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Bastian Yotta Net Worth

Bastian Yotta NET WORTH

How much does Bastian Yotta have Net Worth?

NET WORTH $500,000
Full name Adam Lizotte-Zeisler
Date of Birth December 04, 1976
Place of Birth Landshut region of Germany
Parents N/A
Siblings N/A
Spouse N/A
Profession Entrepreneur, YouTuber
Height 188 cm
Weight 80 Kg

During Bastian Yotta’s childhood, he used to watch Baywatch and he also dreamt of living in Los Angeles, and nature proved this dream come true. There is not much information about his life, but only a little portion of his life is known to us.

Despite his, secrets being revealed, he is still a mystery to all of us. Many people from different corners are known to sing about his luck, and how the stars have favored him in the best easiest way.

Although is recognized as an author, he is also seen in reality television shows. These shows also favored him during his life.

Early Life and Biography

Bastian was born on December 04, 1976, in the Landshut region of Germany. He has never shared anything personal about his personal life and he always kept everything secret from other people.

He is well-known and due to his popularity, he has made monetary wealth much. After being noticed due to his lifestyle, people diverted their attention towards him, and they recognized him as a famous and elegant personality.

It is also known from the facts that he was poor and fat. He worked very hard to enjoy a prosperous life. He invested money and his business flourished like anything else. Over the years, he became very famous and he also became a multi-millionaire. Bastian is also famous for his lavish and extravagant lifestyle.

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Once living in Germany, he was harassed by many for his series of expensive cars and the staggering figure of his wife. He always believed in himself and worked very hard to pursue his career.

Awards and Achievements

He has accumulated over 796K Instagram followers and they all are appreciating his lifestyle and luxury. Bastian completed his studies with a bachelor’s in business administration and due to this degree, he also worked as an insurance broker. There is a talk about his marriage with his childhood friend at the age of 21.

This marriage could only survive for 9 years, and his second marriage could also survive for four years. In 2013, he started dating Maria Hering in the city of Munch.

In 2015, the couple was featured in “The Fabulous Life of Yottas” and there the duo was praised for their exaggerated success as a “Self-made millionaire”. They are also known as fitness enthusiasts and trainers.

After a year, a book was launched with his name and the title was “Mind Slimming: the Revolutionary Method to Desire Weight”. His lifestyle was also featured in “Die Yottas! Full Throttle Through America”.

In 2017, he was seen as a participant in the 4th season of one of the famous shows known as “Adam Sucht Eva _ Celebrities in Paradise“. This season was won by Bastian and Natalia, however, the duo had separated even before the show’s end.


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How did Bastian become so famous and How to make net worth?

Although he has worked very hard in his life, now he is leading such a lifestyle which is a dream for many. He is estimated to spend a lavish amount to cover the entire expense of his lavish 10-bedroom mansion. This amount is expected to be almost $100k, every month.

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The estimated idea about Bastian Yottas net worth is around $1.2 million, as of 2022. He is always proud of his success and his lifestyle. He has worked very hard, but he has also strived for great prosperity.

What makes it so successful?

Bastian is a very famous multinational business owner. Almost $100,000 per month he spends on his lavish and flashy lifestyle.

He met his wife Maria three years back, and at that time Maria was 27 years old. Bastian’s lifestyle impressed Maria. Maria, at that time, was a student, and when she met Bastian then she gave up studying. Maria had also a good boob job done with Bastian Yotta’s money.

The best beauty of Maria’s character is that she does not consider herself to be a gold digger. She is is the ideal life, she thinks. She always tries to look good for his husband, and she does everything which makes Bastian happy.

A reason behind Bastian’s popularity is also that he is one of the most popular people in the social game of Los Angeles Beverly Hills. Bastian also loves to part.

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