Ken Block Net Worth

Ken Block Net Worth

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Ken Block is a famous international rally driver, who had the owner of the shoe company. Ken is one of the great founders of American companies.

He makes the shoes for snowboarding and other people’s demands. So we discussed in the article Ken Block Net Worth, earnings, and career life. 

Ken is a professional American Rally driver, and during the time, he drove for the Hoonigan Racing division.

And, also driving for still Ford as a sponsor. The main thing, he feels proud, Ken earns more money and signed many other deals.

So in his career life, Ken does work hard and make more money and titles. We are talking about his professional life and annual income. 

Early Life/Biography

On November 21, 1967, Ken Block was born in Long Beach, California(United States). There have not a lot of information about early life.

Ken does not share his childhood life, with other people. So his family and siblings about information find are complicated to work with. 

When he grew up, then he was interested in dirt biked and his brother was involved in drag racing. Ken spends most of the time with his brother.

They are very interested in sports and also drive together. Yet, 20 richest sports car drivers, won a lot of money from car racing. 

In the beginning, Ken was a student at Orange Glen High school. And when he passed this study, then he went to Palomar College.

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Ken was not interested in school studies, and he wanted to finish, but his parents were happy Ken get reviews in school.

In school, he spends most of the time in the sports stadium and playing many games.

But he was interested in driving, so he wanted to make a professional driver in the world. Carey Hart and Chase Elliot best-racing drivers, which earns money and awards. 

Mother Name Under Review
Father Name Under Review
Siblings Under Review
Martial Status Married
Spouse Lucy Block
Son Name
Jameson Moon Hart
Daughter Name Lia

How Did Carey Hart Become So Famous and How To Make Net worth it?

Ken is an estimated net worth 200 million dollars, who had a professional American rally driver. In his career life, he joins many races and earn money and sometimes get a title. Currently, he joins the Mallan Racing Division. 

Ken Block Net Worth : $ 200 Million USD
Ken is a former rally driver. He does racing with Hoonigan Racing Division, and some people also known as the Monster World Rally Team.

Similarly, it earns money from different sources. Because also, he was the owner of a shoe company and erns money from racing.

Ken is a co-founder of DC Shoes. So his estimated net worth 200 million dollars.

We are talking about his personal life; we mention above his early life detail is fond very difficult.

Jorge Lorenzo is a very famous racer in the world. Ken did marry Tracy Block in 2005. Also, she was a car racing driver; she participates in the races and erns money.

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Ken gives a unique gift to his wife, and he provides the Ford Fiesta E2 car because she was very interested in cars.

There have three kids and his named Chanson, Marley, and Alaina. Tony Stewart faces a poor life but he decides to become the richest man. All the kids are very interested in sports. 

Ken was the purchased many cars because he and his wife interested in racing. So his care named Ford Fiesta, Ford Escort, Ford Mustang, and other more.

Similarly, Nissan cars are very famous in the world. So he joins the races and erns money, also buys the new cars.

What Makes It So Successful?

In 2005, Ken started his career life. Also, he was a successful businessman. Even Ken is a co-owner of the famous DC Shoes brand company.

When he joins the rally school, then he was a DC shoe Marketing executive than his age 35 years old. 


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When he was 40 years old when he decides to go to rally racing and earns money, in 2005, Ken joined the Vermont Sportscar team, and in the group, he wins many races.

In the first season, Ken made a top 5 racing player because in sports his outstanding performance. Similarly, Jason Williams and Aly Raisman are famous American athletes players. 

Ken made a four times American National Rally Champion, who had broken many records and built new documents.

Due to their career achievements, he gets a year award from the Rookie, and Ken was a winner of the Rookie team. In 2006, he signed the sponsor contract with Travis Pastrana.

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The people called Subaru Rally Team USA. in them, he wins the bronze medal because he wins X games.

In 2006, he was the second time to make Rally National Champion, who had gained a silver medal. In the next season, he wins the Rally New Zealand competition. Julian Edelman is a famous and richest athlete player. 

Also, in 2008, Ken received the new sponsor car. This car is uniquely designed and customized for his needs. 

Similarly, in 2013 Ken was included in the top 10 list. Ken wins the race then he decides to make a member of the Spain competition. So he won and made an American professional Rally driver.

Annual Salary Under Review
Earning Point Rally driver
Working in Industry Since 2004
Still Alive Yes

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