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King Louie

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Do you know about King Louie? What is an estimated idea about King Louie net worth? In this article, we are going to answer these questions. He is an American Rapper. Due to his brilliant qualities, Chicago hip-hop scene was made more famous.

king attended Hyde Par Academy High School and after that, he graduated. After graduation, he decided to make his career as a rapper. So due to his passion for this profession, he excelled in his profession as a rapper.

Early Life and Biography

The full name of King Louie is Louis King Johnson Jr., who was born on December 27, 1987, in the part of Chicago called the Eastside.

Due to some conditions, his family moved a lot but they always stayed near this are. His mother was addicted to drugs and due to all these conditions, he had a very rough and dull childhood.

Due to some rough conditions and situations in his life, he struggled very hard in his life and decided to start his career as a Rapper.

He also attended Hyde Park Academy High School and after graduation, he decided to excel in the career as a rapper.

There is one daughter who is eight years old and her name is not known. There is also not any hint of the name of his mother and he decided not to talk about his family.

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He says that nobody is privy to his secret information about his life.

There is a rumour that King is in a relationship, but there is not an exact name of his beloved.

Career Development and Achievements

There is no doubt that King had a very rough childhood. After graduating, he tried to record his tapes and went to buses and other events to give his tapes.

He wanted to have listened. The first mix-tape that he released is famous by the name of “Boss Shit”.


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The second mix-tape was on the scene after 2 years of the first publication. Its name was “Cloud 9”. During this age, he was trying to be a famous rapper and wanted to get back all the money that he had spent in the back few days.

There was an injury in his life and he ended-up all. He had the injuries of broken legs and many other heavy injuries.

The was a stay of a few months in the hospital and he used to get the support of the ‘life support machine’. After these injuries, he never loses hope and decided to walk. After this decision, he became very strong.

When King was in the hospital then he thought that only music is a way to get him out of this trouble.

After some days, when he regained his health then he decided to make the songs and started to share the songs on YouTube.

After making the YouTube channel, he became very prominent in life and was appreciated by mostly fans. There was a signed deal between King and Epic Records whose headquarters are in Los Angeles.

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How did King become so famous and how to make net worth?

There is no doubt that the hard work of he made his net worth a large sum. There is an estimated idea about King Louie net worth of around $2.5 million, as of 2022.

Although he had faced various injuries and hardships all these hardships made him a stronger man in life.

He became very famous on his death bed. Due to all these qualities, he became very famous on YouTube and was much appreciated by his fans on YouTube.

What makes it so successful?

Louie is very famous and in 2012 he was named the hottest and most influential hip-hop artist in Chicago by Spin Magzine.

He turned towards music when he met with a local female rapper who impressed him very much. During the high school years, they used to rap together.

There are some rumours that he dated that female rapper, but none is true. Besides injuries and hardships of life, he as also shot in the head in 2015, but he survived.

There is a rumour that he is a part of a gang of Criminal Disciples, but he never spoke about it.

There was a car accident in his life that affected his teeth. He had to fix his teeth when he signed with Epic Records.

There is also rumour that ing tried to rape the woman and to make her videos. But there was nothing of its kind after the trials. King Louie is a passionate fan of Drake and often talks about him.

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Annual Salary $1,489,065
Earning Point Rapping, Acting, Singing
Working in Industry Since 2012
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