Ashlie Walker Net Worth

Ashlie Walker NET WORTH

How much does Ashlie Walker worth?

Net Worth $1 – $4 Million
Real Name Ashlie Walker
Date of Birth June 1976
Birth Place California
Profession Nurse
Age 42 years old
Height 1.53 m
Country United States of America

Ashlie Walker is the sister of a late actor of American history who is well known for the best acting in the Fast and Furious series. Also, her brother makes do many films which are popular all over the world and this makes Walker Family world famous.

Ashlie Walker net worth is about $ 1 million which she earned from her profession of nursing and acting. All over the world, her family is very popular because of her brother who is a very world-famous actor for his work in She’s All That, Joy Ride, Takers and Into the Blue, etc.

This talented girl starts her career as a nurse and she was gone from her family who choose a unique profession. Further, she is a market partner in “Monet” a company of skincare, shampoos, and conditioners for the hairstyle of all Americans.

All her brother fans saw this girl Ashlie on the stage and off-screen. So, many of Paul’s fans want to know about her sweet girl and all the siblings of Paul walker. Here, we write all the information and facts about this nurse like personal life and career.

Early life and Biography

Ashlie Walker is a girl who was born in the Walker family in June 1976. When she was born her parents and family move to California and grew up with all the children here. So, she spent her most of life in Glendale and got an education to move forward in the future.

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The father of her is Paul William walker who is also the father of American actor Paul. As she was born in 1976 so she is just 40 years old. The weight of this star is just 66 kg and her height is about 5 feet 02 inches and her hair color Amie is brown.

Body Measurements

Height in CMs 1.53 cm
Height in Ms 1.5 m
Height in feet 5 feet 02 inches
Hair Colour Light brown
Eye Colour Hazel

Her grandfather is also a well-known boxer who was also the champion of that time. Like her grandfather, her father is a sewer contractor and former boxer at his time. Later, he quit boxing after receiving the Golden Gloves Champion award two in American history.

So, her real mother’s name is unknown but her stepmother’s name is Cheryl who is well known as the fashion model of her time. There is very little information is available about her background life but we upload all the facts and information about this girl.


School  N/A
College N/A
University N/A

She grew up with 4 siblings Amie Walker and Paul Walker in California and they all got the same chance to become successful people. As her father take admission to one school for all the siblings and treat all the children equally

What make Ashlie Walker net worth and how did she become popular.

After getting an education her whole family decided on her profession so she also is a nurse. But her brother Paul chose the film industry and work hard and become a popular actor through his amazing acting skills.  But Amie decided to marry and leave her profession.

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As she chooses the right professionals so she is still alive and lives a happy life. This star is much close to her brother like her other sister and they all live like a loving family. They both love each other and spend a lot of time with each other.

So, both sisters become very sad and feel much alone after hearing the news of her beloved brother’s death. Firstly, she did not believe the news of her brother’s death. At this time she said that this news is unbelievable for me because he love very much to her brother.

Earning and saving

Ashlie Walker net worth is about $ 1 million which she earned from the nursing profession. Also, her brother help her very much in every aspect of life and she became popular with her brother. But she is still doing work to make her income high.

Net Worth $ 1 Million
Earning Point Nursing
Working in Industry Since Unknown
Still Active Yes
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