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Kaitlin Bennett

Who is Kaitlin Bennett?

With the increase in the world’s population, it is pretty clear that bad acts are also increasing daily. The state must take timely action against all the bad actors. 

Without banning all the ignoble social activities, it is impossible to have peace in society. An estimated idea about Kaitlin Bennett’s net worth is around $300,000 as of 2022.

kaitlin bennett
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Only the best efforts regarding this aspect can make the world a safe place for all of us. It is correct that terrorism is increasing daily, but it does not mean that the state should not work against these acts.

Although the state is performing its role, some activists must perform their duties regarding the cruel realities of society. 

The actions must come from within the society. Without the participation of society against this act, it is hardly possible to achieve the required results. 

This article is about one of the famous activists.

She is known as Kaitlin Bennett, and many people want to know about Kaitlin’s net worth and some amazing facts about her life. 

All the necessary information about Kaitlin Bennet is available in this article, so you must stay focused while reading this article.

Early Life and Biography

Kaitlin Bennet was born Kaitlin Marie Bennet on October 15, 1995, in Kent, Ohio, the USA. She was born to a very popular and rich family, who always supported her in her daily life affairs and decisions.

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Her birth sign is Libra, whose characteristics are quite reflected in her personality. 

As her parents were quite dedicated to religion, thus she is also a very dedicated follower of Christianity.

Her father is a famous businessman, and her mother is an elegant housewife. There is not much information about her parents and siblings, as she is very secretive about this information. Hence does not disclose information regarding her personal life.

She has one sister, but she has not revealed her name yet. 

In 2018, she finished her graduation from Kent State University with a degree in Biology. Initially, she completed her school level of education at a local high school.

Kaitlin Bennett Height, Weight and Body Measurements

Kaitlin Bennett’s height is 5 feet 6 inches, and she weighs around 60 Kg. From her body, it can be concluded that she loves to maintain her body and exercises regularly.

Kaitlin Bennett’s Physical Appearance

With her sister, she has a matching tattoo on her foot.

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Kaitlin Bennett’s Interests

Like other celebrities, her interest in guns came from her father. Her father was very interested in guns and told her about them. 

kaitlin bennett interests
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Now, she is married to a guy who also loves guns. From her personality, it seems that she is very passionate about guns. 

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In 2018, when she brought a rifle to her graduation ceremony, she grabbed all the media attention 2018.

On the occasion of her graduation ceremony, Kaitlin carried an AR-10 rifle.

It was a very famous moment for her in her later life. After that, she started to get vocal about gun rights, and that was her first step toward activism. 

On the other hand, she has been criticized by many people. She says that people should carry bare guns with themselves for protection purposes. 

Moreover, Kaitlin is a huge fan of Donald Trump and greatly supports him. 

In an interview with Logan Paul in March 2019, she shared her knowledge of gun rights. 

Personal Life of Kaitlin Bennett

Kaitlin Marie Bennett is an American gun rights activist and conservative social media personality, most well-known for open-carrying an AR-10 rifle at her graduation from Kent State University in 2018. 

kaitlin bennett graduation
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She and her husband operate Liberty Hangout, which was initially described as a libertarian media outlet but has since 2017 been more accurately identified as conservative. 

Bennett has also been known to contribute to the far-right website InfoWars. 

In recent years, Liberty Hangout has distanced itself both from libertarians and libertarian ideology.

Media Attention

Bennett was the former president of the Kent State chapter of Turning Point USA. 

After a protest against campus safe spaces backfired in October 2017, she resigned from her post. 

In 2018, Bennett made headlines when she posed for her graduation photo holding an AR-10 long gun in front of the university sign. She argued that as a student at Kent State, she should have been able to carry a gun for self-defense openly. This was in response to the 1970 Kent State shootings, where Ohio National Guardsmen opened fire on unarmed students protesting the US bombing of Cambodia. 

kaitlin bennett guns
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Later that year, Bennett organized an open-carry rally at Kent State. The university released a statement saying that they had issued a cease and desist order against Bennett for advertising the event without attempting to register it with the university first.

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After her initial protest at Kent State, Bennett became a correspondent for InfoWars. However, due to her affiliation with InfoWars, she was excluded from a campaign event for Bernie Sanders. 

Despite this, she returned to Kent State in November to host a discussion on gun rights. 

As social media users mainly associated Bennett with her gun rights activism, many media publications referred to her as “Gun Girl.” 

Since 2019, an unverified rumor has been circulating on social media and news outlets that Bennet defecated on herself at a Kent State fraternity party.

In January 2020, clips from Liberty Hangout’s 2019 interviews with University of Kentucky students went viral on social media. 

kaitlin bennett twitter
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The videos, which were originally posted with the title “College Students Have No Morals,” show Bennett questioning the students on the issue of resources for transgender people in bathrooms. The clips of the interviews with Owens quickly went viral on social media, with users finding amusement in the contrast between Owens’ expressions and the interviewees’ reactions to the topic. 

One interviewed student took advantage of the online attention and raised money for charity.

Bennett was ridiculed and met with opposition when she visited Ohio University and the University of Central Florida in February and October 2020, respectively. At both universities, she was pelted with drinks and other objects by large crowds of students chanting derogatory phrases at her. 

The incidents started with an unsubstantiated rumor that she defecated in her pants while attending a Kent State fraternity party. The students referenced with chants of “where’s your diaper?” and “shit your pants.”

Liberty Hangout

Kaitlin Bennett is spending her time working with Liberty Hangout.

Liberty Hangout is a YouTube channel that used to focus on libertarianism but now promotes christofascism instead. 

kaitlin bennett liberty hangout
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They push pseudo-economic ideas that are supposed to be fiscally conservative. They describe themselves as a “libertarian media outlet” that spreads messages of peace, prosperity, and property rights – but many of their statements directly contradict these values. 

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Their statements are often seen as bigoted and authoritarian, and they have been criticized for regularly retweeting and promoting hatred from others, like Donald Trump and Jon Miller.


Bennett’s Liberty Hangout outlet has been under fire for previous statements made on Twitter in support of antisemitism, Holocaust denial, monarchy, and disfranchisement. 

Source: Instagram

On January 30th, 2016, the Liberty Hangout Twitter account put out a tweet posing a poll to the public that read, “Asking out of curiosity. Do you believe the Holocaust happened as we’ve been told?” with two possible answers for Twitter users to choose from: “Yes,” or “Not exactly.”

Then, a user commented, “what do you think??” Liberty Hangout responded: “It doesn’t seem possible that 6 million were killed.”

The post was later deleted.

Who is Kaitlin Bennett’s Husband?

In February 2019, Kaitlin got engaged to her long-time boyfriend, Justin Moldow. They both love guns. Knowing that the couple makes a perfect match is not a wonder. 

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kaitlin bennett husband
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Justin Moldow is one of the founders of Liberty Hangout.

kaitlin bennett and justin moldow
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The couple married in March 2020 in a Catholic ceremony. Then, Kaitlin announced on Twitter that they had given birth to their first child.

kaitlin bennett baby
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What is Kaitlin Bennett’s Net Worth? 

An estimated idea about Kaitlin Bennett’s net worth is around $300,000 as of 2022

The main source of her income is the revenue from the websites she is involved in. Moreover, she does interviews for media companies, which adds much to her net worth.

Source: Instagram

She recently opened a media company called “Liberty Hangouts” with her husband. This company is also helping her with her net worth. 

It seems that in the years to come, she will be one of the successful personalities on Social Media.

Why is Kaitlin Bennett Famous?

Basically, Kaitlin is a bold female activist from America. The basic reason for her popularity is that she is good in her activism on advocacy and awareness of gun rights. Only this was the passion which made her successful.

With an online platform, a controversial website named ‘Infowars,’ she has done well to expand her activism. With the help of social media platforms, she has been able to become famous by spreading her content.

It is also recorded that Bennet runs an anti-abortion campaign which is becoming very famous these days. 

Birth NameKaitlin Bennett
BornOctober 15, 1995 (25 years old)
ProfessionAmerican Activist
Birth SignLibra
CountryZanesville, Ohio, United States
Height5 feet 6 inches (165 cm)
Eye ColorGreen
Sexual OrientationBlonde
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandJustin Moldow
SchoolLocal High School
CollegeKent State University
Net Worth$2 Million – $2.5 Million
ProfileTwitter, Instagram, Website
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