Joey Swoll Net Worth 2024

Joey Swoll Net Worth

How much does Joey Swoll worth?

Net Worth $1-5 Million
Real Name Joey Sergo “Swoll”
Date of Birth January 11, 1983
Birth Place Chicago
bodybuilder, Model
Age 36 Years Old
Height 5 ft 6 in
Nationality American

Joey Swoll has sculpted a reputation as much as he has his physique, rising to prominence as a fitness icon and model whose influence extends beyond the gym.

His journey is one of sheer determination, transforming his passion for fitness into a brand that resonates with millions.

This article takes a closer look at Joey Swoll’s net worth, revealing the financial fruits of his labor in the realms of fitness modeling, social media, and entrepreneurship.

Tracking the evolution of Swoll’s career, we’ll delve into how he has leveraged his knowledge and following to create a diverse portfolio of income streams, from endorsements and partnerships to his own business ventures.

His success story is reflective of the modern digital age, where influence and inspiration can translate into substantial financial gain.

Discover the drive and discipline behind Joey Swoll’s net worth, as we examine the confluence of physical prowess, personal branding, and entrepreneurial spirit that have shaped his journey to financial well-being and professional acclaim.

Early Life/Biography

The real name was Joey Sergo and after some time which was done as well known Joet Swoll that was born on Jan 11, 1983.

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In addition, the birthplace is unknown because anyone not knows about the exact birthplace of his personality.

This year, he will happen at 36 years old. In his childhood, they have an interest in different sports such as football as well as wrestling. He starts going to primary school.

After leaving school, he played a long time of games near the ground.

Therefore, he went to the other town to joined to own college and where they start the career of bodybuilding.

In later, he was gone to college where he spent a lot of time in bullied its own area. Tyson Beckford and Mellissa McKnight start professional life at an early age.

At this stage, he decided to be hardworking and make to be stronger than the other.

Furthermore, He was also gone to the gym for doing hard work. He wants to make a stronger to his body.

After the passage of time, his body made solid properly. His make up one’s mind is that he will make a professional bodybuilder on the international level.

Mother Name Under Review
Father Name Under Review
Siblings Under Review
Martial Status Married
Spouse Crystal Renean
Son Name
Under Review
Daughter Name Under Review

How Did Joey Swoll Become So Famous and How To Make Net worth it?

What Makes It So Successful?

He started his career when he was going to the gym for doing hardworking. He is totally alright about the fitness model who was also a leader of the fitness industry.

At the start of the article, I had said that he is the most famous bodybuilder in America.


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He also due to the supplement company that is known as the Shredz. That company is much famous on the international level.

Many young bodybuilders had joined this supplement company in which included Devin Physique who has become a famous bodybuilder in recent years.

In the same way, Lily Aldridge and Carmen Villalobos start a career as a model, in his career life earn money and become a famous model.

Joey Swoll has become the founder of a non-profit organization known as Flex Your Heart in which he sent a golden message for those children who want to become a successful person in life.

The organization told against his bullying because his society has come danger who his experience when he was going to college.

The most important fact about joeys swoll is that he was to write a book about its own fitness which was the name of Train Harder Than Me. That’s book is mostly for those young bodybuilders who are starting to bodybuilding as a profession.

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This book helped to train to make body shape or also provide many tricks to improve your body. On social media, he provides tips about making health better.

Personal life

Now everyone is looking at then or who will they marry now and who will be the lucky ones. About this life, we can’t say proper insure that is married or not.

Furthermore, we can say that his no children yet. He writes a book on his own life in which he is on the biggest mission in life.

He also played sports in our lives. So see Christie Brinkley and Sofia Richie personal life, how to start a career as a model and why to choose this career.

Connection with Social Media




Annual Salary Under Review
Earning Point Model/BodyBuilder
Working in Industry Under Review
Still Alive Yes

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