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General Electric Net Worth


general-electric-logoGeneral Electric, in the industry also known as GE, is a multinational corporation with headquarter in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. Till 2016 the enterprise deals in the sector of Power and Water, Oil and Gas, Healthcare, transportation, aviation and Capital that provides the financial services, medical services software development and engineering industries. The organization has also developed advanced technologies to help and solve some of the world’s most difficult challenges related to the availability of water and its quality. Also General Electric net worth increases day by day.

Now it has a large number of employees with an estimate of more than 333,000000 employees. In 2011 this public sector business ranked among the 68 of top 500 largest firms in the United States on gross revenue and 14 as the most profitable corporation. In 1896 this corporation was amongst the original 12 public sector organizations listed in DOW index. After a long duration of 120 years, G.E is the only public corporation in the index.

General Electric Net Worth: $285.6 Million US
According to Forbes General, till May 2016 the net worth of the company is around 285.6 billion US dollars. According to this revenue, the company has been placed at number 68 in the list of the world’s biggest public sector enterprises.

General Electric Net Worth 2022 & Success in Present year

During the year of 2016 Company has achieved many milestones in their businesses. According to Forbes General has 68 positions in top 500 World public corporate business, 34th in sales, number 10th as the most valuable brand in the world, and 63rd in the worlds in the count of assets.

General Electric Net Worth

Awards and Achievements:

GE has achieved many awards and accomplishments from its beginning, some notable awards and achievements made by the firm are

  • In 2015 ranked at number 9 in FORTUNE world’s most admired companies
  • In 2014 Graded at 27 in FAST and most innovative companies
  • Scored 35 in Barron’s World’s Most Respected Companies during 2014
  • Forbes World’s Most Valuable Brands in 2014 ranks as 7
  • General Electric in The Times Top 50 Employers for Women: 2014
  • Set at number 100 in the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index during 2014.
  • Apart from above, the two employees of the company have been awarded the Nobel Prize. That is Irving Langmuir in 1932 and Ivar Giaever in 1973.
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General Electric Bio, Founded:

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