Jimmie Allen Net Worth

Jimmie Allen Net Worth

How much does Jimmie Allen have Net Worth?

Net Worth $1.5 Million
Real Name Jimmie Allen
Date of Birth June 18, 1986
Birth Place Delaware, USA
Profession Singer/Songwriter
Age 43
Height N/A
Country United States of America

The great American singer and songwriter are much famous among the people due to his unique styles of music. In this article, you will read about Jimmie Allen Net Worth, Early Life, and Career Life.

He has got his fame from his best singles like “Best Shot” and “Make Me Want To.” Along with these video songs he has some more famous songs which make him famous.

Early Life And Biography

Officially a well-known American singer was born as James Edward Allen on June 18, 1986, in Milton, Delaware, America.

Jame has grown in Milton. And in his early life, he lived in Delaware. But after some time they were moved to Nashville, Tennessee.

In 2007, James transformed his living things to Nashville. The starting years of his life, when they shifted to Nashville was a very tough time for him.

In a very tough time, he has used to live without his car and without money. So he has lived in those situations of life which he never thought about.

When he was in his teenage, he liked country music. And he starts making his interest in it.

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After some time, he decided to take a part in the American Got Talent. But sadly he can’t pass the auditions round.

When he faces failure in his life in the American Got Talent, so he decided to focus on polishing his skills more and more.

Later, he has liked the American Idol season 10, and he was dropped out due to lack of voting.

But after some time, he decided to take a tour with American Idol winner Scotty McCreery. So they toured together and Jimmie became famous among the people. Because he performed with the American Idol winner and he succeeded in his life’s goal.

How did Robert Wolf Become So Famous and how to Make Net Worth?

Jimmie Allen has tried much to achieve his goals in his life. But he faced failure every time.

He put himself in competitions like American Idol and American’s Got Talent. But in both of the competitions, he has faced failure.

Jimmie Allen is an American singer who has taken part in several competitions. And in some of them, he has faced failure. But later he has decided to perform with the other superstars.

And this decision was very helpful to him. Jimmie Allen Net Worth is $1.5 Million. His singles and album are very helpful to him in collecting his wealth.

Later in 2016, he toured with the American Idol winner named Scotty McCreery. By touring with this legendary singer he got his fame and made himself popular among the people.

As by performing with the other singer and with the best record labels, he got his fame. Jimmie Allen Net Worth is $1.5 Million. He is still active in the industry and will increase his wealth this passage of time.

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Also, Rihanna and Psy earn a lot of money from their Singing careers and become the richest singers in the world.

What Makes It So Successful?

Jimmie Allen tries his best to make himself famous among the people. But sadly he faced failure in his early life period.

He tries to take part in the competition American’s Got Talent and American’s Idol. But he cannot win them and dropped out earlier.


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Later he decided to focus on his skills and make himself better than in the past. And he got a chance to tour with the American Idol winner Scotty McCreery. And they both performed in several places and in this regard, Allen got his fame.

After various tries in 2016, he has signed an agreement with Wide Open Music. 

Later in 2017, he signed an agreement with Broken Bow Records. With working with this recording label he has got his fame and released several items.

On October 12, 2018, he released his first Album called “Mercury Lane.” This album was released out under the label called “Stoney Creek.”

Singles List:

In 2018, he released his single named “Best Shot.” This single sold more than 1,46,000 copies in just the US.

Later in the next year, he released another single titled “Make Me Want To.” This single was sold out more than 36,000 copies in just the US.

After a year later in 2020, he has delivered another single called “This Is Us.” Following in 2021, he has published another great single called “Freedom was a Highway.”

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These are his recordings and many more projects and in the pipeline.


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