Mimi Faust Net Worth 2024

Mimi Faust Net Worth

How Much Is Mimi Faust’s Net Worth Now?

Net Worth $02 million
Salary $20 Thousand per Episode
Born January 03, 1972
Age 49
Occupation Author, businesswoman, TV personality
Nationality American
Partner Stevie J (1997-2012)

Tamera Young (2016-2020)

Children 1
Education N/A
Parents N/A

Mimi Faust is a reality television star who gained widespread recognition through her appearance on the hit VH1 series “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

Her presence on the show has made her a household name, with her personal and professional life becoming a focal point for many fans of the series.

This article takes a closer look at Mimi Faust’s net worth, exploring the financial implications of her reality TV fame, her entrepreneurial ventures, and her influence within the entertainment industry.

As we delve into Faust’s journey from her early beginnings to becoming a mainstay on one of reality TV’s most popular franchises, we’ll examine the various income streams that have contributed to her wealth.

Her story is one of resilience and adaptability, showcasing how a charismatic personality can translate into a successful brand and a profitable career in the limelight.

Join us as we explore the details of Mimi Faust’s net worth, where the glitz and drama of reality television blend with savvy business moves and personal branding efforts to create a multifaceted financial portfolio.


She is best known for her role in VH1’s reality TV show ” Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”. The reason behind her getting this role was her friendship with producer Stevie J. At that time Stevie J was one of the most famous Hip Hop producers. He had worked with many popular of that time.

Early Life and Biography

Oluremi Fela James, now professionally known as Mimi Faust was born on January 03, 1972, in Newport News, Virginia. She spent her early childhood with her brother and sister in an African-dominated culture in Atlanta.

When she was just 8, her mother committed her life to a church. Her mother took her away from her home and family to practice Scientology. But she refused to adhere to her mother’s commitment. As a result at the age of 13, she was expelled from the church.

Now she had to earn her living on her own. She asked some of her friends for help. In this way, she ultimately finished school. She came back to her family to live with her sister and brother.

There she got to know that she and her siblings don’t share the same biological father. This instigated her to find her real father. Her father Lawrence Faust was an artist from New York.

Mimi established a relationship with her father. Her father died in 2014. By the time she had come to know that she has eight other siblings.


She started her career by appearing in music videos of several well-known artists. Her early appearances include ‘ Its Gonna Rain’ featuring Kelley Price and ‘ Frontin’ featuring Jay-Z.

In addition to this, she also established her own business. She is the founder of Keep It Clean, Inc. a company located in the Stone Mountain neighborhood of Atlanta. The company operates in providing cleaning and interior designing services.

Mainstream Success

After doing miscellaneous jobs for some time ultimately her prime time arrived. Her relationship with famous producer Stevie J benefitted her in this regard. She was included in the cast of VH1’s ” Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” in 2012.

This show proved her identity in the entertainment industry. As a result of all these ventures, she has accumulated a handsome net worth. Mimi Faust’s net worth is about $2 million. Her salary per episode is about $20 thousand.


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Scandal In Atlanta

In 2014, a sex tape was released by Vivid entertainment. It was named Scandal In Atlanta, featuring Mimi Faust and Nikko London. Nikko was her boyfriend at that time.

The sex tape became one of the most popular releases of Vivid entertainment. It was nominated for the AVN Award for Best Celebrity Sex Tape in 2015.

Although she got angry about the release of the tape and said that it was stolen. But she earned about $30,000 from the tape. Later she admitted that the sex tape was staged.

Personal Life

Mimi Faust is a self-made personality who has gone from zero to hero. She had a relationship with famous producer Stevie J. Her association with Stevie helped him to restore his career and finances when he was in a bad condition. Despite her loyalty, Stevie presumably betrayed her.

Ultimately they got separated. Mimi had a daughter Eva Giselle from this marriage. In 2017, she openly described her childhood incident. She described how she was abandoned by her mother and how she spent her childhood then.

Despite all these, Mimi Faust is considered a prominent personality in the U.S entertainment industry. Currently, she is in a relationship with Tamera Young.

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