China Mac Net Worth

China Mac Net Worth

How much does China Mac have Net Worth?

Net worth: $2 Million
Real name: Raymond Yu
Date of birth: July 12, 1982
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York
Profession: Rapper
Age: 39 years old
Country: America

China Mac is a very famous person in America. This person is well known for his criminal activities. He was a very famous rapper and also known for games. He is a multi-talented man who works in different fields. Even, he is also most popular in Hip hop music. As of 2022, China Mac’s Net Worth is $2 Million USD.

Many people hear about his amazing boy when he wrote a psalm against Police Brutality. The name of the anthem is Buck a Cop makes him very popular in America. In this, he collaborated with many popular personalities like Dave East and Jadakiss.

Red money record was created by Mac and in this creation, his friend help him. In his childhood, he started rapping in the streets and he became very popular in that streets. Later, he joins a gang in his born city. The gang name is GHOST SHADOWS gang and he join this gang when he was 12 years old.

In this article, we write all the information about his personal life, biography, height, weight, career, and we also write many interesting facts about his life and wrote about China Mac’s net worth. We write all the information about his life. It is time to write about his lifestyle.

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Early life and biography:

China Mac was born on July 12, 1982, in the city of New York, Brooklyn. When he was born his father was not happy and in his whole life his father never loved him. His mother gives him the beautiful name Raymond Yu.

When he want to join china gang but his father was not happy about this. The father of Mac goes away from his life. Then his mother plays both roles as a mother and as a father. He love his mother very much even he said I love you to his mother on Valentine’s Day.

Height 1.77 m
Weight 82 kg
Age 39 years old
Eye color Black
Hair color Black

In the GHOST SHADOWS gang, he loves a girl but the girl doesn’t love him so he involves in many criminal activities. After this, he becomes more famous in his city for criminal activities. Police arrested him and sand him to the big jail of their city,

He was released in the year of 2003. After this, he was also involved in a shooting at a Night Club with MC Jin. Later, he was also involved in many activities after nineteen years of that shooting at a night. His friend destroys his life in criminal activities.

Then, he started his career in the rapping industry. In this industry, he faced many problems with confidence and patience.

Place of birth Brooklyn, New York
School N/A
Collage N/A
University N/A


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What makes him so famous?

In 2020, he create his record and the name of the record is Spanish / Chinese record with the help of his friend Tali Goya. After this, he collaborated with many rappers. Later, his net worth increase day by day as he becomes more famous. Then he decided to marry a very beautiful girl Lavish in 2019.

Later he collaborated with many famous persons in New York and this makes him more popular in the whole country. This charming boy doesn’t have any awards but soon it is possible that this charming personality won a few awards for his new albums.

Now, we write China Mac’s net worth and about his YouTube income per month and also tell you his interest in shopping or saving. How much money he spends in a month and write about his source of income and his total net worth.

Earning and saving

The China Mac net worth is about $ 2 million. In 2022, he save his half income and spend than on criminal activities like gun dealing and many others and the half income he spends with his mother on shopping and other needs.

Earning $ 2 million
Earning point Rapping industry
Working industry Since 2016
Still active Yes

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