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Chino Moreno Net Worth

Chino Moreno Net Worth

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In this article, you will read about Chino Moreno Net Worth, early life, and Career Life. Chino Moreno is a famous author, singer, and musician from United Status. He is a part of the group Team Sleep.

Early Life And Biography

Chino Moreno is born Camilo Wong Moreno on June 20, 1973, in California, America. He is mna of 43, who gained his popularity among the people after his great successful release of albums.

His father is a Mexican person and his mother is belongs to both Chinese and Spanish. So this is the reason which he has the nickname Chino which means “Chinese” in the Spanish language.

Always he liked to write the music songs and also he has started his writing in his childhood time. 

For the learning and increase his skills he created a group of teenagers in the year 1988. In this group, all the youngsters were tries to gain their skills. They all help each other in there all the problems.

How Much is Chino Moreno Net Worth?

Chino Moreno is a man who gained all of his wealth from his writings of the song. Also, he is a well-known singer and Musician. People recognized his abilities that he is the best songwriter ever and a musician.

All of his collections which he has sung and his all the writing lyrics gained popularity among the people. These all collect many positive reviews from people.

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How Much has Chino Moreno Earned from Career Life?

Chino Moreno likes to penned songs from his childhood period. And he starts his writing in his early life. From that time he is still active in the industry and gained popularity among the people by writing his live songs.

The songs which have penned people liked very much they want many more writings like his previous writings. Also, he is very famous for his aggressive dress. Which explained all the feelings of his loving songs and people recognized the abilities of Chino Moreno.

He writes many love songs like “Duran Duran”, “The Cure”, “Fath No More”, “Fear Factory”, “Metallica”, and “Depeche Mood.” Also, like this writing, he has written many other songs which gained popularity among the people.

There are so many other writings like it and he is still working on projects like it. In short words, he is a songwriter who gained fame from writing songs. Also from his singing songs and his compositions makes him a lot familiar.

In his life, he works for a huge time to gain popularity. So his writings and compositions make him famous among the people. Now he has a community of fans.


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Also, he tries his best to create many great songs. And he has founded the group in 2000, which named “Team Sleep.” So the group grows well within no time. All the members were trying their best to recognize their all abilities.

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Like his tries in 2001, they gave a name of the electronic project. Which was a great path in the music industry. So, in 2001, he joined the great label named “Palms.” He released his collection in 2013.

Album List:

From the album “Around the Fur” released in 1996 and “White Pony” released in 1998 he has gained his familiarity among the people. These are great music albums from the great artist.

In 2003, he release his collection named “Deftones.” Later, he released “Saturday Night Wrist.” Also in 2008, he released an album called “Eros.”

Although in 2010, he published his collection “Diamond Eyes.” So in 2012, he released “Koi No Yokan.” After it, he released his collection “Gore” in 2016. So in 2020, e released his collection named “Ohms.” All these collections gained huge popularity among the people.

Collaborated Work:

He collaborates for his work “Wicked” 1996. And after it, he works for “Savory” and “Will To Die” in 1997. Later he collaborated on “First Commandment” in 1998. So he also works together on the song “Bender” in 1999.

For the songs “Superstar” “Danger Girl”, and “Pain” in 2000, he collaborates. Later for “Things!” he collaborates in 2001. Succeeding for “Ashamed” 2002. After it, he works for “Feed the World” in 2003 he works.

For this song “The Hours” in 2004. Also for his song “Red Sky” collaborates in 2005.

Later he works for his collections “Paralytic” and “Crashing Down” from Vices and Zombie Eaters” Faith No More cover from The Undercover Sessions in 2006 he collaborated.

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After all these collaborations he gained his fame. And also he is still active in the industry to gain his familiarity.

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