Holly Madison Net Worth

Holly Madison NET WORTH

How much is the Holly Madison net worth?

Net Worth $18 Million
Profession Professional Model
Birth Date December 23, 1979
Origin America
Last Updated 2022

Holly Madison is an American model and Television personality. She was born on December 3, 1979, in the United States of America. Holly Madison Net Worth is $18 Million currently in 2022.

About Holly Madison

You have seen her vigorous around the playboy mansion Hugh Hefner’s number one girlfriend (from three) E’s The Girls Next Door. Holly Madison was the curvy blonde needle in the curvy blonde haymow in the eyes of Hugh Hefner’s playboy founder.

Madison got from co-starring from hit TV series The Girl Next Door would chuck her from another beauty on the arm of a millionaire toan iconic personality. Though their relationship proceeds to an end.

Early life and Biography

Although femme-bot qualities do draw a lack of confidence she was born to real human parents in Oregon on December 23, 1979. At an early age, her family migrated to Alaska, which she lovingly calls home. For two years Madison attended Portland State’s University before seeking out the sunnier skies of California, where she enrolled in Marymount University.

As fabulous as L. A lie was, equally expensive. She found a job by highlighting her bounty body as a Hawaiian tropic model, and roller skate waitress at Hooters, to earn a paycheck.

Working in Santa Monica, she heard about the legendary parties held near the Playboy mansion she would soon be no stranger to. She got her name on the guest list, After being spotted by Hefner’s friend in a Hawaiian tropic gig. Her Net Worth Currently in 2022 is 18 Million Dollars.

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Heretic Arrangement

After a year of habituating the countless events at Hef’s luxurious adobe, she finally caught the eye of the elusive Playboy Millionaire and, even with the half-century gap, they discovered they had many similarities.

Keeping from all the formal dating customs, after just one date Heifers asked Madison to move in with him. He and six of his girlfriends. Palling her naturally dusky hair was not enough to keep pace in the Playboy world.

To obtain the kind of curves Sir Mix-A-Lot would Rap about, Madison turned to the knife. By using the wonders of plastic surgery, Giving her the life-size Barbie proportions known for today. She went from an A-Cup to an eye-popping D. By slimming her nose in the common L.A.W. The tradition of rhinoplasty balanced the extra weight of her frontside.


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Projects She Worked On

With her new look and her charming personality. Madison did not have to face off for Hefner’s likeness for long as the harem of seven quickly hewed down to just her and Bridget Marquardt, with Madison taking on the proud title of Number One Girlfriend.

Madison became active with appearances on TV shows, the occasional bad film (Scary Movie 4). She even spent some time as a photo editor for Playboy magazines. And as Harfner’s leading girlfriend she got many projects.

Before, her presence never won so much attention until the three beauties inspired Hefner to showcase his favorite girl. But not from her magazine.

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While the dropping popularity of reality Television came to The Girl Next Door, a show providing a peek into the oft-coveted life in Playboy mansion. She won so much attention from E,s stunningly sexy girl, and the shows renewed season after season. Hollywood relationships sooner than most. Good things come at the end.

In 2022, by all of her projected revenue, Holly Madison Net Worth is estimated to be about $18 Million.

Relationships And Personal Life

After seven years without having any ring on her finger, she expressed her misery over Hefner’s reluctance to marry, by stating “I want to be with somebody I can have more of a future with eventually. Hefner and I can’t get married and have kids. So it was fun while it lasted. The pair split up in October 2008.

Soon she ends her relationship with Hafner. She starts dating street magician Criss Angel. And also had a short stint with Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden.

As she continued to sort through the hunts of Hollywood Bachelors, Madison continued to build her blossoming career.

Hosting Her Show

Madison began headlining her travesty show, Peepshow, in Las Vegas. While documenting all of her sin city frolics in another E! Reality show Hollywood.


There is no doubt that Holly Madison is one of the hard-working models and actresses of the industry. And she showed her talent in ramp walks and many roles in different movies.

Net Worth $18 Million
Age 42
Income Source Professional Model
Still Alive Alive

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