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Lamont Bentley Net Worth

How much does Lamont Bentley have Net Worth?

Net Worth: $30 Million
Real Name: Artimus Lamont Gardison Bentley
Date of Birth: October 25, 1973
Birth Place: Wisconsin
Profession: Actor/Rapper
Age: 47
Height: 1.78 m
Country: United States of America

Lamont Bentley is a character alike numerous great actors and rappers operating tough for the imminent prospect. This article will be about Lamont Bentley Net Worth, Early Life, and Career Life. As of 2022, Lamont Bentley Net Worth is $30 Million USD.

A great superstar has been introduced among the people as a TV celebrity. But in her childhood, he was introduced to hunting by both of her parents.

Early Life And Biography

Officially a well-known American Actor and Rapper was born Artimus Lamont Garrison Bentley on July 17, 1984, in America.

Lamont is a great American actor who has worked in films and also in the rapping industry.

In his childhood, he wished to be a grand singer. So he made this his goal of life and he works to improve his all the skills about singing.

Later some time he took a chance and enters the music industry.

When he was a student, that he was dropped out from his school. So after it, he has worked in theaters and done some odd jobs.

With his job in theater, he did some other jobs like grocery stores, fish markets, etc. Also, he was on the waiting list for his successful and he did some more jobs take a huge break.

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So later he got some of the acting jobs in the films to act some of the roles.

His all the work shows his great ideas about his field. The astonishing rapper raps those songs which make it more influential among the people.

In 1995, he acts in a movie named that Tales from the Hood. This was a horror movie. But this film was attained and made some great records.

So working in this exceptional film was a very well experience for Lamont. Later he again takes part in the film named Wash in 2001. Also, this was a grand film that gains vast popularity among the people.

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Lamont starts his work in the industry in 1986. Because as a child star he starts his work in a film called 1989. And this was a period that made him more famous and popular among the people.

His work in the film was recognized by the people. Also, he has worked as a rapper. From his childhood, he wished to be a rapper, but later he acts in films.

Lamont Bentley worked in the film industry from 1986. And later he has worked in 1989 as a child star.

Also, he has gained fame from the movies named Tales from the Hood and The Wash. These were the films that made him a great man.

Lamont Bentley Net Worth is $30 Million. He is a person who has worked hard in the industry and collects all the wealth.

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To achieve all the goals of life he has done some difficult jobs. And from them, he is comprised with himself and runs hard.

He is still working for more success in the relevant field. And will improve the income over time.

What Makes It So Successful?

Lamont Bentley dropped out fro his school. Later he runs for the job and he got some of them. After it, he waited for a long time to make himself famous among the people by his acting.

In 1986, he begins his career in the acting industry as a child star. So this was the best era that he has made himself something for his future.

From his little, he liked music and wished to be a musician. But along with it, he runs in the acting industry.

Film List:

In 1989, he begins his film career as a child star. Later he has worked in the film  Gabriel’s Fire in 1990. These were the films that made him famous in the industry. So after them, he made more huge projects with the other producers.

In 1991, he runs for the movie Equal Justice. And in 1994, he acts in a film called South Central.

Also, in 1995, he worked in the movie Family Matters. After it, he acts in the film Tales from the Hood in 1995. And this was an excellent flick for him that made him more famous among the people.

Later in 1996, he performs in the movie The Client. And in 1997 he acts in the movie The Sentinels.

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After it, he exploits in a flick called The Breaks in 1999. So in 2001, a great film was acted by the superstar named Wash. And in 2004, he performs in the film Shards.


Lamont Bentley died in a car accident on January 19, 2005. At midnight, he was driving lonely and he faced a horrible accident.

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