Simone Bent: Troy Garity, Career & Net Worth

Simone Bent

Simone Bent is a well-known actress and starred in some of the best films. The actress is married to Troy Garity, one of the most celebrated actors in Hollywood. 

Simone is mostly known for her supporting role in a few movies. However, her fame took a rise after she got married to actor Troy Garity in 2007.

The actress is also an active treasurer of Homies Foundation, a gang violence prevention group in Los Angeles owned by her husband, Troy Garity.

Full Name:Simone Bent
Birth Date:1970
Age:52 years old
Birth Place:USA
Father’s Name:Boswell Bent
Mother’s Name:Dee L. Bent
Marital Status:Married
Husband:Troy Garity
Height:5 feet 7 inches
Weight:60-74 kg
Eye Color:Dark Brown
Hair Color:Dark-Brown
Profession:Activist, Actress
Body Measurements:Unknown
Net Worth:$200 million

Simone Bent’s Early Life

Simone Bent is an actress and wife of Troy Garity, who was born in 1970 in the United States and raised in a very privileged family.

She is the daughter of Boswell Bent, a lawyer, and Dee L. Bent, a banker, and community organizer.

Simone has an illustrious education, including a high school diploma from her hometown.

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From a very early age, Simone dreamed of becoming an actress and passionately pursued her ambition. Her early inspirations came from the movie Grease and its musical soundtrack. 

Simone pursued her acting career and achieved some notable success.

Personal Life of Simone Bent

Simone Bent is one fascinating woman. She is married to actor Troy Garity.

simone bent husband
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Simone was born in the USA to a family of African origin and has lived in America all her life.

She is a great fan of movies and loves Grease and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, two of Troy Garity’s favorite movies.

Simone is also a philanthropist and a social rights fighter. She fights for people’s basic rights, donates to different charities, and is equally active in ensuring that no person is being deprived of any human rights.

Simone Bent and Troy Garity met in 2004 while working on a movie together. They started dating a couple of years later and got engaged in 2006. The two tied the knot at Columbia University’s St Paul’s Chapel on August 27, 2007. Almost five hundred people attended their wedding.

Get to Know Troy Garity

Simone Bent’s husband, Troy O’Donovan Garity, is an actor who was born in Los Angeles, California, on July 7, 1973.

Troy is the son of Tom Hayden, a politician, and activist, and Jane Fonda, an actress and director. He is the only biological child of his parents. Still, He has a half-sister Vanessa Vadim from his mother’s first marriage, and an adoptive sister Marry Williams, who is now an activist.

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Troy has been involved in the arts since he was a young child. He attended the Laurel Springs Camp for the Arts in Santa Barbara and later trained in acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City. 

troy garity
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Troy made his debut in 1996 as a Bartender in the television movie “The Cherokee Kid.” Since then, he has appeared in more than 45 film and TV titles.

Troy is well-known in Hollywood for his outstanding acting abilities. His 2003 film Soldier’s Girl is believed to be his best work to date.

When Troy was just a baby, his parents cast him in their own film, Introduction to the Enemy.

Eight years later, he had a brief role in On Golden Pond, and after that, he continued his acting career at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City.

troy garity movie
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In 2009, he appeared in several films, including My One and Only One, A Day in the Life, Kerosene Cowboys, and Hawaii Five-0.

2016 saw him appearing in Barbershop: The Next Cut, and in 2017 he had a recurring role in four episodes of the TV show Shooter.

Aside from Homies Unidos, Troy is also the founder of the Peace Process Network, an international gang violence prevention coalition.

The Career of Simone Bent

Simone Bent is an American actress, community organizer, and treasurer in her husband’s foundation.

She has not been in the lead role in any movies for many years. However, she has been successful in other areas of her career.

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For instance, she debuted in the film industry in 1994. However, she only got the part of supporting roles for many years.

She decided to end her acting career when she got married to Troy Garity in 2007.

After her marriage, she started to work as treasurer in her husband’s gang combating group that prevents normal citizens in Los Angeles from being bullied by the local gangs.

Simone is an actress, but little is known about her career.

In 2018, she received special thanks in the credits of Jane Fonda in Five Acts and a special award for her documentary film Jane Fonda in Five Acts.

Jane Fonda is also Simone’s mother-in-law – an actress, former fashion model, fitness coach, and political activist. 

Simone Bent is a successful wife and community organizer who has accomplished a lot in her career and her personal life.

Simone Bent’s Net Worth

Simone Bent has earned a lot of money from her various professions. She has saved a lot of money as well. 

Moreover, working as treasurer in her husband’s foundation also makes her some money. Her husband’s net worth is $200 million. 

Simone has not revealed her salary. Neither has she said anything about her lifestyle. However, one can assume that it’s a luxurious lifestyle as she and her husband live lavish lives.

FAQs: Simone Bent

When did Troy Garity and Simone Bent married?

Simone Bent and Troy Garity got engaged in 2006. The couple got married on August 27, 2007.

What does Simone Bent do?

Simone Bent is an actress featured in several films, primarily supporting roles. Today, she stepped away from the entertainment industry and has served as a treasurer in her husband’s foundation.

Do Troy Garity and Simone Bent have children?

Simone Bent and Troy Garity have been married since 2007. However, the two still don’t have any children.

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