her campaigns was as a receptionist. She started spending time at “Fitness World” and “Old Santee Central Park”. At the same time, she met Thomas Ravenel, a public figure and state treasurer of the South Carolina office.

The two appeared in the television series “Southern Charm”, which follows their personal lives and the lives of other social persons that reside in Charleston, South Carolina. Right after she became one of the leading characters in the TV shows. Kathryn Dennis began receiving over $100,000 per season of that show.

What Makes Her Successful?

There is one main reason that the social activist and a great model who is an entrepreneur too is very successful in life.

She had spent over 5 years of her life appearing in the shows and made worth $500k. In March 2014, her first-ever appearance in the Pilot and also her appearances in season six of that show which was released in August 2019.

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While working in the TV series, she began appearing on the screen as a model too and also the brand ambassador of many brands. Not just that, Kathryn is also involved in businesses that are related to fashion and style.

As a model, she worked for the magazine Azalea. There she appeared in some of the magazine’s publications. Later in 2018, she was the face of the show Watch What Happens”. That show was a famous late-night show. Before this show, she had a role in another show Celebrity Page”.

Dennis launched her furniture products and the brand was named on the behalf of her two kids “Kensie + Saint”.

She also became a brand ambassador for “Gwynn’s”, which is a department store. Most recently, it was announced that she will become the creative partner for “Gwynn’s Studio”. This can be more helpful for her to increase her fame and wealth.


Annual Salary Not Verified
Net Worth $1 Million
Income Source Professional Model
Still Alive Alive

There is no doubt that the model is one of the best of her era. Not just she was a model, she was a great entrepreneur too.

Her family was related to politics but she worked in politics too but her basic aim became to be a model. Now at that point, she has more than 1 million followers on all of her social media accounts.

In 2022, Kathryn Dennis Net Worth as a model and an entrepreneur is estimated to be about $1 Million.

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