Roman Abramovich Net Worth

Roman Abramovich Net Worth

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An Israeli-Russian businessman whose net worth is $14.6 billion is a Roman Abramovich. A widely known personality in Israel and Russia, Roman for his involvement in business and politics. In this article, you will know What is Roman Abramovich Net Worth? and how to survive a perfect life?

People mostly know him as the owner of English Premier League Team Chelsea F.C. In Russia who is the tenth-richest person, Roman and also known as the 13th richest person in the world.

Early life and Biography

A person who born on October 24, 1966, is Roman Arkadyevich in Saratov in the Soviet Union. The parents of Roman were transported to Siberia due to part of the Soviet profession.

A Jewish family, Abramovich comes from and that family comes from Lithuania. A Gulag was a place, Roman was also sent by his grandfather.

When he reached the age of four, both parents of the roman died. By selling different things, Roman Abramovich began his destiny as a street trader.

It was the time when the Soviet Union started to fall and to creep in capitalism. The things such as tires and rubber ducks contributed to the early success.

Stand up to fame

An unbelievable degree of money was achieved by Roman Abramovich after he made close connection with a Russian government official. This also additionally took him to propel him in the industry of oil.

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With the Russian oil company Sebneft, Roman achieved most shares in the year 1995. In Russia, Roman also invested greatly in the industry of steel production.

Ownership of Chelsea F.C.:

The year in which Roman achieved Chelsea football club is 2003. As the years passed, Roman has drained millions of millions of money into the club, thus achieving greater players and helping Chelsea get up to unmatched fame in the modern game.

The credit of Chelsea is about $2 billion by 2020. Also, Morgan Freeman and Yash Raj Chopra earn a lot of money from a lot of sources.

Collection of Art:

With the expensive personal art collection, who is to be known is Roman. To various exhibits, Roman is also a sponsor that is open to the public.

A painting whose name is Francis Bacon was purchased by Roman and the cost of that painting is $33.6 million.

Yacht Collection:

Roman Abramovich is also known for his yacht collection. He is also known for the world’s major spender on the yachts and also achieved a deft of vessels whose credit is hundreds of millions of dollars.

Recently, Roman is the owner of Eclipse, that is custom-built yacht whose amount is nearly equal to $400 million.

The only personal-owned yacht in the world was the Eclipse that contains two swimming pools, two landing pads for the helicopter, and a separate able submarine.

Roman also purchased the Pelorus, which is another stunning yacht in the past. This yacht was given to the ex-wife of Roman Abramovich and that is part of the divorce agreement.

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The yacht, Pelorus was sold by her with $300 million cost. Previously, Roman Abramovich has purchased five yachts before Eclipse, this also included the yacht whose name is Luna, and this sold for $360 million.   

Aircraft Collection:

Roman Abramovich has its personal aircraft and the most popular plane is Boeing767-33A/ER which is also called The Bandit.

The plan was specifically modified and designed after taken by Abramovich from Hawaiian Airlines.

In this plane, there is a dining room for 30 persons, and more is that the plane has an advanced and special missile avoidance system, which is used in army aircraft.

Car Collection:

The car collection of Roman Abramovich is stated to be worth more than $11 million. One of the best vehicles of him is a 190 mph Ferrari FFX, which is one of the productions of 29 of these vehicles.

The limited-edition Pagani Zonda Roadster is also owned by him and only 15 of these vehicles were produced.

Another vehicle, Roman ownership involves a Mercedes AMG GT3, Bugatti Veyron and Aston Martin Vulcan.

Similarly, Mike Adenuga and John Lasseter earn money from several sources but a lot of income spends on buying cars. They love the car.

Real Estate:

Roman also has an apparently estate section of worth more than 340 million pounds. There are too many properties that are to list clearly.

One of his major remarkable property that includes four adjoining townhouses located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

He bought the four properties that cost was $74 million. He planned to join all the properties into a single property and the media has called an “Urban Castle”.

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