Gracie Hunt Net Worth 2024

Gracie Hunt NET WORTH

How much does Gracie Hunt worth?

Net Worth $ 3 Million
Real Name Gracie Hunt
Date of Birth March 29, 1999
Birth Place Dallas Texas
Profession Model and Instagram Star
Age 21 years old
Height 1.54 m
Country United States of America

Step into the glamorous life of Gracie Hunt, an Instagram star whose blend of sports legacy, beauty pageantry, and philanthropy has captivated a broad audience on social media.

As the daughter of Clark Hunt, chairman of the Kansas City Chiefs, and granddaughter of oil tycoon and sports magnate Lamar Hunt, Gracie has gracefully embraced her role within the family’s storied tradition while forging her own path as an influencer and role model.

On NetWorthPlanet, we take a closer look at Gracie Hunt’s journey, highlighting how her passion for fitness, fashion, and charitable causes has not only built a strong following but also contributed to her burgeoning net worth.

As we explore her multifaceted endeavors, from her involvement in the sports community to her advocacy work, we’ll provide insight into the life of an individual who leverages her platform for positive impact.

Whether you’re drawn to her for her lifestyle insights, her commitment to making a difference, or her business acumen, this profile offers a comprehensive look at the personal brand and financial achievements of Gracie Hunt, an Instagram star with a heart for philanthropy and a legacy of leadership.

Early life and biography

Tavia and Clark born a sweet little girl on March 29, 1999, is Gracie Hunt. She belongs to a billionaire family which is still living in Dallas Texas. This family is counted in the top richest families of Texas.

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Her grandfather Lamar Hunt and his wife Norma Hunt are the most popular name in American history. Lamar is the person who is the founder of the Kansas City Chiefs and also well known as the founder of the American Football League (AFL).


School  Regional high School
College N/A
University Under research

As he founded the AFL he got media attention which makes him a celebrity. This AFL runs for 10 years and after this, it is merged into National Football League in the year 1970. Further, the father of Hunt is also a great Business of his time.

Now she is just 22 years old as she was born in 1999 with the birth sign Aries. Also, her height is about 5 feet 9 inches and her weight is just 55 kg. Because she is a fitness lover and always eats a little bit of food.

Body Measurements

Height in CMs 1.54 cm
Height in Ms 1.5 m
Height in feet 5 feet 09inches
Hair Colour Light Brown
Eye Colour Gray

This fitness makes her a very popular star among all other girls because of her fitness. On social media, she gained much popularity with her amazing acting and many people know her through Instagram.

With all this, she got her early education from a regional School in Dallas. Then, she take part in High school to complete her education and now she focused on her career. As a model and Instagram, she starts her career.

What make Gracie Hunt net worth and how did she become so popular?

This is the girl who is inspired by her mother and wants to be like her. So, she prefers modeling to become popular all over the world and she appears in many contests. After some years, she won a Pageant and makes her name in the whole country.


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In April 2021, she is the one who won the crown of Miss Kansas USA. This is only happening by her mother because she follows her mother’s footsteps to get success in life. 28 years back, her mother won the same award and get Crown in 1993.

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In an interview, she told that she wants to be a Soccer Player but she doesn’t complete her aim. So, she said that I don’t want to do completion with them in any modeling industry. Also, she is a Philanthropist like her mother as they are very rich.

Earning and Saving

Gracie Hunt net worth is about three million which she made by modeling her career. She was counted in those girls who work and focus very much on her aim and get success in life. In her career, her mother gave her too much sport which her celebrity. Further, she is too young and still doing her work with sincerity.

Net Worth $ 3 Million
Earning Point Modeling
Working in Industry Since 2017
Still Active Yes

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