Bella Hadid Net Worth

Bella Hadid NET WORTH

How much does Bella Hadid have Net Worth?

Net Worth $25 Million
Profession Professional Model
Born On 9 October 1996
Country America
Height 1.75 m
Last Updated 2022

Early Life and Biography

If you are a part of the fashion industry, then you must know about the Bella Hadid. But if you’re not linked to the fashion industry then it might be difficult for you to know who Bella Hadid is. You must have seen her on Instagram or the TV or maybe all over the billboards.

As of 2022, Bella Hadid Net Worth is estimated to be about $25 Million. Further, we will learn about her life and career and how she achieved success.

The famous model was born on October 9, 1996, in Washington D.C, US. Her official name is Isabella Khair Hadid. She has 4 siblings including Gigi Hadid who is a pro model too. Bella is the daughter of Yolanda Hadid and Mohamed Hadid.

Bella came to the modelling industry due to her sister and a friend too, Gigi Hadid. Gigi Hadid was a model of beginner level at that time. And she let her sister too in this field. But she made a name for herself and proved to the world that she became famous on her own.

She was the most voted girl at “” as the Model of the Year. All the professional models voted on her and she got the title. Since then, Bella appeared on the covers of many magazines and was featured in many shows all over the world. Not just that, she was also starred in many music videos.

How Did Bella Get Rich?

Bella’s parents got separated when she was just seven. Then her father did much for his kids’ support. As her father was a billionaire of that time. He handed over them a $6 Million mansion in Malibu. Not just this, another million-dollar mansion in Santa Barbara.

A garage is full of vehicles including some most expensive like an Escalade and a Range Rover. And her father set an amount of $30k monthly for their support. Also, her mother got a cheque of $3.5 Million.

As we have seen, Bella was born in the wealthiest family of that time. But she created her wealth with her modelling skills. It was not like her father’s wealth but enough for her to spend. For example, at the age of 19, she was earning $11k for a single hour in the Australian Fashion Show in 2016.

This figure is more than enough for a teenage girl and the dream of many others. Later in 2018, her annual income was $8.5 Million which was generated by working as a model for many brands. This year, her name was at number 8 in the highest-paid model’s list.

Bella Hadid contracted with Dior Makeup in 2017. Later it was announced publicly that Bella is now the ambassador of Dior Makeup the following year.

Her contract was to promote their makeup products. Also, she became the host of a series called Dior Makeup Live With Bella Hadid. In this series, Bella demonstrated in almost every episode how to apply this Dior Makeup. This web series is all uploaded on Youtube and has received millions of views and likes.

Her 14 endorsement deals include the brands like Alexander Wang and Versace. The posts for these ads of the brands are surely the most expensive of all time.

A survey conducted by Celebrity Intelligence reports that Bella Hadid is the top endorser of the year 2017 beating her sister Gigi Hadid and one of the top models Kendall Jenner.

In 2022, Bella Hadid Net Worth is approximately $25 Million.


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What Makes Her Successful?

If we look at her life, she was born in one of the richest families. And the family name Hadid was also on the tongue of people before even she started her career. It was because of her father’s fame and her elder sister Gigi’s fame.

It was easy for Bella to let her way to the industry. Her beauty was so unique to become a perfect model. It was because her father was a Palestinian citizen while her mother belonged to Germany.

Her unique hair separates her from other models. We can say her beauty is one of the reasons for her success. Now Bella is an icon for the public.

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Not just her beauty, hard work with consistency is also a reason. Bella was extremely aiming conscious and worked for the career without giving time to even herself. We can use the term ‘Beauty and the Beast’ for her.

In an interview, she said that she was regularly flying between New York, Paris, and some other cities which were chosen for the shoot. She was that much busy.

Her consistency with work let her win the title of Victoria’s Secret Model, ‘Angel’. This title is for the highest-paid modelling roles ever in the industry. She was on the Forbes list of highest-paid actresses in roles.


Annual Income Not Yet Know
Earning Source Model, Actress
Age 25

Now the model has become a social media influencer too. And has many endorsement deals going on. All credit goes to her fans on Instagram and Twitter. Fans showed great support to her and all thanks to them. She is now the face of world-class and the most expensive brands all around the world.

No doubt, she was born into an elite class family. But her passion and dedication towards modeling led her to the peak of fame. Bella created her wealth in millions and now enjoying the luxury herself.

As of 2022, Bella Hadid Net Worth is estimated to be about $25 Million which is a massive amount to spend.

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