Damn Homie Net Worth

Damn Homie NET WORTH

As the entire world is making progress with the help of different sources, thus it has become mandatory for everyone to use social media platforms in an effective way. Only with the help of social media platforms, it is possible to make progress in a very short span of time. An estimated idea is that Damn Homie’s net worth is around $100,000, as of 2022.

With the help of social media, every celebrity is gaining fame and becoming successful. Consequently, to deny the use of social media is not a good thing. With hard work and consistency in this field, any person can gain fame.

This article is also about one of the famous social media influencers, who became famous through their talent and skills. Who is Damn Homie? How much is Damn Homie’s net worth? What makes it so successful? These questions will be answered in this article with an effective method.

If you are fond of social media personalities, you should read this article which will enhance your understanding of personalities. Damn made progress by showcasing her talent on social media.

Early Life and Biography

Damn Homie was born on May 11, 1987, in Moscow, Russia. Her real name is Mya Ehrlich and her birth sign is Taurus. The names of her parents are Mikhail and Margo. During her childhood, her mother left the entire family and went away.

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It means she had a very hard childhood without her mother. After that, she was raised by her stepmother and father. The name of her older sister is Alina and she is 13 years old. Alina is still residing in Moscow and she works as a lawyer there.

As Mya was raised by her stepmother, so she also had a stepbrother named Vlad. An interesting thing is that Damn and her father moved to the USA when she was 9 years old. Later, the entire family decided to reside in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York.

There she attended Adelphi Academy and later graduated from All Girls Jewish High School. After that, she decided to study BA. Moreover, she was also interested in acting classes at New York Film Academy. She attended the classes and later also attended the Lee Strasburg theatre.

Awards and Achievements

From her childhood, Damn was very much interested in sports and used to play tennis and volleyball during her school days. Her interest prompted her to pursue her career as a professional tennis player, but later she thought that this profession was not according to her taste. Later, Mya started to follow in the footsteps of her father and began working in the real estate business. Through her business, she was earning a good sum of money.

But, however, Mya was not interested in this career, too. She decided to pursue her career in the social media field. Hence, she used to post comedy videos on her Instagram account. One of her most famous videos was that she shot with her weed dealer, which got viral and she became prominent from that time.

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Since then, she has been working on Instagram and had also collaborated with a few other Instagram comedians. Due to her fame, she was able to work in modeling jobs and endorsement deals with several companies. Later, Mya was able to gain over a million followers on Instagram.

How did Damn Homie become so famous and How to make net worth?

An estimated idea is that Damn Homie’s net worth is around $100,000, as of 2022. The main source of her income is her several brand endorsement deals which have helped her earn a huge salary, making her net worth a worth considering factor. Moreover, she has also been working as a model and making progress by earning more and more gigs. In the years to come, it is expected that her bank balance will increase.

What makes it so successful?

After one of her videos on Instagram got viral, Damn became famous among her fans. From that time, she has been posting comedic sketches on her Instagram account which has helped her gain the fanbase of millions of people.

On May 7, her friends and relatives with her a wonderful birthday which makes her day special. Her height is 5 feet 4 inches, and she weighs around 60 Kg. Due to her regular exercise, she has been able to maintain her figure.

Once, she was involved in a relationship but her ex-boyfriend did not let her choose a career as a social media personality which led them to call it off. Later, she made a relationship with another guy. That guy was sent to jail for seven months.

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After coming out, he assaulted her. Thus she broke up with him and has been enjoying single life since then. During her school days, she was bullied which made her switch school more than 5 times.

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