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Hopsin Net Worth

Hopsin Net Worth

How much does Hopsin worth?

Net Worth: $4 Million
Born: July 18, 1985.
Full Name: Marcus Jamal Hopson
Birth Place: Panorama City, Los Angeles, California, United States
Eucation : James Monroe High School
Labels: Undercover Prodigy,300 Entertainment,Warner Bros.,Funk Volume
Occupation Rapper,Record producer,Director and Actor

Marcus Jamal Hopson had a net worth as Hopsin which is his stage name. Born on 18 July 1985 in Panorama City, Los Angeles, California, United States.

A big name of the music industry a rapper, record producer even a director and actor. Work way hard that leads to great success that fulfills his dreams and he achieved his goals.

Even drop out from James Monroe High school in 2004 for the music career. This boy got the start of his career in 2007 when he was signed to Ruthless Records. With great efforts, he was able to found his record label “Funk Volume” in 2009.

He usually starts rapping at the age of sixteen and turn into its passion in 2003, which made Hopsin net worth huge he made his self-record like Emurge.

Hopsin Net Worth 2022 As Rapper

Hospin Net Worth: $4 Million US
His Net Worth was $4 million in May 2022. Hopsin dreams were coming to real life because of his fantastic rap voice. In 2016 he releases five studio albums gazing at the moonlight through Ruthless records.

Raw, Knock madness, Pound syndrome along with project Haywire with SwizZz through Funk volume and No Shame. He better knew in the audience as wearing white lenses and skateboarding guy in his music videos, performance and interviews.

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His idol is Eminem, the king of the rap industry. He got inspired by him. As we know Hopsin start his career in Ruthless Record which has a gross of $8 million. In Funk Volume 4 project were under him.

Famous Albums

Hopsin net worth and he receives a massive boost up to his career from both these records. In 2010 song sing “Sag My Pants” in album “Raw” he got 45 million views, which sold more than 500,000 copies.

The fifth installment of his “ill Mind of Hopsin “video series has 76.5 million views. These two record gave him away push to lead his career further and to touch the limits of the sky. With this, He was way determine to lead his career further and release more albums.

On July 1, 2014, Hopsin posted a picture that he is releasing “III Mind of Hopsin 7.”.On July 18n,2014 he stated that he is going to realize that.after the release of “III Mind of Hopsin 7.” Within 24 hours, it hits 1 million views on Youtube.

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How Rich As An Actor?

He is an actor also and earn quite a good worth. Also, he appeared on a show like Malcolm in the middle. He also cast in “Fatty B” in a 2015 episode of the TNT drama series Murder in the First.

Also performed a strong role in musical drama film fare (2009). He carpeted as “Face.” In independent musical film Bomb the World (2010). His film credit also includes  Max Keeble’s Big Movie(2001).

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