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Mike Murdock Net Worth

Mike Murdock NET WORTH-Recovered

How much does Mike Murdock have Net Worth?

Net Worth: $8 million
Real Name: Mike Dean Murdock
Age: 75 years old
Date of Birth: April 18, 1946
Place of Birth: Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States
Height: 1.79 m
Weight: 72 kg
Name of Wife: Linda Lormand
Occupation: Songwriter, priest, singer, and author
Star Name: Mike Murdock

A very famous, popular, and modern songwriter, a pastor, singer, and also an author is Mike Murdock who is too much honored and admired due to his work in the United States. Millions of people like him and praise the songs which are sung by this personality. As of 2022, Mike Murdock Net Worth is $8 Million USD.

However, because of his great talent and skill of singing very beautiful songs and also writing songs, many TV programs invite him to their channels especially as a host of a television program named School of Wisdom, his reputation and credibility increase too much.

Moreover, all over the world, this very great idol spreads his knowledge of intelligence and sagacity to the people because he is a very excellent negotiator and spokesperson.

Due to his great luck, he gains a lot of wealth and fame by the knowledge he is spreading all over the world.  In a very obscure way, he spreads prosperity and sagacity to people and society due to which he becomes a very interesting and admirable person.

The full name of this great man is Mike Dean Murdock. Because of a pastor, he is known and acknowledged internationally. On many religious networks of television, he has appeared them.

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Early Life and Biography 

The birth of this great star and singer took place on April 18, 1946, in the city of Louisiana which is located in the United States of America also he has a nationality of America.

At the time of his birth, he got the name of Michael Dean Murdock and it was a real name. The name of his father was J.E. Murdock and his mother was Willie Murdock. The siblings of this amazing man were only four daughters that were brought up and born in the same place Louisiana.

From the LaGrange High School, Mike Murdock completed his graduation degree and then he traveled for higher education to the Southern Assemblies of God University from where he didn’t get the higher education degree because he left his studies in the middle of just 3rd semester due to some reason.

After a few years, he obtained his degree of a doctorate from International Seminary. Until now Mike Murdock is 75 years old and his height is almost 1.79 meters and his weight is about 72 kg.

Although the personal life of Mike Murdock was very secretive and private. In the year 1966 Mike Murdock met a very beautiful girl named Linda Lormand also, he married her in the same year.

This beautiful couple did not have any offspring rather they adopted a son whose name was Jason in the year 1979. Moreover, after passing thirteen years of their holy marriage they have officially divorced in 1979 and that was the same year in which they had adopted a son.

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How did Mike Murdock become so famous and how to make Net Worth it?

Due to having great talent and skill of singing, writing songs, and writing books, he has a connection with the American Society of composers, Authors, and Publishers. As a whole, more than 75 songs were recorded to register by him.

The year in which Mike Murdock individually published his association of preaching named Mike Murdock Evangelistic Association was 1973.


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All over the world with the help of this association, he began to supply and expand his knowledge of wisdom through his preaching and sermonizings.

Moreover, Mike Murdock also started to distribute ped share charity for supporting his association all over the world. The club at which Mike Murdock served as a priest was named The PTL club in the year 1989 and this club was astonishingly and wonderfully standing for Praise the Lord. This club was being stopped due to failure and bankruptcy.

The organization which was owned by him individually was “2013 Whitebridge Rd.” in the year 2013. The television channels by which this popular and fantastic singer was invited were INCP, CBN, TBN, BET, WORD, and many other transmitting networks for many years.

On these channels, he participated in his active role with his weekly program of preaching to people all over the globe. After only a few years Mike Murdock became the most trusted person of the Board of International Charismatic Ministries.

However, in addition to all these skills, he has also expressed his great talent and ability to write books on the topic of preaching wisdom.

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The books which are published by him are “The Uncommon Leader, The Leadership Secrets of Jesus, The Law of Recognition and the Secrets of the Richest Man Who Ever Lived.”

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