Google Net Worth

Google Net Worth

How Much Is Google Net Worth?

Legal Name: Google LLC
Неаdquаrtеrѕ Rеgіоnѕ: Моuntаіn Vіеw, California, United Ѕtаtеѕ
Founded Date: September 4, 1988
Founders: Larry Page and Sergey Brin
Number of Employees: 135000+
Type of Company: For-Profit
Area served: United States of America and World
Products of Company: Multinational technology company that specializes in internet-related services and products
Net Worth: $420 Billion

One of the most renowned and famous multinational technology companies of America is not other than Google and it is legally known as Google LLC. This company is also well known for its speciality in services and products that are related to the internet.

Many zones that are focused by the company are cloud computing, online advertising technologies, search engine, software, and hardware.

The Big Four technology companies in the world such as Amazon, Facebook, and Apple, Google is also known as one of them. If we see the most treasured companies of the world, Google takes the second position having a trademark value of 140 billion dollars.

The highest brand value of 200 billion dollars belongs to Apple. Google’s brand value is on the second number and below than that of Apple.

However, the founders of this famous and well-developed company are Larry Page and Sergey Brin who are included among the twenty wealthiest persons of the globe. Sergey has a net worth of 114.5 billion dollars and Larry has a net worth of 118.8 billion dollars.

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Everyone just heard about this too spreading and prevailing search engine but no one know when it was created and where it was situated.

Google Net Worth Last 5 Years

Year Net Worth
January 2022 $1940 Billion
2021 $1978 Billion
2020 $1210 Billion
2019 $934 Billion
2018 $749 Billion
2017 $670 Billion

Google Total Assets 2006-2022

Year Total Assets (Millions of US $)
2021 $347,403
2020 $319,616
2019 $275,909
2018 $232,792
2017 $197,295
2016 $167,497
2015 $147,461
2014 $129,187
2013 $110,920
2012 $93,798
2011 $72,574
2010 $57,851
2009 $40,497
2008 $31,768
2007 $25,336
2006 $18,473
2005 $10,272


In 1996 at Stanford University, two students of PhD founded Google named Larry Page and Sergey Brin. In the beginning, Google was started as a research project by these two students. Another person who was also involved in their project was Scott Hassan and he was the lead programmer and wrote much about the preliminary Google search engine.

In the year 2006, unfortunately, he left Google before it became a company and started his career in Robotics, but later he created a Willow Garage.

The platforms on which results are ranked by counting how many times search terms are displayed on the web page are Search engines. To look for a better approach, they began to work on it to analyze the connection among various sites and named it as PageRank.


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After a while, Page and Brin altered the name of the search engine with a new name that was BackRub because the system could evaluate backlinks. They changed the search engine to Google after some time, but the name was initially misspelled as ‘googol’.

On September 15, 1997, the domain name was registered as The Google Company was assimilated on September 4, 1998. The location of was in the garage of their friend named Susan Wojcicki. A fellow PhD. Student, Craig Silverstein at Stanford was hired by them as a first employee at the company.

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A co-founder of Sun Microsystems named Andy Bechtolsheim gave an amount of 100,000 dollars as a fund to Google and this was given prior to its incorporation. Three other big investors such as Jeff Bezos, founder, David Cheriton, Stanford University computer professor and Ram Shriram, a businessperson also contributed money to Google.

In October 2002, Google was reincorporated in Delaware. Later, Google transferred it’s headquarter to Mountain View, California and gave the nickname as Googleplex. On August 19, 2004, the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Google took place.

Today the Google works under the company whose name is Alphabet Inc which also runs many other companies such as Verity, X, Waymo, Google Fiber, Calico, GV and various others. Recently, the CEO of Google is Sunder Pichai who was appointed in place of Larry Page after his postulation of the Alphabet CEO position.

The series of products and presented lots of services to the customers caused the swift development of the wide spreading company.

The lightweight operating system known as Google Chrome web browser that leads to the improvement of the Android mobile operating system is also generated by the company.

GOOGLE Revenue 

Year Annual Revenue (Millions of US $)
2021 $239,210
2020 $182,527
2019 $161,857
2018 $136,819
2017 $110,855
2016 $90,272
2015 $74,989
2014 $66,001
2013 $55,519
2012 $46,039
2011 $37,905
2010 $29,321


The areas on which Google generally focus are internet-based services and the goods incomparable on operating systems, search engine platforms, hardware products and online advertising technologies.

In October 2006, Google announced its achievement as acquiring YouTube, a greatest video-sharing site for 1.65 billion dollars.

The ever biggest accomplishment of Google took place on August 15, 2011, after declaring that for an amount of 12.5 million dollars, it will achieve the Motorola Mobility.

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After this achievement, this helps to offer Android freely and to protect Google on flagrant clashes with other companies such as Apple and Microsoft.

Many operating systems such as Google Books, Google Chrome OS, Android mobile operating system, Google TV, Smartwatch and Google Chrome are also achieved by Google. Several hardware products such as Goggle Cardboard, Nexus One, Google Wifi, Pixel smartphones, and many others are also accomplished by Google.

Also, various email services are also attained by Google that are Google News, Google Shopping Express, Google Fiber, Google Wallet, DeepDream, and many others.

Google also comprises billions of web pages that help the users through the use of keywords and operators to easily access the information they want to know.

In the year 2002, Google also published Google News services that help people to catch the best news by summarizing the news articles from various websites.

By the means of advertising that includes the sales of applications Digital content on Google, Purchases made in-app and many others, Google creates most of its income.

After initiating a cloud gaming platform called Stadia, in March 2019, Google entered the video game market.

In April 2020 because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Google published various cost-cutting procedures. In the same year 2020, Google skilled chucked outages that disturbed its services such as in August one was distressing Google Drive, in November one was disturbing YouTube and in December one was upsetting the whole Google applications. Moreover, all of these inconveniences were solved within hours and that was a good thing.

Google Net Worth Year Wise

2021 $51,363
2020 $40,269
2019 $34,343
2018 $30,736
2017 $12,662
2016 $19,478
2015 $15,826
2014 $14,136
2013 $12,733
2012 $10,737
2011 $9,737
2010 $8,505
2009 $6,520
2008 $4,227
2007 $4,204
2006 $3,077
2005 $1,465

Awards and Achievements

The most successful company of the globe, Google takes control of more than 75% of the search engine market. After Apple Company, Google has been named as the second valuable brand on this planet earth. Furthermore, it is also included in the large four technology companies of the world.

Top 5 Google Shareholders

Name Total Shares
Larry Page 40.1 million shares (Type C)
Sergey Brin 38.9 million shares (Type C)
Vanguard Group, Inc. 22.6 million shares (Type C)
BlackRock, Inc. 20 million shares (Type C)
T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. 12.2 million shares (Type C)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the net worth of Google?

A: Google’s total net worth is around $420 Billion.

Q: When Google is Founded?

A: Google is founded on 4 September 1998 in Menlo Park, California, United States

Q: Who are the founders of Google?

A: Larry Page and Sergey Brin

Q: Who is the CEO of Google?

A: Google’s CEO is Sundar Pichai (2 Oct 2015– Till)

Q: How much is the annual income of google?

A: $196,682 Million

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