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Joji Net Worth

Joji Net Worth
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Are you interested to read about Joji Net Worth, career life, and source of income?. He was conveyed on September 18, 1992. Joji started in the early 2000s. On the other side Joji, he is well-known for his other online nicknames Pink Guy and Filthy Frank. Music is something that Joji had forever imagined doing, considering he was a juvenile. Still, before he commenced his Youtube channels, he was yet into music. And he built Youtube flows to raise his music.

Joji Early Life and Biography

Joji is the scaffold surname of George Kusunoki Miller. He is a Japanese composer, author, artist, vocalist, and Internet Personality. 

After his success, he was known among the people with these nicknames. And people were like him too much and called him these names. Also, Jhene Aiko achieves a lot of success in career life. 

Joji has two parts in his nature as he is half Japanese and half is Australian. At the age of 18, he fled Japan and later took his Graduation level in 2012 in the USA.

For the initial point, he donated time performing songs among compatriots as a random art. He started his music profession with the nickname of Pink Guy.

He has released many music albums till now. And makes thousands of dollars from them.

How did Joji become so famous and how to make net worth?

He inaugurated his profession as an influential entertainer, and later, he inserted himself into a social signs actor. And in this situation, he does his two youtube channels also. Youtube channel names are “Dizasta Music,” “Too Damn Filthy,” and “TV Filthy Frank.”

How he makes net worth in his Life?
In later 2017, he declared his resignation from all social media pulpits and Youtube also. He claims that now he will converge on his music career. After this statement, he has issued three harmony records. These collections of Joji had dressed a much upper-level resolution. And his Net Worth is almost $9 Million.

Presently Joji is a musician focusing on freeing his lyrics. Aside from his Commercially victory melody, the entertainer and a musician matured rich from his Online appearance.

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What makes it so successful?

Miller can compose music too enough great. Also, he writes and thinks about music from his initial period. And he was imagined himself as a great musician. Now he clears all the points and makes himself a great musician.

Joji forever had a concupiscence for musicology, too, ere his Youtube profession commenced.


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In 2016 & 2017, he colluded with diverse musicians before-mentioned as Shamana, The Higher Brothers. In November 2017, Joji acquitted his prime workshop collections “In Tongues.”

Also, In the same year, 2017, he discharged his première single titled “Will He.” Which received tawny certification by the RIAA Gratitude, to which he obtained a scarce above $1.500. Corey Taylor and Billy Joel earn money from career life. 

The elongated Play had economic progress that towered. In graphs in America, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. The ensuing year, he hired documentation to apportion with the description “88 rising.”

In 2018, he cleared his presentation workshop collection named UK & US, from which the aspiring soloist got approximately $100.000 in its entirety.

Preeminent, Joji enhanced popularity from his looks online. And on both his additional Youtube channels. Joji also got universal popularity for his supplement to the broadly triumphant “Harlem Shake” dance.

His threefold Youtube Channels are securing him prosper, and he makes a Net Worth of $9 Million.

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