Tyler Oakley Net Worth

Tyler Oakley Net Worth

How much does Tyler Oakley have Net Worth?

Net Worth $8 Million
Real Name Tyler Oakley
Date of Birth 22 March 1989
Birth Place Jackson, Michigan, America
Profession Youtuber
Age 32
Height 1.65 m
Country United States of America

Every Celebrity has some specific and some unique things which tell us about their lifestyles. Some of them are discussed here. In this article, you will read about Tyler Oakley Net Worth, Early Life, and Career Life.

He is an American Youtubers who is most famous among the people.

Early Life And Biography

Officially he is well-known for Tyler Oakley. He was born on 22 March 1989 in Jackson, Michigan, America. During his childhood, his parents divorced and they were separated.

Along with his twelve siblings, he faces some difficulties in their lives. Because they got love from a single parent and this is also a great difficulty.

No one can achieve their goals without hard work. Also, Tyler started his work at a very little age when he was in 6th class. At that time he enrolled himself in the choir. Also, he works in drama.

He passed his bachelor’s from Michigan State University. When he got breakup with his old boyfriend, he decided to suicide. So, this was the time that he made a decision to become a Youtuber.

With his one companion who was his school-level friend, both started working and publishing the videos. His friend attended many schools and they experienced it.

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He created his Youtube channel in 2007. And he starts publishing different videos of the best content on the channel. He dill\ivered his first video called “Raindrops”. ANd this video received more than half a million views on Youtube.

From his first day to till today, he has over 683 million views on Youtube videos. And had more than 8 million subscribers.

Awards and Achievements:

  • In 2014, he won the award for himself as a “Trevor Youth Innovator Awards.”
  • In 2015  he won the award from the “Valentini Awards” for himself.
  • In 2016, he won the award for himself from the “OUT Magazine’s Power 50.”
  • In 2017, he won the award for himself from the “Our Web Fest: Vanguard Award.”
  • In 2018 he won the award from the “Streamy Award” for himself.

How did Tyler Oakley Become so Famous and how to Make Net Worth?

Tyler is a person who starts working from his 6th class as working in dramas. From his little age struggle, he decided to become a great person. Later when he passed his graduation level he faced a breakup with his boyfriend.

So after his breakup, he becomes mature and is focused on his career. Along with all the other things he creates his Youtube Channel and starts working on it.

Tyler Oakley Net Worth is $8 Million. All of his wealth which he collects till now is a fruit of his hard work. From his little age struggles, he achieves this milestone. He is still active in the industry and making his wealth.

Also, his work in live shows and as a host in other shows are very gorgeous. Likewise his other works, on channels he delivered his best content of the videos. All these are sources of his income.

What Makes It So Successful?

Tyler starts his career from his 6th class working in drama and choir. He gained some little experience from his work with seniors in dramas.

In 2007, he created his Youtube Channel and he has started publishing videos. His first video which he published on his channel is called “Rainbow.”


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Because of some of the videos, the channel is trending for some videos. Due to his successful channel, he offered for his collaborations. So he collaborates with channel “5Awesome Guys.” After it, he starts making reports of the youngsters’ problems.

Later he has worked in a comedy show. Due to his liking the writing he writes essays under the name “Binge.”

After getting success in his other works, he hosted several shows. Also, he arrived at national TV shows to collect his wealth from them. Along with these works, he has also worked in live shows and appears here.

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When he starts his career, he works with one of the school friends. And they both of the friends work hard to get fame and to grow their channel. So, they chose good video ideas and content.

Due to his best content of the videos he has got 683 million views on his Youtube videos till now. And the channel is growing day by day and has over 8 million subscribers.

As a young boy, he starts working and struggles with dramas. Later from his channel, he collects various positive reviews and followers.

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