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Reekado Banks Net Worth

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How much is Reekado Banks net worth? How much does he earn now?

Net Worth $600 Thousand
Real Name Solomon Ayoleyi Hanniel
Date of Birth 06 December 1993
Birth Place Lagos, Nigeria
Profession Musician/Singer/Songwriter
Age 27
Height 1.75 m
Country Nigeria

Modern personalities are very widespread now. Their genders and features also nourish them to get a place in the populace. In this article, you will read about Reekado Banks Net Worth, Early Life, and Career Life.

Reekado Banks is a well-known musician from Nigeria. He is critically admired for being a piece of the great music society. The great superstar is much popular among the people across the borders.

Early Life And Biography

Reekado Banks was born Solomon Ayoleyi Hanniel on 06 December 1993 in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a famous author, singer, composer, and musician.

As a young super, he liked to sing and listen to musicology. His family also belongs to the music industry. So his character also belongs to a great industry. In this regard, he took help from other family members.

With the support of others, he starts his recording of the songs at only 14. In the recording of this recording, his elder brother helped him a lot. His elder brother is also a great music producer.

So his brother has urged him to this field. And he is a supporter of Reekado Banks. Also, he has played a role in his musical career. His elder brother helped the Reekado Banks in penned the poems and raping the songs well.

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He completed his graduation degree from Lagos, University. 

How Much is Reekado Banks Net Worth?

Reekado Banks starts his musical career with the impulse of his brother. Who urges him to this field and he enters here. Now he is a great singer in Nigeria. And he has a great community of fans who like him.

All of his fans are liked him very much and they all want many more great recordings from Reekado Banks.

How Reekado Banks makes Net Worth in his life? : $600 Thousand USD
Reekado Banks starts his musical career in a very little age. Because his brother was a great song producer, so he urged him to take a step into this field.

Later, he recorded his first song under the label of his own brother. Then on the behalf of his this recording, he invited in many other hue stages to perform. And so on he is active and still performing.

Polo G and Travis Scott become the most Richest Musicians in the world. Reekado Banks Net Worth is $600 Thousand. And this is a much greater income for him. Because as a great singer in a very little age. And we are expecting that he will increase his income more and more with the passage of time.

How Much has Reekado Banks Earned from Career Life?

Reekado Banks starts his work in the industry with the help of his brother. His brother has recognized his talent in his childhood. So e starts to motivate him for this field. Because he knew that this is a field that will change his life completely and he will become rich ad popular.

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His brother is a wise person who knew all the possibilities of the musical industry. So, he took his brother Reekado Banks here. Now Reekado Banks is recognized by people all over the world. He has also a great community of followers.


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Reekado Banks records his very first album under the care of his elder brother. Who motivates him for this field because he knew his talent fully. So Reekado Banks starts his musical career officially.

When Reekado Banks recorded his first song, so his brother was sent out the recording to Mavin Records. Also, his brother was sent his recording cassette to the competitions. In this regard, he received more than 5000 requests. And he has chosen recordings from great recording labels.

Later, his brother was taking meetings with some recording labels and he confirms the policies with them without telling to Reekado. So he confirmed and cleared the policies with Marvin Records. After it, he records some of his initial songs with this great label company.

Album List:

Reekado Banks published his first collection of the songs named “Turn It Up Tiwa Ti.” After this successful release, he decided to release out one more recording called “Chop Am.” And this is much better and more valuable among the people.

When these albums released in African, so in regards, Reekado Banks took a great community of fans.

Later in 2015, he released his collection called “Katapot.” In 2016, he has released another album titled “Spotlight.” These are huge hit albums from a young superstar.

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Single List:

In 2014, he has released his single called “Turn It Up.” These are the best singles from Reekado Banks. Also, he has released also new single in 2014 “Dorobucci.”

Later, in 2014 he has released another single called “Adaobi.” After this great hit, he did not stop his work and starts singing continuously. So he released his new singles called “Chop Am.”

In the same year in 2014, he has released his single called “Arise.” And with it, he releases done more his single called “Looku Looku.”

Later in 2015, he has released his singles called “Katapot”, “Corner”, “Sugar Baby”, “Tomorrow.” These are his moos popular hits of 2015. After it, in 2016, he has released his singles called is “Oluwa Ni”, “Standard.”

So in 2017, he has released his singles named are “Easy”, “kiss Me”, “Like.” Succeeding in 2018, he has released another single collection called “Pull Up”, “Bio Bio”, “Blessings on Me.”

Later in 2019, he has published his singles “Yawa”, “Maria”, “Rora”, “In Put In Pressure.” After it, in 2020, he has delivered his singles collection titled “You Dey Mad”, “Speak To Me”, “Need More,” and “Happy Yourself.”

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