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Shervin Roohparvar Net Worth 2024

Shervin Roohparvar NET WORTH

How much does Shervin Roohparvar have Net Worth?

Net Worth $12 Million
Real Name Shervin Roohparvar 
Date of Birth August 21, 1980
Birth Place Ohio
Profession Entrepreneur/TV Celebrity
Age 40
Height 1.85 m
Country United States of America

Shervin Roohparvar is a name that resonates with the spirit of modern entrepreneurship. Known to many as “Alpha Sherv,” his rise to fame on the reality TV show “Shahs of Sunset” has put him in the spotlight, but it’s his business acumen that has truly defined his career.

As a tech entrepreneur, investor, and nightlife connoisseur, Roohparvar represents a breed of self-made individuals who have leveraged their diverse talents to build substantial wealth and influence.

From Silicon Valley startups to high-end establishments in the hospitality sector, Shervin’s ventures showcase his ability to navigate and thrive in various industries.

His multifaceted approach to business and the luxurious lifestyle that comes with it have intrigued many, leading to curiosity about his financial standing.

This article delves into Shervin Roohparvar’s net worth, tracing the sources of his income and the strategic decisions that have propelled him to financial success.

Join us as we examine the journey of this entrepreneurial maverick, unpacking the story behind his earnings and the savvy moves that have cemented his place in the world of business and entertainment.

Early Life And Biography

Officially a well-known American Entrepreneur was born Shervin Roohparvar on August 21, 1980, in America.

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From his childhood, he never thought about making himself a business. But he has changed all his thoughts to it.

He has learned and got his degree as a plastic surgeon.

Along with it, he has to take his part in the TV field. In 2016, he joined the Shahs of Sunsets.

When he joined this great jury he made himself popular among the people. And he has had great success at a young age.

There are so many great personalities who worked hard in their fields and got success.

A glorious personality has worked on increasing his companies. He has worked with other great celebrities and has learned all the great and huge things from them.

The great TV celebrity has worked in the series and he has gained his wealth with his work in them.

That he has made a great personality himself also made him a great person.

As a businessman, he has his own great nightclubs. All of his clubs are full on a daily basis and they have no more capacity to add people.

Also, he has made his own technology companies. He is the CEO of these companies.

He loves to shoot, and he spends some of his precious time every week shooting. Several of the works he liked to do. So he has some experience in the tech, hospitality industries.

How did Shervin Roohparvar Become So Famous and how to Make Net Worth?

Shervin Roohparvar is a great Entrepreneur, he has worked on TV also. In 2015, he joined the “Shahs of Sunset” and this was a great experience for him.

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He has gained his wealth from his nightclubs. Also, he has his own Technology company.

Shervin Roohparvar is a great Entrepreneur and a businessman. He has his own great companies in the tech and hospitality industries.

Along with them, he has his own night clubs which earns a great income every month. And they are filled daily and have no capacity.

When in 2015, he joined the Shahs of Sunset, at that time he gained all the fame among the people.

Shervin Roohparvar Net Worth is $12 Million. He has collected all his wealth from his business. By his income, he has gained much wealth.

He is still working for more success in the related field. And will increase the income with the passage of time.

What Makes It So Successful?

Shervin Roohparvar is a great TV personality. Along with his work on TV, he has also worked in a business.

Also, he is a founder of great technology companies.

He has passed his university degree in plastic surgery. But he has changed his mind to the field and make himself a great TV star.


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All of his work is set in Los Angeles. But he has gained all of his fame after entering into the TV field. After it, he joined the series named “Shahs of Sunset.”

His parents were from Iran, but later they shifted to America.

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From his college life, he wanted to be a great businessman. One of his friends made a business together.

So later, when he gained some of the experience, he made his companies and called him to be the CEO of all of those companies.

As a great Entrepreneur, he has invested a lot of money in his business to increase his company.

Along with his companies, he has his own nightclubs. All of his clubs have a great community on a regular basis.

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